Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2012 on ABC

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  • An improvement over the last one... still flawed though.

    I've been saying for the last 5 episodes that the show needs to move the story forward and learn a lesson or two from Revenge. I'm beginning to think, the show would of worked better as a miniseries or something. I understand that they have to drag certain elements, but some things are just unacceptable... its like they're afraid of moving forward and they keep using the easy way out, as a way to keep it slow and sustain the main premise of the show.... It's really getting frustrating and frankly annoying.

    - Again, Emma sucks as a lead character and sheriff. Seriously, do they make her so stupid on purpose? Where is the consistency? She started out as a strong character, this bad ass woman and she even seemed intelligent..... We need a strong lead, without one your show has some big problems.... I mean, who are we supposed to root for? With Revenge, we have Emily and we can connect with her, because they have developed her as a character. What about Emma? 15 episodes and nothing, she's so dull, stupid and uninteresting.

    - The episode was a huge improvement over the last one though. They finally gave Red something to do and I was surprised by her story, quite unexpected. I immediately thought it was going to be so obvious with the boyfriend being the wolf....

    - Was I the only that thought that the episodecould have had a much bigger emotional impact if they had played up the scenes with Red and her boyfriend? They cut away from what happened to him so you didn't get the full horror of what she had done to the man she loved. If they had shot the scene with him just being attacked and still able to speak or just dying in her arms it would have had more of an emotional payoff than having him 30 yards away as a carcass.

    - Why is the fairy tale world, so interesting, fun and exciting yet Storybrook so dull and predictable?