Once Upon a Time

Season 3 Episode 15

Quiet Minds

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2014 on ABC

Episode Recap

Emma and the other gather at the diner for a private meeting to discuss the discovery of the Witch at the farmhouse. They wonder how Gold could be alive and Hook notes that when they returned to the Enchanted Forest, Neal sought out a way to bring his father back, thinking his father was the key to returning to Storybrooke. Emma points out that Neal apparently didn't return to Storybrooke with the rest of them and they need to find him, while Regina wants to search the farmhouse for any clues to the Witch's plan. She goes to the farmhouse while the others begin the search for Neal.

Zelena goes to the edge of Storybrooke and tries to use Rumplestiltskin's dagger to summon him to her. She gets no response and Zelena realizes that Rumplestiltskin has broken free and his madness protects him from the dagger's influence. She figures that Rumplestiltskin will tell the others about her and sends one of her flying monkeys to locate him.

Driven insane by the voices in his head, Gold runs through the woods.

Emma and the others go to see Belle at the pawnshop and tell her that Gold is alive. They figure that he'll come to see her first and Belle assures them that she'll let them know if he does. Hook volunteers to stay there with her, both as protection and to make up his attempts to kill her in the past. As the others leave, David suggests that Mary Margaret go back to the loft because of her pregnancy.


One year ago in the Enchanted Forest, Belle and Neal go back to Rumpelstiltskin's castle and start searching for anything they can use to bring him back. They talk about Rumpelstiltskin and how he had dark parts, and Belle assures Neal that she loved his father because Rumplestiltskin had overcome them. Neal takes out the necklace he gave to Emma many years ago before abandoning her, and Belle explains that it survived the transition because it was made of true love. They go to the study to see if Rumplestiltskin had any books that might contain the secret to his resurrection. When Belle lights the candelabra, a man's face appears in the light and introduces himself as Lumiere, a servant of the castle.


At the pawnshop, Belle and Hook are looking for any books that might contain the information they need. Someone tries to break in through the back door. They go to investigate just as someone breaks in and collapses, unconscious: Neal.

Emma brings Henry breakfast and explains that she'll be going out. She suggests that he go fishing with Leroy and the other dwarves, and henry tells her that he knows she's holding something back from him. If she won't tell him the truth, henry says that he wants to go back to New York. Before Emma can respond, she gets a call. Shocked at the news, she tells Henry that she has to go and asks him to trust her for now.

At the hospital, Emma finds Neal recovering in a hospital bed with the others there. He explains that he doesn't remember anything since Emma and Henry left Storybrooke, and is shocked to learn that Gold is alive. Emma notices a triangle brand on Neal's right hand and sends a photo of it to Belle so she can research it at the pawnshop. Neal asks to see henry and Emma tells him that their son doesn't remember his father except for how he abandoned Emma in jail. Shocked, Neal says that they have to restore Henry's memories, but Emma points out that Henry was happy in New York when he didn't remember.


Lumiere tells Belle that she never met him because she never came to that part of the castle and lit the cameras, which causes him to materialize. Rumplestiltskin made a deal with him and transformed him into a candelabra when he couldn't fulfill his side of the arrangement. They tell Lumiere that Rumplestiltskin is dead and Neal asks if he knows of a way to bring the Dark One back. Lumiere sees no reason to until Belle tells him that Rumplestiltskin had a change of heart, and would gladly restore him to his human form. Convinced, Lumiere tells them to find a book which contains a key to the Dark One's vault. The vault can be used to bring the Dark One back, and Lumiere offers to take them there. They agree, blow out the candles, and leave. However, once Lumiere is alone, the Wicked Witch enters the study and ignites the candelabra. She's satisfied that Neal and Belle are fooled, but warns Lumiere that there is more he has to do before she restore him to his human form.


When she can't feel her baby kick, Mary Margaret calls Zelena over. Zelena offers his orange juice and explains that babies often stop kicking when they're close to being born. Mary Margaret complains that she has nothing to do while the others are out hunting for the Witch, and Zelena assures her that she's doing plenty of working getting ready to have her child. The baby kicks and Zelena tells Mary Margaret that she could give birth anytime.

As Regina arrives at the farmhouse, she hears someone behind her and spins and catches a crossbow bolt. Robin Hood apologizes for shooting her and introduces himself, since neither of them remember meeting the other in the Enchanted Forest. Robin offers to help Regina search for the Witch and Regina hesitantly agrees.

At the hospital, Hook arrives and admits that Emma left him there to watch over him and make sure that he doesn't leave. Neal thanks Hook for bringing Emma back to Storybrooke and wonders what it feels like to be a hero. Hook admits that it's strange and asks Neal what it feels like to be a villain, since he must have used dark magic to bring Gold back. Neal gets up and says that he's going to find his father and Hook can't stop him. Hook considers and then hugs Neal, pointing out that he spent years protecting Neal when he was a boy as they sailed together. He admits that he should never have let Emma come between them and tells Neal that he has ten minutes before he tells the others that he's escaped.


