Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 8

Into the Deep

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

When the giant releases him, Hook climbs back down the beanstalk and finds Cora waiting for him. He admits that he doesn't have the compass and Cora points out that he betrayed her by stealing her protective spell. Hook insists that he still plans to keep to their deal so that they can return to Storybrooke, but Cora doesn't believe him. When she asks who defeated him, Hook admits that Emma was the one who captured and left him with the giant. Cora warns Hook that he'll have to pay the price for betraying her and he dares her to do her worse. However, she simply teleports away, leaving him unable to fulfill his vengeance on Rumplestiltskin.

Cora goes to her chamber at the survivors' encampment and removes one heart from her collection. As she blows on it, many of her other captive hearts glow. Going outside, Cora calls upon her undead victims to rise up from their graves and obey her commands.

At the women's camp, Emma shows Aurora a photo of Henry, confirming that she's the boy that Aurora saw in her dream. Mary Margaret recognizes Aurora's description of the burning room because she saw it as well when she was under the sleeping curse. Aurora remembers that Henry spoke his name and Mary Margaret realizes that they have a way back to Storybrooke. She tells Emma that while she doesn't know a way to defeat Cora, Gold will and that they can contact him through Henry in the dream. Aurora realizes that they plan to have her give Henry their message and hesitantly agrees. Once Aurora goes to sleep, she finds herself in the burning room in the netherworld again. Henry sees her and Aurora tells him that his mother and grandmother are alive and need to return to Storybrooke.


Henry wakes up and tells David and Regina what aurora has told him. He explains that Emma and Mary Margaret need Gold to help them find a way to defeat Cora.

Gold and Belle go to the diner and for hamburgers and Granny is clearly unhappy to have Gold there. He tells Belle that he has a complicated relationship with many of Storybrooke's citizens. Regina finds Gold and comes in to tell Gold that she needs his help. He isn't interested until Regina tells him that Cora is on her way from the Enchanted Forest to Storybrooke. Gold is confident he can defeat her just as he did in the past, but Regina points out that he has a new weakness: Belle. Gold concedes the point and asks where Cora is.


The women set up camp in the woods and wait until the next time that Henry agreed to meet Aurora in the netherworld. Mulan notices that Aurora's arm is burned and forbids her from returning to the netherworld. The warrior reminds Aurora that she promised to keep the princess safe but Aurora insists that after all the years that she has spent asleep, she wants to do something to help others.


Regina and Gold go to the apartment and Regina gives Henry his blanket from home. Henry tells David that he's tired of reading about heroes and wants to be one, but David warns him that heroism means knowing when not to leap into danger. David then tells Gold to get onto it. The pawnbroker tells Henry a bedtime story about how his grandparents defeated Rumplestiltskin by using a quill, and the quill had a rare squid ink. Gold tells Henry that there is a supply of the ink in his jail cell and that the boy should tell Aurora to go there and find it.


As Aurora dozes off, the others stand guard and Mary Margaret tells her daughter that she will see Henry again. As they wait, they hear something moving in the woods and Mulan draws her sword. In the netherworld, Henry finds Aurora and tries to give her the message. She's unable to hear him over the roar of the flames, and something suddenly sucks Aurora out of the netherworld. When Aurora wakes up, she discovers that the undead survivors have attacked the camp. The others try to hold them off and one of them grabs the compass. Mary Margaret shoots it with an arrow but the other corpses close in. As mother and daughter fight, they realize that Mulan has taken Aurora and they go off in pursuit.

Mulan and Aurora encounter more of the walking dead and while Mulan kills one, the others take Aurora with them. When Mary Margaret and Emma arrive, Mulan tells them what happened to the princess.


Henry wakes up and tells the others what happened. As Regina examines her son, she realizes that his arm is burned from his exposure to the flames in the netherworld.


The undead throw Aurora into the dungeon at the survivors' encampment. Cora brings the princess some stew and explains that she didn't want Aurora. However, she plans to use her to force the others to trade for the compass. Aurora doesn't believe that Mary Margaret and Emma will trade their means of escape for her, but Cora tells her that they won't let an innocent die. The sorceress points out that Aurora has nothing waiting for her in Storybrooke and implies that she's abandoning her lover, Phillip. Aurora says that she would do anything to bring her beloved back and Cora says that a soul can be brought back after a wraith sends it to the netherworld. Aurora kicks Cora in the leg and says that she will never help her. Cora knocks her aside with a magical blast and then tells her raven to give Mary Margaret a message.

The raven seeks out Mary Margaret and gives her Cora's message: they have until sunset to bring the sorceress the compass. Mulan insists on making the trade since her vow is to protect Aurora, not help Emma and Mary Margaret. When she tries to grab it, Emma struggles with her and Mary Margaret stops them. She asks Mulan to give them a few hours to defeat Cora, and if they fail then they'll turn over the compass and make the trade. Mulan reluctantly agrees but point out that they have no way to defeat Cora without Gold's information, and they have no way to contact Gold without Aurora. Mary Margaret reluctantly says that since she was also a victim of the sleeping curse, she can go to the flaming room. She tells Mulan to make more of the sleeping powder that they used on the giant and Mulan says that they will need to travel to get the poppy seeds necessary.


