Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 12

In the Name of the Brother

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2013 on ABC

Episode Recap

On the road out of Storybrooke, Gold goes to the injured Belle. She wonders who he is, stricken by amnesiac when she crossed the town's border, and Gold uses his magic to heal her. As Emma, Mary Margaret, and David pull up in the sheriff's car, Belle retreats from Gold in horror when she sees his magic. Emma calls for the fire department and then checks on Hook, who was hit by the newcomer's car. His ribs are broken but he's satisfied that he's robbed Gold of his true love. Gold comes over and starts beating him, and David and Emma hold him back, asking him what Belle would want him to do.

At the hospital, Dr. Whale is in a supply room drinking as the ER calls for him to come in.


Alphonse Frankenstein and his sons Victor and Gerhardt are celebrating the holidays and Gerhardt's return from the army. After complimenting Gerhardt on his medal, Alphonse gives his two sons their presents. Gerhardt receives a family pocket watch that belonged to his dead mother and Victor receives an army commission. Alphonse informs his son that he will be going into the army to serve as a camp physician but Victor objects, saying that he's close to succeeding with his experiments. Disgusted, Alphonse says that he's already providing him with a guest house to perform his experiments and refuses to pay anything further. Victor objects, saying that his great work will make the Frankenstein name famous by restoring life to the dead.


Emma, Mary Margaret, and David drive to the hospital and meet Leroy and Ruby. When Gold comes in, Whale tells him that Belle is in good hands.


Victor walks out onto the grounds and his brother goes after him. Gerhardt assures his older brother that Alphonse will cool off and offers him the watch, saying his mother wanted him to have it. Victor refuses and vows to find another way. As he walks away, Rumplestiltskin watches from the shadows.


Gold goes to Belle's room and kisses her. When she wakes up, Belle screams in terror and a startled Gold backs out of the room, apologizing.

Emma questions Hook about the location of his ally, Cora. She jabs him in his cracked ribs but Hook refuses to talk and flirts with her. Unimpressed, Emma figures that between him and Gold, Gold is the one that will emerge triumphant.

The group examines the stranger's cell phone and confirms that his name is Greg Mendell. They don't find anything else useful on his phone and realize that since he was able to enter Storybrooke, they are no longer cut off from the outside world. Mary Margaret warns that the risk is even greater since Regina and Cora are both at large and potentially ready to join forces. Whale comes in and explains that Greg is bleeding into his chest, endangering his life. As Gold comes in, Whale asks him to use his magic to cure Greg. Gold refuses, angrily saying that he doesn't owe any of them anything. He reminds them that they owe him and then warns them that Greg saw him casting magic as he drove down the road. The pawnbroker tells them that he doesn't care if the town is at risk and walks away.

The group talks privately and Whale admits that he can let Greg die. They wonder where they should or not and they agree to save his life if they can. As Whale goes to prepare for surgery, Mary Margaret points out that Whale has been drinking. Greg's phone rings and they realize that someone will come looking for him.


Victor and his assistant Igor are packing up their equipment when Rumplestiltskin comes in. He says that he's interested in Victor's experiments and how he does what he does. Rumplestiltskin explains that his land has magic but can't restore life, and he offers to pay for Victor's knowledge. Victor agrees and Rumplestiltskin teleports away, and the doctor tells Igor to bring back the equipment... and a body.


Gold is in his shop looking at Belle's cup when he hears someone at the door. He goes there and finds nothing, but when he turns he discovers someone has placed a case on the counter. Cora greets him and says that the gift is a peace offering. In return she wants her daughter, well aware that Gold set up Regina to lay the curse so he could come there and find his son. When Gold wonders what he gets out of it, Cora offers him Bae. Gold opens the case and finds a large white sphere inside. He realizes that he can use it to find Bae if it works and Cora assures him that she wants him to find the one person who might love him. Gold asks if she has a spell to return memories and Cora calls him "master" and says she only knows what he taught her. When she asks if he'll accept her truce, Gold agrees and she seals it with a kiss like they once did.

At the hospital, David comes to find Whale, who is examining Greg's pocket watch. The former prince wonders if Whale is drunk and tells him to make sure that he saves Greg.


Gerhardt discovers that Victor has gone to the cemetery and goes after him. He's shocked to discover that Victor is digging up a grave. As Victor tries to explain, a sentry spots them and opens fire on the intruders. The brothers flee to the carriage and drive off, but Gerhardt collapses, dead from a bullet wound.


An unnamed woman keeps calling on Greg's phone and the group wonders what they should do. Emma warns them that the caller can have the police trace the cell phone via the GPS. An orderly comes in from the operating theater and asks where Whale is, and they realize that he never performed Greg's operation. When they try to page him, they hear the buzzer from nearby and discover that Whale tossed his coat and pager into a laundry bin. Ruby gets Whale's scent from his coat and goes off to find him, while David tells Mary Margaret and Emma about how Whale brought back Regina's fiance while they were at the Enchanted Forest.

Whale runs down the street in a panic.


