Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 12

In the Name of the Brother

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2013 on ABC

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  • Hour of the [Franken]wolf

    Amidst Beauty and the Beast's soap opera, an innocent bystander ends up in the Hospital, which triggers Victor's memories of his dead brother, the monster. As the only surgeon in the joint - Actually, as the only Doctor in the entire Hospital - its Victor's job to kill or save the patient at the Charmings's whim. Fortunately for Glenn, the royal family is too busy to condemn a patient to death. And so, its up to Ruby to go tell the Doctor how fortunate they are to be given a second chance, one monster to another. The werewolf gives Frankenstein the strenght to save a living patient for a change. Even if he still misses the monster he left back home...
  • once upon a time in the name of the brother

    i simply just loved this episode i cant believe that we have to wait till february to watch a new episode. this is torture they left us of with a cliffhanger
  • And it all makes sense now... (or not?)

    My first question was: Why is Cora suddenly so friendly? To Rumpel/Gold she seemed to had have an romance with; to Regina she just wanted for herself and wanted to brake her... I dont really get it I must what other forists here mentioned before me about Belle being now a pain in the ass.. I think she has always been a pain! (I am quite biased, she was horrible in Lost, too!) Why is she not giving Gold a chance to prove his point? She has nothing to loose as I see it. Ok, he looks a lot like a hobo ;)

    But nevertheless, it was a good episode, I loved the background of the Doctor/Whale, the new exploited features of Red/Ruby and that Rumpel and Cora have a shared history -> Awesome

    This series is binding me more and more...

  • #212 'In the Name of the Brother'

    Congrats, Storybrooke. This city has more problems to solve than the US government. And while they're trying to solve them - Regina reunites with her mother Cora who was a real star of this episode (nothing against you Dr. Whale, but you are boring). I especially enjoyed the scene with her and Mr. Gold, she seems to know where his son is, their kiss was surprising and the scene where she has taken Henry's image and founds Regina just to reveal herself and announce the big return. I feel like there might be something huge coming from these two but it will be a problem convincing Regina to do bad things again. Don't worry, she will surrender - a mother's love can move mountains.

    Belle is annoying as hell, she doesn't remember Gold at all. But he has other things to do right now like looking for his long lost son Bay with a forced help from Emma and her family. The stranger who comes to Storybrooke survives the crash and he tells sheriff Swan that he was texting and didn't see anything because he wasn't paying attention to the road. Not quite, not quite. He saw more than he bargained for and he is more than willing to tell somebody on the phone. Interesting, very interesting. [8.0/10]
  • There's the good and the bad.

    There were positives and negatives to this episode. The biggest positive was right at the end as we got another great cliffhanger as usual, which will hopfeully lead to some interesting episodes in the coming weeks!

    Really getting bored of Dr Whale though. His storylines - both past and present - are so boring and those black and white scenes are driving me to sleep. It's not the type of sceene I want to see at 3am in the morning. I just don't understand why it is so grey with those scenes. Doesn't that world have colour or something lol. Makes no sense.

    And Dr Whale in the present was just as bad. The story of the entire episode was surrounding Whale who is a character who appears a couple times a season at most. Seems like a waste to me.

    On the definite positives - great developments with Rumpel and with Regina and Cora as well. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and I really look forward to the next one!