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  • Disgusting!!!!

    My family loved this program even though it had different turns for familiar fairytales. It was still interesting and fun to watch and we have been watching since 2011. But with the turn that it took on Sunday, April 18, 2016, it has becoming completely disgusting. We have no desire for our family to continue watching this show become female disgusting porn. This is NOT fairytales and is NO LONGER SUITABLE FOR OUR FAMILY. In fact, we turned it off at this female kiss and did not watch the ending and we will NEVER watch again. It has spoiled fairytales that our children loved with this smutty turn of events.
  • Ruined!!!!!!!

    I think the April 18th episode has ruined every good thing about this show! They have twisted many of the fairy tales, but to take Dorothy and make her something completely opposite of her actual character is, to say the least, appalling! I refuse to watch any more. This was an excellent basis for a family show and I've enjoyed it up until now. Shame on the writers for thinking they needed to include lesbian characters!! You lost one viewer among many more, I'm sure.
  • Very disapointing

    Cant believe they turned a great FAIRY TALE adventure series into yet another copycat soap. Me and my family loved this and have followed it religiously since it started with copious amounts of popcorn. If people choose that path I respect that, but why spoil not only a perfectly good story line and series, but fairy tales too.
  • once apone a time

    I was compelled to write this review because of how appalled I was by what I saw on last nights episode .Evidently I'm not the only one. For the record this has been one of my favorite shows since It came out. while the show progressed I noticed it was beginning to turn gay. I found myself repeating , no , no , no. not this show too .This is supposed to be about fairytales . Well, you know what happened next. It saddens me to say that this show is ruined. ABC needs to hire new producers
  • Bummer. very disappointed

    This WAS my all time favorite show. Unfortunately, they have now lost me as an addicted watcher of their show along with many others I'm sure. I'm so disappointed that the writers had to go this route.
  • They ruined the show

    This show was built on fairytales. I watched every episode but will not watch another a woman just kissed a woman waking her up from a deep sleep and then embracing with a long kiss. Fairytales ruined. I am fine with peoples choices in life but don't twist my fairytales to fit 1 0/0 of society.
  • Fun show with interesting plot twists.

    When I watched Season 1, I realized what a fun show this is with interesting storyline reveals and changes from the 'fairytale' portrayals. I've kept watching and enjoy seeing a great, clean show that is a PG (I would guess!) delivery. Nice in the deluge of R+++ shows out there nowadays.

    I have to say though, Snow White (in this show) is completely hypocritical, preachy, and with the horrific crimes she has committed as an adult (ie. knowingly poisoning Maleficent's daughter with darkness, pre-meditated murder trading souls and tricking Regina into replacing Cora's heart - which Snow cursed to Kill her, etc) - SHE is a VILLAIN. Why is she still portrayed as a Heroine? And the show has a wardrobe and makeup department - C'mon people!! She looks terrible, awful boy haircut & needs to get back on track with fitness and health. She's incredibly selfish and Evil. I suggest someone feeds her another apple and sticks her back in the glass coffin. Best place for her and the show can carry on.

    I enjoy Regina's development, Emma's becoming intolerable, Hook is fun, Gold\Rumple is riveting.

    *The Once Upon a Time in Wonderland series was also really great and well done. Fun to watch!!
  • One of my favorite shows. Going downhill.

    (SPOILERS) This is one of my all time favorite shows. Season 1-3 were fantastic (3 being my personal favorite). The episodes were fast pace, exciting to follow, and had a lot of great twists and sacrifices and I cried. A lot. The 1st half of season 4 was great as well but then we got into the 2nd half. The entire season was build up. It was a great idea but they killed it by adding too much subplot (the finale blew my mind but that's another story). The other major problem is the writing. The dialogue in particular. It's just become so unatural. It started with snow don't get me wrong, I love Ginny Goodwin but I don't wanna see grandma Snow White. But the dialogue is making the actors look like they can't act and they're all incredible actors. And again they have great ideas but they're trying too hard and complicating stories that don't need to be touched.

    Season 5 started to pick up and it was getting exciting again but now with the 2nd half it's starting to fall and I knew it would as soon as snow starting talking about saving everyone and then they made Hercules super weak and dead and oh he was snow whites first kiss. And don't even get me started on Meg. I get it, creative lisence but I wanted Susan Egan Meg, not a cry baby. Also this weeks episode with the jones brothers was honestly really boring and I'm hoping next weeks episode will surprise me, but the whole Zelena/hades thing seems kinda lame again TOO MUCH SUBPLOT

    Basically the episodes are getting so formulaic. And we're getting too much Henry, not enough Regina and Robin, rumple wasn't even in this weeks episode (which I'm not complaining about but he keeps the show interesting), take out cruella because no one likes her, the dialogue is not flowing and people don't talk that way, ENOUGH WITH THE HOPE STUFF, Regina is now a softie and they need to make her a badass again, Emma is also a softie and she needs to be a badass again. She's honestly getting kinda whiny, hook is getting whiny he needs to become a badass again, they need more Peter Pan. They started that whole situation and they're not even doing anything. Don't even get me started on the plot for the next episode and hades needs to make things much harder for them, everything is too easy. I NEED PROBLEMS. And make snow and charming less grandparenty and more like the characters we fell in love with.

