Once Upon a Time

Season 3 Episode 4

Nasty Habits

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2013 on ABC

Episode Recap

As Felix takes a tied-up Neal back to Pan's camp, he admits that he had hoped he'd never see the former Lost Boy again. He warns Neal that he'll never get Henry back because he has the Heart of the Truest Believer, and Pan has been looking for the Heart for centuries. Neal manages to slip his hands free of his ropes, punches Felix unconscious, and runs off.


Bae is sketching with a piece of coal when Rumplestiltskin comes in with a knife for him to use to sharpen his stick. Bae realizes that his father terrorized someone and took it from them and refuses to take the knife. He asks Rumplestiltskin to let him go out into the world and make friends of his own, but Rumplestiltskin claims that he' is keep Bae locked up to protect him from his enemies. The boy doesn't believe it and feels that his father is keeping him locked up because he knows his son would flee if he could. Rumpelstiltskin insists that it isn't true and says that he doesn't know what he would do if he lost Bae.


Gold paints his face with dye and "Belle" appears to him and points out that he's always been more comfortable behind the mask of a monster. He says that he needs to do it now because he will have to become a monster to save his grandson. Belle isn't convinced that he can break the habits of a lifetime of self-interest, but Gold says that things are different now because he has nothing left to live for. He points out that they said goodbye for good back in Storybrooke, because Belle will eventually leave him when she realizes what everyone else knows about him. The only way left for him to redeem himself is to give his life to save Henry for Neal.

At the camp, Emma and the others go over what Tinker Bell has told them about Pan's camp. The former fairy says that she'll talk her way in and keep Pan distracted while they sneak in the back to rescue Henry. Regina is unimpressed by the Lost Boys' pointy sticks, but Tinker Bell warns that they have dreamshade poison on them. When Tinker Bell asks about their escape plan, they admit that they don't know of a way back to Storybrooke. Furious, Tinker Bell warns them that no one escapes Neverland without Pan's permission, and informs them that Pan killed Tamara and Greg. She points out that if he'll do that to his own employees, he has much worse in mind for them. Tinker Bell storms off and Emma admits that she's right. David asks Hook how he escaped, and the pirate says that he stole a portal from Pan that he sailed through. The only person who has left Neverland without Pan's permission is Neal, and Hook suggests that they find out how he did it.

Gold approaches Pan's camp and uses a spell to put the two Lost Boys sentries asleep. As Gold picks up one of their spears, Neal runs out of the forest and Gold assumes that he's a trick of his subconscious like Belle. He prepares to stab him with the spear, figuring that the vision is there to test his resolve, and Neal pleads with him to spare his life. When Neal calls Gold "papa," Gold realizes that he's real and

Gold approaches the camp and knocks out the two Lost Boys on guard with a spell. He picks up a spear just as Neal runs out of the jungle and they stare at each other in shock. Gold figures that he's a vision like Belle and prepares to stab him, and Neal explains that he survived. His father doesn't believe him and figures that he's a vision sent to test his resolve to sacrifice his life for Henry, but Neal calls him "papa." Focusing, Gold realizes that it really is Bae and admits that he thought he lost him forever.


Rumplestiltskin returns home with a crown for his son only to discover that he has left. The Dark One goes to the village of Hamelin and finds the townspeople gathered in the square. When he approaches them, the sheriff explains that a mysterious Piper lured their children from their homes playing music that only they could hear. Rumpelstiltskin says that he will find the Pied Piper and make him pay for his transgression with his life.


Neal explains that Robin Hood helped him to get to Neverland, and wonders why his father is alone. Gold explains that the stomach to do what has to be done, and wonders if Neal does. After confirming that the sentries are only sleeping, Neal says that he won't kill the Lost Boys but he'll do whatever it takes to rescue Henry. He asks his father if he's really willing to kill himself, and then explains that there's another way. They go to the shore and Neal uses a conch shell to summon a giant squid. Neal then uses the spear to harpoon the creature and beach it in the water, and tells his father to harvest the squid's ink. The ink will temporarily paralyze any magical creature, even Pan. Gold wonders how Neal will get close enough to apply the ink to Pan, and Neal says that his father will distract Pan long enough to give him a clear shot with a crossbow.

Hook leads the group to a hidden cave and opens it with David's help. As the others go in, Hook warns David that the latter is getting weaker and he should tell his family. David doesn't see the point because there's nothing that can be done to stop the dreamshade poison. Hook hesitates and then says that there is indeed no hope, and David says that he wants his family to focus on rescuing Henry. Inside, Hook strikes a light and shows them drawings that Neal made on the wall. Emma realizes that Neal lived there during his time on the island, and Hook figures that something in the cave holds the secret to Neal's escape.


That night, Rumplestiltskin takes up station on a rooftop and waits. Eventually, the pipe music echoes through the village and the male children crawl out of their windows and go out of town. Rumpelstiltskin follows them and finds them wearing masks and dancing around a fire. He calls for Bae but gets no answer, and sees the Piper. Walking over, Rumplestiltskin yanks the pipes out of the Piper's hands and Pan removes his hood and says that he's glad to see his old friend again. He explains that he was lonely in Neverland so he has come to collect lost children to take back with him. Rumplestiltskin warns that he won't get Bae, but Pan says that only lost and abandoned children hear his music, just like Rumplestiltskin did. Bae is a part of the Lost Boys now, and Pan asks what Rumpelstiltskin will do to get his son back. Rumplestiltskin promises to kill him, but Pan realizes that he could hear the music because he fears being abandoned by Bae, just like everyone else he ever loved abandoned him. Pan says that they'll let Bae choose, and that he'll let Bae go if he chooses to go home with his father. Rumpelstiltskin refuses but Pan points out that if he is sure that Bae loves him then he should have nothing to fear.