After magically healing Henry's arm, Gold explains that repeated trips to the netherworld can harm the traveler. When someone pulled Aurora out of the netherworld, her connection to Henry injured him. However, the pawnbroker insists that they have to send Henry back to give the others the knowledge they need to defeat Cora. David refuses but Gold warns him that if Cora arrives in Storybrooke then she will do much worse to Henry and everyone else. Regina points out that Aurora won't be there but David is sure that his wife will find a way. He suggests that Gold cast the sleeping curse on him so that he can travel to the netherworld and speak with Mary Margaret. Gold warns that David will have no way back but David is sure that once Mary Margaret finds him, she will kiss him and break the curse.


Hook goes to the dungeon and frees Aurora. He tells her that he plans to get revenge on Cora for double-crossing him. As Aurora leaves, Hook tells Aurora to tell Emma that he's still willing to abide by their deal. If Emma takes him back to Storybrooke with her, he'll help her to get the ashes from the wardrobe.

Mulan leads Emma and Mary Margaret to the Realm of the Dead to find the poppies. As they travel, Mary Margaret tells Emma that the netherworld is a void where one is trapped with nothing to do but think of all they are missing. Emma blames herself for sending Henry there when she didn't believe him and he ate the poisoned apple. However, Mary Margaret points out that they all have regrets and that if it wasn't for her betrayal of Regina's confidence, Regina may never have cast the curse. She tells Emma that it's pointless to blame themselves and Emma realizes that Regina is the one to blame.


Regina is in the apartment kitchen working on the sleeping curse when Henry comes in. He's intrigued by what she's doing and wonders if she has used magic before. Regina assures her son that other than to destroy the reanimated Daniel, the sleeping curse is the only other magic she has cast. Henry points out that now she is using magic to help people and Regina promises that she won't use magic at all in the future. Henry wonders if his grandfather will be okay and Regina assures him that David won't die in his sleep. The boy wants to go instead but Regina says that neither she nor David want him to endanger himself. Regina is confident that David will wake up because no matter what, he'll find a way to Mary Margaret.


Mulan finds one of the remaining poppy flowers and harvests the seeds.


Gold tells David and Regina about how the sleeping curse originally had to be introduced via the blood. Regina treats a needle with the sleeping curse poison and Henry wishes his grandfather luck. David assures Henry that he has faith in Mary Margaret and that everything will work out fine. Henry gives David Gold's amulet to keep him safe in the netherworld and David promises to protect it with his life.


Mulan finishes preparing the sleeping powder and tells Mary Margaret that it will last one hour. As Mary Margaret takes the powder, Emma asks her to say hello to Henry for her.


Gold warns David that he won't appear in the flaming room since it is his first trip to the netherworld. When David wonders how he will find it, Gold admits that he has no idea. He wishes David good luck and David pricks his finger and passes out.


David finds himself walking in a void filled with nothing but mirrors. He begins looking for Mary Margaret.

In the flaming room, Mary Margaret calls for Henry but no one answers her.

David discovers that Henry's amulet is burning, and it rapidly becomes too hot for him to hold. When he drops it, the floor cracks beneath him and he kneels down. Realizing that there is something beneath, David breaks through and drops into the flaming room with Mary Margaret. He tries to get to her but the flames separate them. When Mary Margaret wonders why he's there, David explains that he wouldn't let Henry endanger himself. David quickly passes on the plan to use the ink to trap Cora, and Mary Margaret realizes that David has subjected himself to the sleeping curse so that he could find her. David says that it was worth it and tells her to kiss him so break the curse. He leaps through the flames and joins his wife, but they realize that they can't touch in the netherworld. Mary Margaret starts to fade away as the sleeping powder wears off and David tells her to come back to wake him. She worries that she can't but David assures her that it's their fate to always find each other and that he has faith in her.

In the waking world, Henry looks down at his sleeping grandfather and worries that it's taking too long. Regina assures him that everything is fine but Gold silently warns her that it isn't.


Mary Margaret wakes up and insists that she has to go back into the netherworld. Mulan warns her that they don't have any and Mary Margaret tells Emma that Davis is trapped in the netherworld. Emma assures her that Mary Margaret will find a way back, assuring her that she has faith. Mary Margaret tells them about the ink and she and Emma prepare to head out... only to realize that Mulan has left and taken the compass with her.

Mulan runs through the forest to the survivor settlement.

Cora goes to Aurora and discovers that she has escaped. Hook steps out of the shadows and Cora pins him to the wall, eager to take his life because of his betrayal. As she removes his hook, the pirate tells Cora that she should thank him. When she wonders why, Hook nods toward his satchel and says that he has a surprise for her. When Cora removes the contents, she smiles in satisfaction.

Mary Margaret runs after Mulan, tackles the warrior, and threatens to cut her throat if she doesn't hand over the compass. Mulan refuses, saying that she will keep her vow to Phillip no matter what. Before Mary Margaret can follow through on her threat, Aurora arrives and tells them to stop fighting. The princess explains that Hook helped her escape and says that he wanted to help to gain Emma's trust and prove that they could work together. However, the others are unaware that Cora is actually talking through Aurora's mouth, using the princess' stolen heart to cast her spell. Once she finishes, she congratulates Hook on taking Aurora's heart and agrees to take him with her when she leaves for Storybrooke.

In the forest, Aurora tells the others to lead on and they head for Rumplestiltskin's jail cell in the old castle.

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