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  • Once Upon a Time and Time Again

    A nicely acted show, with basically smart script! I do enjoy the way characters from different fairy tails are mixing up! It's good fun!
  • The knave of hearts is back!!!!

    I never thought it would but once upon a time had a last spark with a crossover episode

    In this episode he is still a thief but he is also very helpful and handsome. I thought he would

    Be in the rest of the episode but he ran out of that ice cream shop.
  • happy ever after

    episode 2 season4 was a sensational and amazing episode although it could use a little more drama but i loved the part when elsa made the van frozen it was sup rising,cool,and just so exciting!!!!
  • love it

    I was in between series and decided to watch this, loved it that much I watched 3 seasons in a week so glad it's back xxx
  • I think not

    I was in a "in between series" period and started watching this one . I thought to give it a shot Now mind you : My "In between series don't have to be very good Just entertainment is alright with me. But even with the lowest of expectations : this is too much for me . I don't know what the writers want But as a sleeping aid it is well done.
  • Once apn a time

    I love this show. I just got done watching season 4 episode 3. I can't wait til next week already. I think this show is great. I hope they put all this on a dvd collection. If they do. I'm so buying it for myself and my 3 girls and my loving husband!!! :-)
  • * Clue is in the title *

    As the title "Once upon a time" suggests, this series is based on fairy tales & fantasy fiction.

    A welcomed hour's escape from all the horrible NEWS stories and serious TV programmes that fill the week.

    I think its great.
  • Without Regina this show would go nowhere..

    I really enjoy this show but I have to say it wouldn't survive without Regina and Rumpelstiltskin.
  • Love this Show!

    I have seen every episode of this show that is out and I love this shows creativity! The writers really make this show pop and they develop the characters very well. I love Rumplestiltskin and Regina's characters and the actors that were chosen to play them. They are heroes in their own interesting way.
  • 8.0
    I loved this show, i couldnt wait to see the next episode but putting frozen into this show pretty much killed it for me, i loved this show because it had all the fairy tales that i grew up watching, i havent seen Frozen, i know nothing about it, and im frankly tired of seeing/hearing about frozen, ill probably watch the first few episodes but since i know nothing about the frozen backstory this will probably make me not want to watch this anymore.
  • So excited

    omg omg omg 8 more days
  • once upon a time

    i love this show can't wait for the new season!
  • Disappointed

    I looked forward to this show and believed the hype. What a disappointment it was. Boring, slow and silly. I tried to love it. I wanted to . . .
  • The baddies rule

    I'm halfway through season 3 of OuaT & was just wondering am I the only one who thinks that Regina & Rumplestilskin are the true hero's of the story, charming & snow are just plain boring.
  • Season 4 Promo

  • long live the evil queen

    Long live the evil queen :-)
  • love the show but god dammit emma!

    she had to ruin regins happiness just like her mother poor regina i hope hood stays with regina

    Thank you for creating a series that is so incredibly captivating!! It's challenging to find great shows on TV. I find that the best ones come to an end too quickly so I pray to God that that doesn't happen to Once Upon a Time. I love how characters that can really tick you off - pure evil and annoying in their antics can gradually become so loveable even with their imperfections. The stories make it impossible to wait for what comes next, that's the only downside haha.

    I can see that the writers make Emma Swan a total idiot because her character seems to be lacking the conviction of being a true then she brought Marian could have changed the NOT CHANGE THE I hope in Season 4 Emma and her mother Snow White just that would be tragic or a new warlock come into power....
  • Poor Regina

    I just finished watching season 3 ... loved every moment. I really liked Neil, but it actually made sense what happened to him, as for Hook, would someone change his clothes?? My God, for how many seasons is he gonna wear those clothes??

    Now Maryon showing up??? Seariously? Doesn't Regina deserve to be happy, she earned it, she proved she was hoping that even with Maryon back in the picture that chooses Regina over she actually dies like she was supose to!!!
  • once upon a time

    I love this show I can't wait til fall i love mr gold and the beautiful evil queen are amazing
  • Can't wait for Season 4

    I love this show so much. In all its glory and faults. I specially love lily sparks review. I just recently discovered it (Like Season 3 episode 17) and have since LOL reading it and now I've read all of her reviews about every episodes of the show.

    Can't wait for season 4.

