Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 16

Heart of Darkness

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2012 on ABC

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  • Continues to impress!

    This was yet another brilliantly worked episode of UOne Upon a Time! The storyline was really interesting with many enuxpected revelations and big twists! I really enjoyed it, and I think the show is getting better and better, even though it was beyong great to begin with!

    I'm not a big fan of the Prince Charming/Snow White story from the past, because we obvciously know that they end up together once way or another, so it's not that intriguing, but Rumpelstiltskin certainly brewed up a lot of intrigue right at the very end, and I can't wait to see what he does with that!

    But the story in the real current world is very entertaining! Can't believe some of the stuff that is happening! Please keep it up! I can't wait to see what this leads to!

    Can't wait for more OUaT!!!
  • Episode of Awesomeness

    Another fabulous episode that really kept things moving along. Not only is the story unfolding nicely in Storybrooke, but in the Enchanted Forest too. We now see what lead up to the pilot's scene of Prince Charming waking Snow White with a kiss. And in the real world, things are getting bad for Mary Margaret. Of course, Mr. Gold is right in the thick of things, which of course always makes for an interesting episode.

    This episode was filled with enigma, irony and emotion. And even a little humor--- Snow White was a real stitch at the beginning... totally did not see her reaction to the bird coming. Not to mention good acting and crisp dialogue. I love the way things are explained a little later sometimes. The show is filled with "ohhhh!" moments that really keep viewers hooked. Loved this episode as much as any other.
  • Heart of Darkness

    Heart of Darkness was a perfect episode of Once Upon A Time because it blended both worlds in an intricate and engaging manner. I really enjoyed watching as Mary Margaret/Snow White had a lot of character development along with David/Prince Charming. All evidence points at Mary Margaret for the murder of Kathryn though she claims to be innocent. Henry gives Emma evidence that implies Regina is behind every thing and that he has been right all along thought it can't be used against her publicly or in court because of how she found out. I loved the back story which gave more in depth insight into the characters and their motives. The episode was a little dark and the ending was a bit surprising. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • i bet i bet...

    the the new gau in the towns real name is GRINN(on of the brothers)

    or at least he wrote the BOOK that started the mess,maybe he was a traweler from the real world to farylendXDor vise versa..

    last idea he's the boys father,emas firemen who she maybe frogot by drinking the potion,and thinking he was deadXDps:or he's ramplstilskins son(who was supose to be dead)who wants to mace things right again,and has the hots for emaXDlol

    or his R's son and he wrote the book,and hes thge father or its just to much from meXD

    and the R love potion is probly for the queen and the kid,

    or ema and his son,lolXD
  • Solid episode and an step in the right direction

    - Overall, it was a solid episode and it actually moved the story forward... hopefully it will continue this way.

    - The episode had a great start, it was exciting, fast paced and it managed to bring the characters together and work as a team. Plus, some Red awesomeness!

    - I loved the Disney film reference.... I thought it was pretty clever when they turn around the sequence into a whole lot of WTF. Seriously, Snow White trying to kill the bird and the dwarf intervention were hilarious and inventive.

    - I thought it was pretty interesting that while Snow White is going over the edge, Mary Margaret is pretty much trying to convince everyone she hasn't.

    - Isn't Henry just a little bit curious, why a grown man is so interested in him and his book?

    - Why would you put your life in Emma hands? She has got to be one of the worst cops ever? Plus, she's really stupid. Thank god, MM decided to use the key.

    - How stupid is MM? I mean, you are being framed of a murder and you have a knife under the floorboards? Seriously, why is every character so dumb in this show?

    - Regina sitting in her office peeling an apple.... What is with the obsession with apples? i get she's the evil queen and she's into poising people with them, but seriously enough with apple thing.... So annoying.

    - I'm glad to see there was forward movement with the plot. I hope they keep that momentum going with next week's episode, as it appears the Mad Hatter knows (or thinks he knows) who he is. I guess we'll see.

    -Given that we only saw an empty cell and we didn't actually see Mary Margaret escape, I am hoping the show wants us to think she voluntarily escaped but that something else is going on. Maybe she was also kidnapped by the Mad Hatter?

    - I'm still not buying that Kathtyn is dead... nobody is dead until you see a body. What do you think?

    - Why would you want to remember what you did during a blackout?

    - Is Emma actually becoming more competent?