As the Lost Boys dance around the fire, Pan goes over to Henry and tells him that they are celebrating Henry coming to bring back the magic. As they talk, Pan plays his pipes but is surprised to learn that Henry can't hear the music. Felix returns to the camp and Pan goes over, and the Lost Boy tells him that Neal escaped and Gold is on his way. Pan figures that Gold and Neal will come for Henry and then the fun will really begin.

At the cave, everyone searches for some clue to the way out of Neverland. As they search, Emma realizes that Hook was close to Neal. Mary Margaret finds a coconut with holes drilled into it and Emma realizes that it's a map of the stars. She holds a candle inside of it and it shines up, showing a map full of stars indicating the way out of Neverland.

At Pan's camp, the Lost Boys suddenly collapse in magical slumber as the campfire goes out. Pan knows that Gold is responsible and calls him out. When Gold steps out of the shadows, Pan calls to Neal to join them, well aware that Neal is preparing to shoot him. Neal comes out and fires, and Pan easily captures the arrow. However, Neal tells him that he coated the shaft, not the tip, with the squid ink. The ink paralyzes Pan and Neal picks up the unconscious Henry. Pan warns Neal that Henry may not be as safe with Gold as he thinks, and tells him that Gold has come to kill Henry because of the prophecy that the boy will be the Dark One's undoing.

When they make their way to the other side of the island from Pan's camp, Neal demands to know what Pan is talking about. Gold insists that Pan was simply playing another mind game and that it is best to let Henry wake up naturally rather than break the spell. Neal isn't satisfied and pushes for answers, and his father finally tells him about the seer's prophecy. Gold assures his son that he wouldn't have killed Henry, but Neal realizes that he would have killed any other boy just as easily. His father says that things have changed and that now he would sacrifice his life to save Henry.  

Once they escape the camp for the other side of the island, Neal demands answers but Gold insists that Pan was playing another game. He says that Henry will wake naturally in a few hours and it's dangerous to break the spell before then. Neal demands to know what Pan was talking about and Gold finally tells him about the seer's prophecy. Furious, Neal realizes that Gold was going to kill the boy, whoever it was, and Gold insists that things have changed. He came to Neverland to save Henry even at the cost of his own life, and begs Neal to trust him. Neal wonders how he can. He begs Neal to trust him but Neal wonders how he can.


Rumplestiltskin tries to find Bae among the masked revelers, and Pan says that he can't because he doesn't recognize Bae when he's happy. When the Dark One finds his son, he says that he came so that he could prove that he cares for him. Bae wonders what he plans to do and Rumplestiltskin teleports the both of them back to their cabin. Bae is furious and wonders how his father knows Pan, and Rumplestiltskin explains that he and Pan were friends when they were children. However, Pan betrayed him and went to Neverland, where he became immortal. Rumplestiltskin warns that Pan is evil and corrupt, but Bae says that he couldn't be any worse than Rumplestiltskin. Bae knows the deal that Pan offered his father, to let Bae decide whether to stay or go, and says that he would have come home if his father had asked. Angry and disappointed, Bae runs out of the cabin.


Neal asks for Gold's dagger as proof of his sincerity, and his father says that he sent his shadow to hide it. Unconvinced, Neal figures that even if his Gold is sincere then that will only last until they get back. He asks what will happen once Gold is reunited with Belle and he has something to live for, and Gold says that his redemption is what is important. After a moment, Neal takes his hand and says that he used to dream of his father coming to rescue him from Neverland, but that he can't forget that Gold chose power over him. Gold realizes that he's holding a leaf daubed in the squid ink, and the ink paralyzes him in place. As Neal picks up Henry and carries him into the jungle, Gold warns that he can't escape Pan on his own. Neal says that he doesn't have a choice because they're safer without Gold.

At the cave, Hook admits that he can't read the map because Neal coded it just like taught him to do when they sailed together. Emma storms out, realizing that it looks hopeless, and her parents go after her. When they catch up to her, Emma says that she's angry that she learned that Neal loved her too late to do anything about it. Once she goes off, Mary Margaret confesses to her husband that she has no idea how to comfort their daughter. She understands how Emma feels because she could never move on if her loved one died. David tells her that if it ever happens, she has to move on, but Mary Margaret hugs him and says that nothing will happen to him while she's there.

Neal finds the camp where the others were earlier but the ashes in the fire have long grown cold. Pan and his Lost Boys enter the camp and take Henry, and Pan enjoys pointing out that Neal had to choose between Pan and Gold. Neal promises that he will find Henry again and rescue him, but Pan tells him that he can't escape Neverland without his permission. When Neal reminds him that he's done it before, Pan smiles and hints that he let him go just to create the current situation... and now things are going to change. Felix takes Henry away while the Lost Boys drag Neal back to their camp.

Once the ink wears off, Gold takes out Bae's doll and studies it. Belle appears again, and says that Neal should have trusted him, but Gold understands that he couldn't after everything he's done to Neal. She insists that Gold has changed, but Gold doesn't believe it. He admits that he still knows that Henry will be his undoing, and Belle questions whether his lust for power and self-preservation are returning. She tells him that habits can be broken, but Gold doesn't want to talk about it and tells her to go.

At the camp, Henry wakes up and Pan tells him that he dozed off. Henry vaguely remembers his father calling to him, but figures that it must be a dream because he knows that Neal is dead. Pan tells him that it's natural to dream about things that someone has lost, but he promise Henry that he'll soon dream of new things that will come true. Once Henry does that, he'll bring magic back and give dreams reality. Pan plays the pipes again and this time Henry can hear them. Slowly at first and then faster, he joins the Lost Boys in their dance.