Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 17

Hat Trick

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2012 on ABC

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  • Very entertaining as usual!

    I guess it'd be fair to argue that this episode was not as captivating, being centered around a character who we have never even met befreo, and who we may or may not ever see again, but there were some really interesting developments elsewhere!

    Such great scenes in the house with Emma and Mary Margaret trying to escape! The Queen was as wicked as usual in the other world! Can't believe her plan to have two go in to the hat and have two come out. That's all I'll say on that note. ;)

    I thought the ending was incredible! I can't believe what Mr Gold's up to! Is he playing both sides? Is he just playing Emma? He's a slippery character, that's for sure!

    Can't wait to see how this all develops! OUaT continues to impress!!! :)
  • really engaging!

    This was another episode that perfectly moved the story along in both worlds. The impending trial is fascinating... whose side is Mr Gold really on It's not really clear (which is cool) altho I am sure that it is NOT Regina's. I know he hates her.... I just know it.

    The Enchanted Forest came alive nicely there... we got to see more atrocities by the queen and of course met a new queen, the Queen of Hearts... I have to say Regina has an amazing way of looking as though she feels badly for the horrible actions she takes... and she did it again when she abandoned Jefferson in Wonderland.

    Meeting the Mad Hater was great... he is a very cool character. I am confused by him... if he wasn't in enchanted forest, but in wonderland, then why was he affected by the curse? Does that mean all of the wonderland characters were transported too? Queen of Hearts? Alice? Why was adult Henry being held there? There were a lot of questions raised in this epeiosde which seems to annoy some people, but I love it... it is what hooks people in!
  • Another solid episode that continued to move the story forward

    - A fun solid episode and it managed to finally pull me back to the OUAT worlds after weeks of terrible episodes (I'm talking about you, Dreamy!). It also managed to continue moving the story forward with some big developments.

    - Wow, Henry you continue to be annoying and rude. Seriously, have some respect for Rumple.

    - Isn't Jefferson, a little bit to young to a kid?

    - Regina looked great in the fairytale world. Plus, they always manage to give her some great wardrobe.

    - Seriously, Emma? Didn't you ever learn you're not supposed to pick up strangers, go into they're houses and eat what they offer? Do you want get killed and raped?

    - How annoying was Jefferson's daughter? I hate when kids say Papa, so irritating.

    - How great was the old woman makeup? Face/Off, FTW !!

    - Why is that child actors always manage to be irritating and annoying?

    - Damn, the special effects have improved a lot.... That being said, the wonderland effects were terrible.

    - So, they decapitated Jefferson.... can they even show that? What is this Games of Thrones?

    - Finally, another evil character! The Queen of hearts!

    - What is reality exactly?

    - How psychedelic was this episode?

    - Knowing the queen, why would you trust her? But, she was completely right you don't abandon family.

    - Emma is finally making some sort of progression.... She's still blah, though.

    - Are we supposed to understand, that Emma finally believes?

    - There sure was some great chemistry between Emma and Jefferson.

    - Quote of the week: " I hate Wonderland"

  • Hat Trick

    Hat Trick was a superbly entertaining episode of Once Upon a Time. I really enjoyed watching because the story was engaging and full of suspense, drama and intrigue. I liked how Emma was starting to believe in what Jeffrey was telling her, along with the over all thought that Henry was right all along. I liked how the story played out in both worlds. Mary Margret made an important decision and it was awesome to see the disappointment it caused Regina. Seeing Wonderland was great and I liked how it was portrayed, I only wish we saw more. I also like how the worlds were separated. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Mad Hatter from Wonderland to Storybrooke?

    Ok so first time posting a review so here it goes

    I think this episode was very important to the overall story line, How when Emma saw the scar around Jeffersons neck and he said "off with his head" I think that when Emma opened her eyes, and at the end with when Emma kept Henry book and there was a hint of a smile at the picture of the Mad Hatter with all the hats and the scar around the his neck, I think that was Emma started to believe in the magic. I think that the hat she made will come into play sometime she did have it in her car. I love when Jefferson talked about alternate worlds and how "some have magic...other need magic". I enjoy when the writers toy with "The Big Question" (to me anyways) of is Mr. Gold on Emma's and Mary Margerets side (he did say the he was "invested" in Mary Margerets and Snows "furture") or Regina's. This episode did post two major questions that I can't figure out

    One: How did the "Mad Hatter" get form Wonderland (were we know he was traped after The Evil Queen brought her father in his place back to Fairytale Land) to Storybrooke? when all the people there are suppost to have come from Fairytale Land. How did he get cursed from another world?

    Second: How come he remembers both the worlds? Is it because he came from Wonderland to Storybrooke or does it have something to do with the Queen of Hearts do she have magic she did kidnap Regina father, or is it just because the world are pressed together?

    Overall this episode was one of my favorite, can wait to see why Regina dislikes Mary Margeret so much.
  • Great Episode!!!

    This episode was my favorite so far. Here's why:

    -Mad Hatter in Fairytale Land and in Storybrook

    -Emma risking her career to help Mary Margeret

    -Mary Margeret taking down Jefferson to save Emma and can't explain how she did it (mother's instinct:-))

    -Emma saying that she would do anything to help her family

    -Mary Margeret's reaction to the word "family"

    -Regina seeing that MM did not run and Mr. Gold working with Regina

    Can't wait til next episode!!!