Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 17

Hat Trick

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2012 on ABC

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  • Another solid episode that continued to move the story forward

    - A fun solid episode and it managed to finally pull me back to the OUAT worlds after weeks of terrible episodes (I'm talking about you, Dreamy!). It also managed to continue moving the story forward with some big developments.

    - Wow, Henry you continue to be annoying and rude. Seriously, have some respect for Rumple.

    - Isn't Jefferson, a little bit to young to a kid?

    - Regina looked great in the fairytale world. Plus, they always manage to give her some great wardrobe.

    - Seriously, Emma? Didn't you ever learn you're not supposed to pick up strangers, go into they're houses and eat what they offer? Do you want get killed and raped?

    - How annoying was Jefferson's daughter? I hate when kids say Papa, so irritating.

    - How great was the old woman makeup? Face/Off, FTW !!

    - Why is that child actors always manage to be irritating and annoying?

    - Damn, the special effects have improved a lot.... That being said, the wonderland effects were terrible.

    - So, they decapitated Jefferson.... can they even show that? What is this Games of Thrones?

    - Finally, another evil character! The Queen of hearts!

    - What is reality exactly?

    - How psychedelic was this episode?

    - Knowing the queen, why would you trust her? But, she was completely right you don't abandon family.

    - Emma is finally making some sort of progression.... She's still blah, though.

    - Are we supposed to understand, that Emma finally believes?

    - There sure was some great chemistry between Emma and Jefferson.

    - Quote of the week: " I hate Wonderland"

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