Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2013 on ABC

Episode Recap

Rumplestiltskin returns home to tell his wife Milah that he has been drafted into the Ogre Wars. She warns that it can be dangerous but Rumplestiltskin insists that it will give him the chance to prove that, unlike his father, he is no coward. Milah tells him to be brave and to survive so that they can come back and start a family.


Emma, Henry, and Gold go to the apartment in Manhattan that Gold pinpointed on his magic gold. He admits that he didn't call ahead to warn his son Bae that he was coming.

In Storybrooke, Cora and Regina meet at the mayor's home and Regina tells her mother what she's learned about Henry leaving Storybrooke. When Cora assures her daughter that Henry will eventually come back, Regina admits that he won't be coming to her. Hook comes in and demands to know where Gold is so that he can kill him now that he has no magic outside of Stoyrbooke. Cora reminds him that while they will retain their memories if they leave Storybrooke, they won't have magic either. Hook doesn't care and vow sto go after Gold, but Cora tells him to stay and assist them in their search for the Dark One's dagger.

Emma notices that one of the apartment numbers has no name on it and rings up, claiming she has package . They hear someone going down the fire escape outside and run to investigate. They see Bae running away and Gold calls in his debt, telling Emma to bring his son back so they can talk.Emma chases after Bae and finally manages to tackle him... and is surprised to discover that it's her ex-lover, Neal Cassady. When Emma says that she's there on Gold's behalf, Neal finally realizes that she's referring to his father, Rumpelstiltskin. Emma is furious with the man who abandoned her and left her to go to jail, wondering if he knew who she really was when they met. Neal suggests that they go to a nearby bar to discuss the situation and walks off.

As Gold buys Henry a hot dog from a vendor, Henry assures him that Emma will find Bae. Gold thanks Henry for bringing Emma to Storybrooke, setting in motion the chain of events that will reunite him with his son. Henry points out that he forgave Emma for abandoning him because he realized that she was doing what was best for him, and says that Be will understand. However, Gold isn't so sure despite the fact that Henry says that he's there for Bae now.

At the bar, Neal tells Emma that when they met, he didn't know who she was. He only found out when August revealed that he knew Neal was really Bae. Emma is furious that Neal abandoned her, and Neal explains that he left her knowing that eventually she would find her way back to Storybrooke. As for them meeting, Neal suggests that it might be destiny that brought them together, and wonders if something good came from that meeting. Emma lies and says that she didn't gain anything, and then tells Neal that it's over between them. He points out that she' wearing the keychain that he gave her, but Emma rips it off and says that she wears it to remind her not to trust anyone. When Emma vows to keep her promise to Gold and bring Neal back, Neal suggests that she lie to Gold and tell him that she lost Neal in the crowd.


At the army camp, Rumplestiltskin is ordered to watch a prisoner that will let the army win. Rumplestiltskin stands guard until a young girl inside the cage calls to him. He removes the cover and discovers that the girl's eyes have been horribly scarred, but she has eyes in the palms of her hands. The young seer asks for water and offers to tell Rumplestiltskin's future. He doesn't believe she can do it but the seer says that she knows he's afraid being branded a cable. Rumplestiltskin refuses to listen until the seer says that she can tell him about Milah. He gets her some water and the girl tells him that Milah is pregnant but that Rumplestiltskin's actions will leave the boy fatherless. Rumplestiltskin wonders what he can do to prevent that future but the seer says that he can't avoid his destiny. Furious, he takes the water away from her, but she tells him that he will help her someday. To prove she is telling the truth, the seer tell Rumplestiltskin that the army will soon ride into battle on cows. When he sees that, Rumplestiltskin will know that she's telling the truth.


Emma calls Storybrooke to tell Mary Margaret that Bae is Henry's father as well as gold's son. When her daughter admits that she lied to Henry, Mary Margaret wonders if Emma is protecting Henry or herself.

As Gold and Henry wait for Emma to return, Henry wonders why Gold is nervous. The boy says that he was happy to meet his parent, but Gold says that it he knows enough to realize that it doesn't always work out. Henry wonders if Gold can see the future, pointing out that he had the power of prophecy in his storybook. Gold says that he can but that the future is like a puzzle and it's never what someone thinks. Emma comes back and, lying, tells Gold that Bae got away.

Regina goes to the hospital to talk to Belle. Once she realizes that Belle still doesn't remember anything about Gold or Rumplestiltskin, she puts the girl to sleep with a spell. Regina then magically levitates the contents of Belle's purse into the air and looks through them. She finds a card with a book number on it and goes to the library with Cora and Hook. They search the shelves and find that the book is missing. However, there is a piece of paper inserted into the spot and Hook confirms that it's a map.

Mary Margaret tells David the news that Emma gave her and they try to work out the family relationships.

Gold manages to break open the apartment security door and prepares to search Bae's apartment. Emma warns against it, insisting that he's breaking the law, but Gold ignores her and starts picking the lock.