  • Zelena bad acting

    There have been so many fine performances on this show. But Zelena?? She does not belong with the other excellent actors and actresses here. Show has become almost unwatchable because of her. Hope she is gone soon. Please.
  • Excellent for all ages

    We are loving once upon a time... Even my husband sits with us and our children to watch the show. It attracts viewers of all ages and keeps us on the edge of our seats waiting for the next episodes. You are doing a great job, please keep them coming.
  • Different, sweet

    I just like that this show is different from all the others. It is something that one could even watch with kids, so it's no agreesive or dark. It reminds me of the fairytales I read as a child. I love the fact that there are so many different characters and they are all loveable in some way. And I am so excited that Regina finally finds her place! From the very beginning I could just not hate her. I am excited for whats to come.
  • It's becoming tedious

    First of, while overall Season One was very well done, I cant help but feel that the shows becoming a little more like a Saturday morning cartoon show then anything else, through lack of a better term, the main reason for this seems to have been shown very prominently within the Third Season. While still ongoing obviously, my main problem with it that I have is arcs are introduced, as in they are clearly separated within the two parts of the series.

    In all they just seem a little to forced for me, granted the Peter Pan arc got a little build up within Season Two, but still I feel it was very forced in the sense that 'Hey! we need a new big threat now!' and that's how I feel that it is becoming more of a cartoon show.

    As in the transition of the story, how it continually just jump form one big villain arc to another mid season by mid season, for example with Cora in the first half of Season Two, and then Gregg and Tamara in the next, and as we are seeing with season three, Pan in the first and the Witch in the next. This just seems to be boring and very parable and as I said very parable to that of a cliche cartoon show, where the entire plot of a season would center around an 'all powerful villain' and the heroes trying to stop them.

    Again granted that did work with the First Season, with Regina, our current Queen of sass, but it gave you the sense that she and the whimsical Rumple, where in fact just misunderstood characters, that had gone through terrible hardships within their lives, which gave them more feel to their characters, made them that more of a memorable villain. This gave the show, for me, a feeling that they were not going to just rehash the same thing we've seen so many times in other shows in which the whole villain plot been the entire center of the season, and that they were going to explore other ways of moving the story forward.

    Like again what was done greatly in the First season, showing the real life conflicts of living in the 'real world' and applying this to that of the fairy tale characters, which was what made the show so unique in the first place.

    However now I just feel that this whole villain per mid season thing is killing off the shows uniqueness, and how they all somehow have to be related to Henry? Couldn't Pan just of been Rumples best friend? Instead of going down that frankly cliche story of the villain been the hero's (or whatever Rumple is now) father. Couldn't Zelena be just someone the queen had wronged? Instead of going down the again cliche evil or in this case wicked sister road. Wouldn't showing the extent that the Queen had pushed someone in the past to make them such an evil witch right in the middle of her redemption be more relevant within the story? Instead of Rumple's jealous ex-student which we have already seen within Cora's Arc.

    But don't get me wrong some of the villains were pretty good, Peter Pan was well acted, it was nice to give Rumple someone to contend with for the throne of the 'big bad' of the series.

    Cora was good to, Barbra Hershey is always good a what she does, and the fact that she was actually developed in the First Season and not forced like a certain wicked witch, allows the plot surrounding her to be for interesting.

    But season Three's plot however seems to just be reusing old ideas, like the villain been student of Rumple whose in love with him (seriously that guy gets all the girl's for some and then him or her been related to Henry or one of the character that their supposed to be the arch nemesis off, and that they have had terrible lives prior to this, and I mean I know that the writers are trying to get the message across that evil is made, but I think it was pretty apparent with the sass Queen and Rumpleplayboy.

    Its not like I don't like the series anymore, its just is getting more predicable as it goes on, and has gotten to the point where it has to rely on character ships as a subplot, which I wouldn't mind now and again, but it's every episode now, and connived with the predicable writing of the characters and story arcs again it all now just seems as if it where a cartoon series. Which is shown through that of Neal's death, something that was seemingly brushed off within the space of what? 24 hours by both his farther and lover alike, I don't know about you but I sure a person but be pretty destroyed if their son or lover had died. I mean Rumple and Emma are quite cool with it by the end of the episode that proceeded it. Heartless so and so's....

    Still pretty an enjoyable series, especially with Season One, good story, good hero, good behind the scenes villain plot at the end, and off course fantastic villains.

    I just have give praise to Robert Carlyle, he really got me invested in his character, and when he got those villain 'Master manipulator villain I win fuck you moments' he played them fantastically. Even his romance was quite heart wrenching, which was especially good because, as most of you are probably going to think after reading this, I don't have one, or at least a very big one.

    And off course Regina, well Regina is just Regina, queen of sass and that of the bad ass one liners.

  • Renewal, pretty please?

    Please get this show renewed! I love this show!
  • Feels like a "Fables" comic ripoff

    I think there was a comic book series that had the same premise more than 12 years ago. The show may be apealing at certian points and the acting is very decent but I just dont like the fact that the show is not 100% original.
  • i love this searies very much

    I really loooooooooooove this Series and hope it will have season 4
  • I love a good fairy tale!

    This so is so fun to get immersed in! I don't believe it will last 2 more seasons though.
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