Victor takes his brother's corpse to his lab and tries to bring him back. However, the electricity destroys Gerhardt's heart, rendering it useless. Alphonse comes in after receiving a report that Victor brought a body to the estate and finds Gerhardt's corpse. Shocked that Victor is desecrating Gerhardt's body, Alphonse says that now he has no sons and walks out.


Cora goes to Regina's home and looks around. She finds the handprint plaque that Henry made for Regina and takes it with her, smiling in satisfaction.

Later, Regina is in her chamber beneath the mausoleum when she hears Henry outside. She lets him in and tells him that she's glad he's there. "Henry" says that he knows that Regina didn't kill Archie... and then transforms into Cora.


As Victor tries to bring Gerhardt back, Rumpelstiltskin returns and Victor explains that a normal human heart couldn't withstand the electricity. Rumplestiltskin says that the hearts in his land can withstand anything and explains that he knows a woman who can give Victor what he needs. The Dark One offers to take Victor to his world, have him put on a show, and get the heart that he needs.


Cora tells Regina that she came through to see her, and that she still loves her daughter. She apologizes for making her marry the king, but Regina realizes that Cora framed her to convince the townspeople that she killed Archie. Cora insists that she did it to show Regina what the townspeople really think of her, but Regina doesn't believe her and insists on turning Cora in so she can clear her name. Regina's mother agrees in return for Regina's promise that she will let them start over again. Regina doesn't think it will happen and says that she wants to prove to her child that she's worthy of him. Cora says that she wants to do the same thing.

Ruby follows Whale's scent to the dock and finds him standing at the edge. He tosses the pocket watch into the water and then prepares to jump in, but Ruby runs forward and catches him.


Using the Enchanted Forest heart, Victor brings Gerhardt back to life. He takes his brother's animated corpse to Alphonse, insisting that he's brought him back to life. Alphonse initially accepts the patchwork monstrosity as his son but realizes that he's something different when Gerhardt cowers away from a candle's flame. As Gerhardt cowers on the flame, Alphonse shoves Victor away, calling him a fool. When he sees someone attacking his beloved brother, Gerhardt instinctively attacks Alphonse, beating him to death. Victor waits until he's satisfied that Alphonse is dead and then tells his brother to stop.


Whale talks to Ruby about how the name Frankenstein now is considered that of a monster, and that no matter what he does to save lives, he ends up killing someone else. Ruby points out that she's a monster as well and ate her boyfriend, and that Regina's curse of amnesia may have been a gift. She suggests that they both take the opportunity to start over and that Whale should help reunite Greg with his family by saving his life.

As Regina drives Cora into town, Cora takes out Henry's plaque and tells her daughter that she will never have Henry as long as his biological mother is alive. Regina insists that she wants Henry back and pulls over, and Cora tells her that she wants Regina back as well. She promises to do better and offers to help Regina get Henry back. As she comforts Regina, Cora assures her daughter that she has a few ideas about how to reunite her grandson with his mother.

When Whale and Ruby return to the hospital, Whale tells the others that he'll save Greg.


Victor locks Gerhardt in a cell and checks on him. Gerhardt doesn't recognize his brother at first and tries to choke him, but finally remembers and backs away in horror of what he's become. Horrified at his creation and what it has become, Victor takes out a gun and prepares to kill his brother. He can't bring himself to do it and lowers the gun, but Gerhardt grabs Victor's hand and raises the gun back up. Despite his brother's wishes, Victor vows to find a way to save him, leaves, and locks the door behind him.


Whale emerges from the operating theater and tells everyone that Greg will survive. Leroy worries that Greg will expose them and Emma agrees to talk to Greg. Mary Margaret wants to be there as well but Emma says that in a normal town the sheriff doesn't bring her parents in to interrogate accident victims.

Gold returns to Belle's room with her teacup and tells her to focus on it. He insists that it's the most important item in her life and that he's charmed it so that she will remember. Belle tells him to stop talking about magic and throws the cup against the wall in a fury. Gold stares at the shattered pieces and walks out.

Emma talks to Greg and explains that she's the sheriff. He's clearly hesitant to talk to her and finally admits that he was texting while he was driving. Emma, satisfied that he didn't see anything, tells him that she'll let him off with a warning and says that he can leave as soon as the doctor clears him. Outside, Emma tells everyone that they're safe.

At the pawnshop, Gold uses Cora's gift and a drop of his own blood to activate the globe. As he stares at it intently, the globe shows him a location in New York City.

When his mother and grandparents get home, Henry asks them what happened. When they explain that Whale is Frankenstein, Henry points out that Frankenstein isn't in his fairytale book and wonders what other fictional characters might be in Storybrooke because of Regina's curse. Gold barges in and tells them that he's cashing in the favor that Emma owes him. He demands that she go with him to find Bae immediately. He wants to go before he kills Hook and warns the others that if Belle is harmed then he'll kill them all when he returns.

Once he's sure that no one is listening, Greg takes his cell phone out of his bag of personal belongings, calls his girlfriend, and tells her that she won't believe what he saw.

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