Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2013 on ABC

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  • Awesome Robert Carlyle

    I know this is not a review, but I just have to say I love this episode.

    In the past I have mentioned that I love episodes that revolve around Rumple and/or Gold and I 100% stand by that statement.

    Robert Carlyle is a fantastic actor. I love how Carlyle portrays Rumple. It is remarkable how he can make me love Rumple even though I know he is evil. Rumple is very Dark yet has this love inside him that's struggling to come out. The way he can make Rumple go from funny, to angry, then back to funny again is amazing.

    Then Carlyle plays Mr Gold in a different way. He still has all the qualities of Rumple, obviously, yet brings them out in a different and unique way.

    Mr Robert Carlyle, you definitely deserve an Emmy award for your portrayal of Mr Gold and Rumplestiltskin. You are probably the best actor on Television at the moment and one of the best actors of all time.

    I don't think anyone else could play Gold/Rumple as good as Robert Carlyle. Great casting!

    I guess you can tell I'm blown away by Mr Carlyle's acting abilities.

    Honourable mention to Emilie de Ravein. She is an amazing Belle. Also, it's good to see an Aussie in the show.

    Funny, when Jennifer Morrison was on House as Dr Allison Cameron, she acted with Jesse Spencer, Dr Robert Chase, who is Australian and now in OUAT she acts with an Australian again.

    Great Episode
  • Lacey: This episode

    made me realise, that I have to stop continue watching this series!

    I really liked Ouat, but the second half of the second season is horrible and contradicts in oh so many ways. Why are the authors doing this. The characters change with each episode, especially Gold, Regina and May Margarete.

    But now this! Belle got a new past as Lavey, which some people seem to know! But wasnt Belle/Lacey locked up for the past 28 years in a little cell ?? Thats why Gold thought she was dead...

    What the hell?

    I can still see how this is a fairy tale and might be entertaining to many people, but not for me anymore
  • Once Upon A Time is Back!

    After the last disastrous episode of Once Upon A Time, I was happy to see it return. We're seeing the complex Rumpelstiltskin from Fairy Tale Land, a darker side to Belle, and meaningful flashbacks from Fairy Tale Land. This episode reminded me why I love this show: intrigue, suspense, meaningful themes, complex characters, and everything related to Fairy Tale Land (past and present). I don't think the residents of Storybrooke still view Regina as the mayor. If you notice, since the curse, Regina calls herself the mayor when nobody else is around, and she only has her mother (or in the next episodes, Rumple) in her office. I think that's actually something going on in Regina's head (her need for power), and OUAT delivers in the complex characters department. The part at the end with Hook somehow being captured by Tamara and Neal was surprising, but that's still a huge improvement from the travesty of the last episode. The only minor "problem" I had with this episode was when Emma obviously hinted to Regina that she might not see Henry any more. Think about it: if you were told that Regina sent all the fairy tale characters to this world, and have seen everything that she's done, WHY on Earth would you imply (in any way) that anything might change "for good"? Magic is now in Storybrook, and Emma should have known not to say anything at all, or make anything seem like something is different in any way. If she would have not said anything (or the other characters would have told Emma not to act like anything is different around Regina), then Regina wouldn't have found out about the beans!

    Had Emma not said anything unusual to Regina, Regina would NOT have found out about the beans and they would be safe! There was a way, at least for the fairy tale residents, to return to Fairy Tale Land! Saying anything out of the ordinary to Regina should have been an obvious no-no, even if it was "indirect," Emma should realize by now that Regina is not dumb, and would pick up on something like "for good" in a conversation regarding Henry. It is possible that Regina would have found out eventually, but it's also possible that she would not have found out at all, and the fairy tale characters could leave Storybrook! Emma may have just cut off the only real source of all the residents of Storybook returning home by doing something utterly and obviously stupid! We know that Regina will most likely torch their entire effort to return home, and it will be because of Emma's complete forgetfulness of Regina's intellect and malevolence. Other than Emma's completely irresponsible (and stupid) mistake in talking to the only real threat she's aware of regarding the residents of Storybrook, it was a fantastic episode.
  • Lacey

    Lacey was a great episode of Once Upon a Time. It was nice to see more of Bell and Rumplestiltskin's past. I liked the Robin Hood tie-in. Regina continues plotting and being sneaky while Mr. Gold has an interesting date. Greg and Tamara have intriguing plots of their and the dwarves were working hard and the fruits of their labor beg the question of what to do? I was entertained and excited at how things played out. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Amazing as Usual!

    This episode was really enjoyable, the scenes of Rumple and Belle were awesome and Mr. Gold as a Don Juan with Lacey was funny. I love the scene when daddy Neal brings Henry in his back was so sweet. Everything was great and i am looking forward for the next episodes. Keep like that Once!!!
  • This was great!

    This was an interesting episode with some great developments. Regina whipped up a storm but did not really play a major role in the episode otherwise, aside from a huge discovery at the end! That could be really good!

    I had a hunch that this 'package' was going to be exactly what it turned out to be right from the start, but nonetheless, this will make for a goo d twist and shake things up even more!

    Belle being Lacey is kinda funny! Looking forward to the end of the season - but firstly, the next episode!
  • Mr. Gold's likeablity continues to crumble

    All this episode does is remind you (or awaken you to) the fact that "rumbelle" is pretty gross. Reminds you what an old murderous man Gold is and how young and naive Belle is and how they CANNOT be together.

    And yet, by the end, we're supposed to look at "Lacey" as a horrible woman who's broken Gold's heart again and turned him evil. DUH. He wants her to watch as he kills a man? He's going to turn evil because he doesn't get what he wants? This is just so gross. I swear. Does anyone think it's a good time to stop watching??