Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 9

Queen of Hearts

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2012 on ABC

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  • Queen of Hearts

    Once upon a Time has been great this season, much much much better than the last season, more action, drama, and it now feels like a family show. This episode reunited them all again and gave Sleeping beauty hope to reviving her love. Great episode much better than last season's midseason finale and can't wait until the show returns with what seems to be an amazing episode.
  • Perfect mid-season finale

    I love this show more every episode. This season seems to be moving along at a better pace than last season. They answered quite a few questions, but left us wondering and wanting more.

    I could have cried when they were so mean to Regina at the end. Emma seemed the most compassionate thanking Regina, but would it have killed her or Henry to look back and same something as simple as "coming?" to her, but they didn't even notice she was left behind. Regina never did like Emma, and I see this snub as pushing her closer to the edge.

    Loved filling in more of the family dynamics between Regina and Cora, but I wish they would show more of Cora's evil side. They haven't really shown me enough of her for me to buy into Regina's and Rumple's nervousness over the thought of her showing up in Storeybrook.

    Personally, I hope this is the end of the Aurora/Mulan scenes for a while. They just got on my nerves, and I agree with the other poster, strange girl crush vibe from them.

    Hope everyone has a good holiday if you celebrate those things. Next episode isn't until after the new year, so probably going to be slow here for a few weeks.
  • Downright incredible!

    Wow, just when you think this show can't possibly get any better, it delivers again! Aside from having a very nice backstory into the dynamics between Regina, Cora and Hook, we also had some downright brilliant developments in the present!

    In fact, the most interesting part for me was the role that Regina played at the scene at the water fountain! It was unexpected, to say the least, and I totally agree with the previous reviewer that they shoudl've invited her to Granny's. Sadly I don't think there will be much reconciliation over there, and maybe Regina will go back to her old ways.

    i was also really stunned by the scene where Regina said that she loved Cora - that was jaw-dropping, and perhaps it changes everything! I am now questioning why Cora wants to come back after all? Perhaps revenge is not her motive after all... But what? Revenge might be out of the question, but I somehow doubt reconciliation too. I dunno - I can't figure it out, but I'm sure that it will be extremely fascinating to watch!

    Somehow we have to wait more than a month for the next episode! I don't know if that is possible! This show is just too good!
  • Poor Regina!

    They were just mean not inviting her at Granny's! I was expecting at least Henry or Emma to turn back and invite Regina! Poor thing!

    Also, the "Have you done this before?" scene with Aurora and Mulan made me chuckle. Did anyone else see a spark of college girls romance here?
  • Queen of Hearts

    Queen of Hearts was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Once Upon a Time. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character development, plot progression and many surprises. It was interesting to learn how Hook was able to take a heart and also to learn more about the past of The Queen and her Mother. The Queen of Hearts was fitting for the character though I wonder what another would have been like. I liked how every thing played out and followed traditional paths of good vs evil in that good wins, but not always! I loved the ending and certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!