Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 3

Lady of the Lake

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on ABC

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  • Brilliant again!

    I am very much hooked onto the second season of Once Upon a Time! The storyline developed nicely today, with interesting developments bac k in the fairytale world, as well as a nice backstory with Lancelot. It was certainly very interesting!

    My only criticism and slight irritation was that we didn't find out what happened to Mr. Gold! He was completely absent from this episode, which was a bit of a letdown, as there was a highly interesting cliffhanger for him at the end of the last episode! I want to know what happened!

    Regina was almost completely missing as well. She was there for around 5 minutes.

    But there were great scenes with other characters, for sure. I loved the story with Jefferson right at the end, an d I also really enjoyed the events with Emma and Snow. Snow is certainly being shown as a lot more tough this season! And she needs to be, with Cora in pursuit!

    Definitely a great episode, and I can't wait for the next one!
  • My new favourite episode!!!

    I cried for Snow who didn't get to be a mother, I cried for Emma who finally SAW her mother. I even cried for Regina for what Henry did to her. That was low Henry!!!

    And now I'm more than ever convinced that they wrote at least 2 seasons before even shooting the pilot... The intimate wedding, you guessed it I cried, Charming "Dad" in storybook...where was he hiding all this time??? Regina mama back in all her evil glory just as her daughter is trying to be a better person again. What's next Daniel the stable boy is going to stroll into town too lol I'm not joking, please bring him back!

    The only thing that I'm still unsure of is if Regina knew about Henry being Emma's son. And if so why adopting him and not another kid? It really troubles me lol Emma wouldn't have come into her life if she hadn't...

  • Lady of the Lake

    Lady of the Lake was a perfect episode of Once Upon a Time and I really enjoyed watching. There was a lot of good story and character development, action, and intrigue. It was fun watching both worlds and I loved how Emma got to see Snow for who she really is, a tough woman capable of handling herself. I also enjoyed the Ogre scene. Cora was surprisingly dark and devious and it's interesting that there are two evil Queens, one in each world. Aurora was a little aggressive and angry while Mulan maintained a calmer presence. I liked the ending with Henry helping Jefferson reunite with his daughter and then sword fighting with his Grandfather Charming as a mysterious man watches. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh Emma shut up and listen to your mom!

    Good episode.

    I must admit, I was a bit frustrated that Snow didn't punch Aurora in the face even though she'd just tried to kill her!

    I was also annoyed with Emma not listening to her mom, and putting them all in danger (first with Cora, then with the Ogres). But now that she's realized that mommy knows best, maybe she'll stop messing everything up, and start being a good girl.
  • Uncharted Waters

    This is another really good one, it's really one that gets things going for both Snow and Emma in the fantasy realm.

    I really like how not just is there starting to be more of a mother daughter dynamic between them. And also how there starting to be a bit of a group dynamic going on with Aurora, Mulan, Snow, and Emma. There were a couple of good action sequences like in the flashback sequence seeing Charming fight off a Platoon, but also just seeing Snow kill an Ogre with one shot which was awesome once again it's the "David and Golith" principle utilized. I think what makes the dynamic between both Emma and Snow, is not just how uneasy it is but that there are both conventional and nonconventional wisdoms in conflict and working together.

    I really like seeing Snow in action again, proves she can still kick some butt; the only thing she needs now is to get her long hair look back, sorry but that short hair style I personally don't feel suits her. Emma is really out of her element mainly from not listening to Snow, like one moment she stupidly discharges her 38 into the air to break an insident up, which of coruse makes the Orge zero in on her, but Snow saves her daughter as I mentioned eariler. In a way it just goes to show you should know when to listen to your parients, because they have more experence in certain things than you do.

    One moment where I felt Emma really shine was using her convetional wisdom to destroy the Wardrobe portal to stop Cora from entering. I could help but feel it demonstrates Emma's role really is of a great importance because some of her conventional wisdom not just could be a key to defeating Cora but may'be to saving the fantasy relm.

    The subplot with Henry was decent gave him something to do, but demonstrated how just like Charming he may have a bigger role yet. I like how he was trying to get Jefferson (The Mad Hatter) reunited with his daughter. And the moment when his grandfather was teaching him to sword fight was touching.

    It's cool that Cora is probably going to become the revolving villian in the show, I always found her menicing not just from her powers but her unrelenting obsession with power and madness. What makes her a force to be recongined with is her scheme to go to the real world; if Cora came to the real world not just would she get revenge on Regina but she would find that spell book, then all hell would break loose in both realms; due to Cora's insanity I don't doubt she would she's one of those villians that just want to see the world burn. Though on a side not I'm wondering if Cora could be Morgana the witch and Cora is short for that name, since Lancelot from the King Arthur story is in the show, it's a possible connection but we'll have to wait and see.

    But another villian that will revolve is King George, this guy is a b...... he's just a villain you plain hate, because this guy just wants to make people misserable all because he is. I understand he's suffered great loss but it's no excuse nor does it give him the right to take other people's happyness away; what he did to Snow at the time was low. The bad news is unfortunately he's living in the reality realm, and from stalking Charming and Henry you know he's up to no good.

    I'll admit when both Emma and Snow went back to the old nurcery it was both touching but alos sad at the same time. Emma realized Snow and Charming really did save her life by sending her to the real world which made her appreciate both of them more. But it was also sad because both never had a chance to really live together as mother and daughter, in the final minutes there are images and shots of the ruined old nurcery which are almost haunting and heartsinking seeing Snow looks back at the nurcery and has a tear in her eye made it more so because it was practically both innocence and time stolen from them forever.

    Emma and Snow's quest together has just begun.
  • what?

    It seems Im the only one who noticed Lancelot let chrmings mother DIE in order to restaure Snows womb...

    Is it really right? what kind of moral choice it is?

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