Once Upon a Time

Season 7 Episode 1

Hyperion Heights

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2017 on ABC

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  • . Reborn

    I'll have to admit that I was skeptical, and am already missing some of the characters, however, I find that I'm rather delighted to see the characters, in "modern" roles. I'm glad that we still get flashes of them in different "realms", to help us understand where their coming from.

    Have to say that I'm disappointed in the staff, for not having a detailed recap for us to read. It always helps us to understand, and sometimes catch something that we missed while watching it. Am missing recaps of other favorite shows too! :-(
  • a new genesis and hope this would run 10 season long!

    the show has come for which millions around the world waited so much! i hope they keep bringing new stories and also make it better by expanding the story and adding game of thrones like music and many new characters
  • OUaT:TNG(sorta)

    I've only been through the episode once, so I'm probably missing on the details. Also, I need to say that it is my intent to judge this show on it's own merits, or lack thereof, not compare it to What Has Gone Before. I expect I'll backslide on that sometimes though. For example, as one of the, apparently, few who liked OUaT:Wonderland, I'm iffy on the new Alice.

    OK, enough maundering.

    Judging this as a pilot, it did an OK job. We got an introduction to the characters and a bit of back story. I liked Ronnie and Officer Eagle Scout. Not so big on Henry v2, Lucinda,Lucy but not down on them either. The Evil Step-mom seemed a bit 2-d to me but hey, it's still early days yet. Haven't really seen enough of the other characters to from an opinion on them yet.

    I try not to make up my mind on a new series until I've seen 5 or 6 episodes. Not inspired but not repelled, I'll certainly be back for the next few episodes. I'm really hoping the wrapping up of the old stories (Seasons 1-6) doesn't drag on too long, it it must be done, tis best it were done quickly.