    And wow this review is too long I'm so sorry

    Overall, I love this show, it just needs a little work. I highly recommend at least the first 3 seasons :)
  • dont like it anymore

    I use to like this show but not anymore they should have end in season 3 season 4 was ok season 5 is blah they make Hercules weak he suppose to be really strong and brave and he is not I don't see what the point of putting him on this show for why this show faver snow white so much I was happy with this season becouse they got hercules and hades but so disappointed what they did with them I could go on but I am not so far this season is making me angry
  • Show need to end !

    Look, I've loved this show, .Best seasons were the 1,2,3, then with the 4th the decline statred to happen. Can't watch it anymore, stoped after ep 2 of season 5.

    Show need to end !
  • Best Tv Show Ever

    Trust me, the past reviews aren't accurate. Once Upon A Time has a mix of a storyteller and a crisis' in our real world in one show. I totally recommend this show .
  • Bad Fairy-tale Disney Fan Fiction

    What starts as interesting and fun becomes a bloated, badly made fan fiction drowning in cliches, plot holes and bad acting. A show with three female leads about female strength becomes a show about how lucky they are men want them at all, at least when it's coherent. Watch as good ideas becomes disasters when they aren't suddenly, inexplicably abandoned from something all together different. Be prepared to be perpetually disappointed.
  • Used to be Good but now it's Sh!t

    Initially loved this show. Season 1 blew my mind. Season 2 was kinda meh but still good. Things got even worse in Season 3 but I hung in there. Season 4 made me want to shoot my tv. Season 5 is complete sh!t.

    Somehow they took all the character development and ingenuity and just enjoyable, intelligent creativity out of this show and replaced it to be cliche and lackluster. The main relationships on the show don't really make sense and are offensive to watch for anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together.

    It went from a show that I couldn't stop talking about with my friends to a show that I didn't want people to know I ever watched. Sad but true.
  • great time

    ok so i stuck with this show from the start its fun filed and adventure packed u never know whats coming its also good for familys nothing truly objectable at all i say watch it
  • Once Upon A Time is my fav movie of all times

    I'm in love with every character and every episode I've finished watching all seasons and I'm actually watching them again for the 3rd time seriously I love this movie so much its an inspiration to me ... it might sound a bit crazy but after watching it I start doing stuff with my hands like I'm doing magic.. I'm 16 years.. crazy too :P
  • Snowhite

    Fairest of them all my friggin ***. That,s the only thing that needs to be changed /removed.
  • An Incredible Show!

    Once Upon a Time is one of my favorites, no doubt. The cast is so perfect. Can we talk about the music in this show? I could listen to the soundtrack all day. I always look forward to the next episode, this show is full of magic, intenseness, and feelings. I am so intrigued.
  • snow white ...

    Holly sh*t snow white is boring. She is ruined the show ...
  • Dark Swan/Black Swan??

    Querie: Do I need to watch Black Swan first? When the Elsa/Anna segments aired, I hadn't watched Frozen yet but did before I watched OUAT with Elsa/Anna. Not only did it help me, but it turned me into a 67 year old Frozen fanatic!!! Now, does Dark Swan have anything to do with the Natalie Portman movie Black Swan? I can watch it first if it does. Thanks!!
  • Pretty slick / Long term vision of plots

    Season 4 -- full year review

    This season, I did something which I believe was awesome. I binged watched the entire season in 1 week. I had every show recorded and I stripped all commercials.

    Well, this is the only way to watch this show.

    And Season 4 was the best. Every aspect of the show was cool, especially the concept of the author.

    The cliffhanger however, will make me want to watch the first episode of Season 5, on time, but I will try and resist and do again as I did for Season 4. Record the episodes and binge watch next year.

    It is very tough.. requires lots of discipline, I can only hope I will be up to the task! :)

    Season 3 mid review:

    I like the way the show is structured. It is interesting to see how they weave the fairy tales into this story line. Rumple's Dad is Peter Pan.. Who would have thought? There are of course a few loopholes, for example, why does Neil have go regress into the curse when he was brought to this world before ithe curse started? After all, Henry wouldn't be Henry without Emma and Neil mating. Well anyways, seems that it might just be they have their memories after all, since Hook came back to NYC.

    Rumple and his Dad dissapeared (allegedly died) in Storybrooke. Will the breaking of the curse restore them? Who knows..

    The break in the season seems too darn long too me.


    Ok, I've watched both seasons in 1 week, and yes, thank you for the ability to get shows online.

    First season was great and ended on a nice cliffhanger. Second season was actually pretty slick, especially the ending.

    Obviously, Peter Pan is going to be the threat in Season 3, part 1, it makes sense, he's the big bad of NeverLand.

    Now, I've read some of the reviews here, and some people think that Season 2 didn't make any sense. Well, I disagree with that.