Belle and Neal take the candelabra and walk through the forest to the vault. They talk about how Gold sacrificed himself to save them and Neal admits that he never thought his father was that selfless. Belle assures Neal that his father was determined to reunite with Neal no matter the cost, just as they reach a clearing.


As Emma and David search the woods, David realizes that Emma plans to take Henry back to new York since he can't remember his life in Storybrooke. Emma admits that she and Henry had a good life in New York They hear moaning up ahead and find Gold crouching in the forest, clutching at his head. He moans that there are too many voices in his head and starts to tell them about the Witch. A flying monkey attacks them and David manages to hold it off, while Gold runs off and Emma goes after him.

Regina and Robin search the farmhouse and fail to find any magical items. As they search, Robin asks Regina how she came to become known as the Evil Queen, and Regina admits that she cultivated a reputation to strike fear into the hearts of her subjects. Robin finds a bottle of whiskey and Regina admits that it is magical under the right circumstances, and Robin pours out two drinks. He offers one to Regina and she sees the lion tattoo on his arm, and realizes that he's the soul mate that Tinker Bell led him to. Shocked, Regina walks out.

As she searches for Gold, Emma spots Neal and warns him that his father has gone crazy. Neal refuses to go back without a fight and rather than try, Emma tells him to help her search.


Neal lights Lumiere, who tells them that the vault door is buried in the center of the clearing. Belle and Neal uncover it beneath the snow and Lumiere tells them that he knows what to do from two hundred years of watching Rumplestiltskin. Hearing that, Belle realizes that Lumiere is lying because Rumplestiltskin only built the library for her thirty years ago. Lumiere admits that it was the Witch who transformed him into a candelabra, not Rumplestiltskin, and that she wants Rumplestiltskin brought back from the dead so she can use his dagger to bend him to her will.

Belle is ready to leave, but Neal figures that they can still bring his father back and let Rumplestiltskin deal with the Witch. Belle warns that it's too dangerous to take the chance, but Neal insists and puts the key into the vault door. The top glows, branding the triangle mark into his palm, and he falls back in agony. Meanwhile, the door opens and black liquid flows out and starts to form into the body of Rumplestiltskin.


As Neal and Emma search the forest, Emma tells Neal about how henry has been happy in New York. She also tells him about Walsh and how she loved him before he turned into a flying monkey, and Neal sympathizes with her. He admits that he and Emma never did find their Tallahassee, and only wants her to be happy even if it wasn't with him. Belle calls Emma to tell her that the triangle mark is from the key to the Dark One's vault. It can bring Rumplestiltskin back, but only at the cost of the user's life. Belle and Emma realizes that Neal should be dead, just as Neal collapses, moaning in pain. Emma goes to him and watches in surprise as his face twists into the visage of Gold.


Rumplestiltskin steps out of the liquid and realizes that his son is dying to bring him back. The Witch appears and thanks Lumiere for his help, and then freezes Rumplestiltskin place. She uses it to hold Rumplestiltskin in place and he realizes that he has to let go of it to free Neal. When he drops it, the Witch picks it up while Rumplestiltskin casts a spell to merge himself with Neal, saving his son... and driving him insane. The Witch takes control of Rumplestiltskin using the dagger and tells him to kill Belle. However, Lumiere finally makes his choice and immobilizes the Witch with his candle flames. He tells Belle to run and she picks him up and does.


Emma tells Neal that Gold has merged with him to keep him alive, but Neal begs her to use her magic to separate them. When Emma warns that it will kill him, Neal says that he knows but that it must be done to save them all. Emma reluctantly casts the spell and separate father and son, and Gold goes to his dying son. Neal tells his father that he chose his fate, and Gold tells Emma that Zelena is the Wicked Witch. Emma begs Neal to save his son, but Gold says that it's too late. Neal tells Emma to let Henry know that he died as a good father, and tells Emma to find Tallahassee without him. Emma promises that she and  Henry will be happy, and Gold insists that he can save Neal. Neal tells him that it's too late and thanks him for showing him how to sacrifice oneself for family... and now it's his turn. He begs his father to let him go and Gold says that he loves him. Neal says that he loves him as well... and dies.

Later, Emma and the others go to the loft to find Zelena. They discover that she's fled out the window, and they tell Mary Margaret that Zelena is the Wicked Witch and Neal is dead.

In the woods, Zelena finds Gold mourning over his son's body. Gold tells her that Emma know who Zelena really is and will spread the word, and they will kill her... if he doesn't do so first. Zelena freezes him in place using the dagger and says that it doesn't matter as long as she has Gold and his brain. She then forces Gold to go back to the farmhouse and reenter his cage. As he sits, Gold mourns his dead son.

Regina goes to Robin's camp and watches as he plays with his son, Roland.

David and Mary Margaret go to see Belle and tell her that her love is back from the dead.

Emma finds Henry in the park and tells him that she came to Storybrooke to help his father. She then tells her son that Neal died a hero's death, and that he would have been a great father. Henry wishes that he would have met his father, and is confused when Emma says that he did. As they sit, Emma promises that she will find the person who killed Neal.

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