On the night before the battle, Rumplestiltskin watches as the wounded soldiers are carried off. A soldier tells Rumplestiltskin that only the injured are sent back home, and everyone else fights to the death. The commanding officer comes out and tells them that the Duke has sent them fresh supplies: cowhide saddles to ride into battle. Realizing that the seer spoke true, Rumplestiltskin goes back to the girl's cage only to discover that she's gone. After a moment, Rumplestiltskin picks up a maul from a blacksmith's ankle and crushes his right leg rather than go to his death.


Gold enters Neal's apartment and begins searching the place for clues to his son. Emma notices a dreamcatcher hanging in the window like the one she used to perform magic in Storybrooke. When Gold notices her attention on it, he demands to know its connection to he and Emma sends Henry to search the bathroom. She hesitates to tell Gold anything and he prepares to attack her physically rather than let her break their deal. Before he can attack, Neal comes in and tells Gold to stay away from Emma.


When Rumplestiltskin returns home sometime, he finds Milah taking care of their son. She tells him that she named their son Baelfire and gave him a strong name because he would have to live with his father's cowardice. Rumplestiltskin wonders what she means and Milah tells him that the townspeople have already gotten word that he crippled himself rather than fight. When he tries to explain, Milah accuses him of being a coward just like his father. Rumplestiltskin defends his actions, saying that he didn't want to leave his child fatherless like his own father did by abandoning him. Disgusted with her husband, Milah tells him that he should have fought--and died--rather than come back, gives Rumplestiltskin his son, and storms off. He holds his son in his arms and tells Baelfire that he'll never abandon him.


Neal tells Gold that he only came back to protect Emma from him when she broke her deal, and tells him to get out. Gold realizes that Emma and Neal already know each other and demands an explanation. Henry comes back in and Neal realizes from his age that he was born the same time that he was with Emma. Emma admits that she lied to Henry about his father dying and Henry, furious, climbs out on the fire escape and climbs up to the roof. While she goes after him, Gold asks Neal to give him a chance to talk. Neal refuses until Gold points out that his deal with Emma was that she would get Neal to talk to him. She will remain indebted to him until Neal talks to him, and Neal reluctantly gives him three minutes.

At the hospital, Greg calls his girlfriend and tells her that he's decided to stay in Storybrooke for a while. When she wonders why, Greg sends her video that he secretly took of Regina using her magic on Belle.

Hook deciphers the map and tells Cora and Regina where they can find it. They walk off without him and when he insists on going with them to get his revenge, Cora slams him back with a spell. As they leave, Regina wonders what her mother plans to do with the Dark One's dagger. Cora explains that once they have the dagger, they can control Gold and make him kill Emma, Mary Margaret, and David. Henry will think the worst of Gold and be none the wiser about Regina's involvement, and she can get her son back.

Up on the roof, Henry asks Emma why she lied to him. She admits that Neal broke her heart and she wanted to forget that she had ever known him. Angry, Henry tells Emma that she lied to him just as Regina did and she's no different than his stepmother. He then tells Emma that he wants to talk with his father.

Downstairs, Gold asks Neal for the chance to make up for his mistakes. He invites his son to come back to Storybrooke so that he can use his magic to make Neal a 14-year-old and erase his memories of all the pain that he suffered since he left the Enchanted Forest. Furious, Neal refuses to let Gold change what he is and all that he's become, and accuses his father of using magic to cover up his mistakes instead of learning from them. He tells Gold that he spent years with their last memory of Rumplestiltskin choosing power rather than his son and letting him fall into the pit. Neal tells Gold that now he's letting him go and walks away.


Years later, the magically-empowered Rumplestiltskin seeks out the seer, now an adult. He finds her camp and she tells him that she's been expecting him. Rumplestiltskin admits that everything she predicted came true and he lost Bae despite his best efforts. Now he wants a new prophecy, choking her with a spell until she helps. The seer "looks" at him with her eyes and tells him that he will find his son after many years, but only after someone else casts a curse. When she says that she can't see anything else, Rumplestiltskin wonders what he can do and the seer says that only he has enough power to see through the veils of time. He willingly takes her hands and she transfers her power to him.


Emma goes back down to Neal's apartment and he complains about how she lied about having a son. She tells him that she didn't want Henry to know that his father existed but Neal says that she doesn't get to make that decision anymore. He goes out on the fire escape and talks to Henry, who introduces himself. When Neal blames himself for not being there for him, Henry says that it's okay because Neal didn't know that he existed.

Inside, Gold watches Neal and Henry talk.


The seer, dying with the loss of her power, warns Rumplestiltskin that it will take time for him to decipher the jumble of the future, and he realizes that she wanted to give up her burden. The woman gives him one piece of advice: Rumplestiltskin will eventually be reunited with his son, thanks to a boy who is more that he appears... and that boy will be Rumplestiltskin's undoing. As he watches the seer dies, Rumplestiltskin promises that he'll eliminate the problem by killing the boy.


As Emma walks away, Gold watches Henry and considers the future.