    Basically, as we are talking about alternate worlds, which is really what this is all about and the power of magic vs science. And it's all done based on so called fairy tales. Nothing wrong with that.

    Furthermore there is dimension to the characters, and that's refreshing. A lot of nuance.

    For those of you who pine for Regina and her character development, well the show is about much more than the Evil Queen.

    In the end, she's a pawn, let's face it. But character development there has been.

    There is providence and fate intertwining with Rumpelstiltskin rather large manipulation of events, all geared towards getting back his son.

    The show is going somewhere and it's hard to predict where, and that's refreshing.

    For the most part, there has been a lot of interesting twists and a lot of unexpected development in the show.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    I'm just wondering if there will be a clean ending at some point. Maybe in 3 or 4 seasons from now.

    Henry seems to be way much more than he seems in many ways. Why would Peter Pan be seeking him?

    Is Peter Pan also working for someone else? Based on the patterns I've seen, I would NOT be surprised.

    Anyways, looking forward to the 3rd season, it's going to be a long summer........
  • Mulan love

    I'm a little disappointed I love the show but would like to see Mulan get her true love Shang why they changing the story I don't care for that it's not going along when the real thing. That's what I loved about it now I'm not sure how I feel.
  • AWESOME! :)

    This show is one of the best I've watched in a long time :)

    It's especially appealing to Disney fans! The second half of season 4 by far made up for its mediocre first half with character development and all of its twists and turns! :3

    Can't wait for Season 5!!!! Less than three weeks!!!
  • The ugly truth.

    I have watched every season and love, love the show. it is very well written and the story line is to die for.... but here's the thing.. Season 4 had some issues that began to destroy it for me.

    #1. Elsa's dress. At the end of season 3, where you see her for the first time, the dress was beautiful. But in season 4 this hideous rendition of the dress was chosen.

    #2. Ursula was fat and she should have been in this no matter what color she ended up being. even though she was an extremely wicked hot Brazilian lady when she took human form to marry Eric.

    #3. Last but most defiantly not least. Maleficent.... I am sooooo sorry. but that is the ugliest woman I have ever seen and should not have played the part of the hottest Disney supervillain ever created. Maleficent was dark headed and her horns were sleek. smh.... She was tall with a very distinct royal voice. This woman was a mouse of a creature not a dragon. She was short, too much botox, and frankly just down right ugly. Now maybe I wouldn't feel this was about her if she had a more suitable part.

    Ms. De'vil was the only one out of the 3 that looked how she was supposed to.
  • love it!

    Love this show. I've considered myself a 'fan' of a tv show before, but now I am definitely a OUAT fan. I'm loving everything about this show, and I love the relationship between hook and emma. Can't wait to see more.

    So excited for season 5! Bring on dark!emma!
  • Similarities on Anna and Jemma

    Is it me, or is Elizabeth Henstridge (Jemma) from Marvel Agents of SHIELDS very similar in acting and behavior? Not that I am against it, they are both bringing such charm and fun to their roles and the show.
  • Love! But GRRRRR

    When I tell people about once upon a time I say

    1) If you like disney movies you'll like these.

    2) Regina is the best at first you want to stab your TV but then she grows on you, she is far the best.

    3) It's good until Frozen, if you survive Frozen you'll be ok!

    Now these people broke my heart and I can't just "Let it Go!" <- see what I did there. With the Snow Queen, I was very sad they did not use that to bridge into Narnia. Other then that no complaints.

    <3 you Rumple!
  • This show has no chill

    Every time I watch this show I get sucked in! I have to say I was worried about where this show was going but the Frozen story was so refreshing and now I need to know what happens next with the author! Rumple is my favorite character and I hope to see him find a way to win back Belle. Seriously Robert Carlyle is an amazing actor though!! This show is the best show I've ever seen. The effects are awesome! The acting is really great! The costumes are perfect! I find myself at the edge of my seat every single commercial break. The stories are so original. I love the flashbacks. Overall, THIS SHOW HAS NO CHILL and it'll keep me sucked in until the end... I LOVE IT!!!
  • the best fantasy show

    its got anything a fantasy watcher need plus its high quality actors and actress
  • Definitely a crowd pleaser

    I'm not a big fan of the characters themselves, and constantly find myself being drawn towards the villains, seeing as though most of the heroes are just hopelessly optimistic, and when they're not, they all have awful personalities. The actors themselves are good, but my problem is with the writing and the story line. Most of the time I find myself more interested in the villains' stories than the heroes'. Also Snow White's haircut is awful and Rumpelstiltskin needs to see a dermatologist. Despite all those things, I have been keeping up with the series and most of all, I'm impressed that the writers can think of that many fairy-tale characters.
  • running out of steam

    I will watch till then end of the season but unfortunately I will be giving up after that - the show was fairly original & refreshing when it started but i just have not found the storylines gripping enough & I dont really care what happens to the characters anymore - show seems to be aimed squarely at a family audience & suitable for younger children which can be restricting on the drama - in future I will be sticking to Grimm & iZombie which dont have the same restrictions
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