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  • Enchanting

    This show is great and has a wide variety of characteristics that a show should have. It is happy, sad, loving, dangerous, adventurous, and more. My favorite character is currently the evil queen because I love how she is not just plain evil and there is a past to her and a reason why she is the way she is. She has a very interesting background as do the rest of the characters
  • Enjoyable

    I love this show so much. It combined with fairy tales stories that we usually knew them since we are young. This is the best show i have ever watched. Hope the next episodes will bring more surprise to viewers. I am so excited!!!
  • Henry is a nagging little snit!

    How does anyone thing that Henry is good character? He is just so blinded sided by who Regina was in the old world that he doesn't expect her to be anything but the Evil Queen. And she tries, she really tried but he's so stuck in his thinking. Why should she try anything when he'll never change. I'm not saying that the Evil Queen is a saint now. But she did raise him, she loves him. and he's a nagging, ungrateful little snit.
  • Disappointed !

    I agree ! every time that I watch a new episodes i get more disappointed !! I just hope they do something about it ! All these last episodes could be combined in one !
  • Ashes Ashes the writng has fallen down!

    How it is possible to go from brilliance to disappointment can only be explained when I found out the show has the same creators as Lost. Episodes 7 and 8 barely causing me to stay awake -Except to watch the car wreck of Red's back story.. I could go on. Just as in Lost, the story is getting tangled and boring without the hook to of a mysterious ending to keep viewers tuned in. I loved season one, the cohesion of the episodes was perfection. If I had to guess this could be a combination of too many cooks in the kitchen and one ego maniac head chef! Get it together or you will spoil the soup! Have a lovely night!

    P.S. I must also point out that Henry's poor acting should be addressed; the boy has had several episodes to show improvement... yawn! please also note that this is only my opinion and certainly not fact. I do love the show and would hate to have to walk away from it,, taking my fan base with me..
  • So good...

    Great show, interesting storylines, great acting! Currently my my fave television show!
  • Amazing

    I love this show
  • Once upon a time we have quality

    Hey all.

    THis is a great show. NIce story. Small little tweaks on the fairy tales and a nice central story.

    But I would like to know why we are only having 9 episodes in this season? For real????
  • In Love with this show!

    I am a busy, working mom with two small kids. I don't have alot of free time. This is the one show I MUST watch each week and is the ONLY show I watch each week. Daddy gets the kids so I can watch "my show". I like how the characters and story develops each episode and how it is not cliche or predictable. The creators of this show are brilliant!!!! Love it, Love it, Love it! Thank you for my little escape each week!
  • Surprised

    I just started watching this show two weeks ago because it was the "study up" category for my bar trivia league. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. Ginnifer Goodwin was a brilliant casting choice as Snow, just so believable as the sweet yet strong princess.

    My favorite part of the show is how their lives from fairy tale world parallel what is going on in Storybrooke. It almost gives me that Shakespeare in Love feel where you think you know the story but the writers have changed and adapted it just enough to make it fresh. Also strong is Lana Parrilla as Queen/Regina. The evil looks she gives are quite believable.
  • Once upon a show!

    One of the best shows I've watched. A very good and interesting first season and a great second season so far! I hope they will keep up the good work!
  • Good, but could be better

    It is a good story. Acting isn't laways that good though, and the fight scenes could use some work. I've seen a few fight scenes where you can clearly see it's a phantom punch.
  • Love on first sight...

    When I first saw it I fell in love. It's amazing how one show can capture you. Good work.
  • Mah Mind is a boggling!

    I am really enjoying OUAT this season, excited to see whats to come :)
  • amazing ...

    just amazing brilliant show ... the story is too good .. and the 2nd season is even more good than the first
  • Great serie

    Although I agree with some reviewer about the special effects, I, for one, find the idea of bringing all the Fairy tale characters together in a series is great.

    I watched the entire 1st series with my daughter and she loves it. Although she already knows all the stories, she loves the way the one story relates to the other. And I agree with her.

  • It's about time

    I was hooked on this show from the very beginning. This is my favorite television show and it just keeps getting better. The writers of this show really know what they are doing.
  • Fariy tale romp

    Good fun entertainment. The show is well written and even though the acting is a bit lame at times, with only Robert Carlyle exhibiting any genuine character development, it isn't as bad a some of it's critics would have us believe.

    It's a fantasy tale and as such is able to play around with the story however the writers like. They do a good job of introducing fairy tale characters from different cultures to drive the series forward and I for one like what the producers have done thus far.

    It could be a bit more grown up but with a family audience in mind it hits the mark quite well. Just enough to keep mums n dads interested with a reasonable degree of eye candy floating around while keeping the stories modern and exciting enough to keep the kids interested. Yes the monsters could be more like those in Lord of The Rings but that costs hundreds of millions and the show wouldn't last five minutes. It has to compete with shows like Merlin and Grimm, which it does very well.
  • It's a pity

    I LOVE the story, the writings are great but seriously what is wrong with these actors! they couldn't be any worse, it's so artificial, directing is not that bad except for combat scenes they really need to do sth about it.

    And the worst of worst is the visual effects, seriously we are in 2012. TAKE IT UP A NOTCH will you?

    It has a great story i wish the production would be as good.

    I Thing the only reason i like watch once upon a time is that i like that kid Henry and prince charming and snow white i think..
  • Very good

    A great series, could have some more monsters though. I love the Regina ( Lana Parrilla ), she's hot and that cute scar on her lip = sexy.
  • Missing episode?

    I was on an airplane yesterday and noticed the in flight video was showing a OUaT episode where Emma was fighting a dragon. I didn't put in my headphones because the show was almost over and I thought it might have been the show from 14-Oct.

    Then I was watching the show from the 14th and Emma made a reference to having had killed a dragon. I can't find any description in the episode guide that refers to this dragon episode.

    What gives?

  • Good Show

    Most inventive show in a long time
  • love it!

    oh yea!!!! sunday baby.. its about damn time :) and this season we finally get to find out who henrys dad is :)
  • It took over 15 minutes to actually get going.

    When a new show is aired, I think it's REALLY important that the attention of the audience is grabbed right from the beginning. This did not happen with 'Once Upon A Time'. It was convoluted and very mixed up; extremely 'back and forth' and still nothing was actually happening. I'm not going to stop watching after just one episode but I hope that things improve in future. I found the best thing about it to be young Henry, his acting seemed far superior to everyone elses. I will see what I think of episode 2.
  • My opinion

    Hi, my name is Sarah and I love to watch Once Upon a Time. What I like about the show is how it plays on and you espect one thing to happen then 'BAM' the opposite thing happens and all the drama and how each charater connects to onoter one or each other. I just wish that this show could play forever.


    Dude is with the typewriter. i am not quite sure if rumplestiltskin is good or bad.
  • Season 1 was great

    I loved season 1 a lot. I love how they show the characters in Storybrooke and switch to their lives in the fantasy world so that you understand them little by little, especially in the mad hatter's story, "Hat Trick". However, I'm a little worried about where its going to go in season 2, but since this is a review I don't want to delve into why, but if you've seen the ending of season 1, I'm sure you know what I mean. I think it could either be really great or ruin what made the first season so magical.
  • Love the Show

    Love the show and can't wait for the new season to start in September. All Once upon a time fans it starts September 30th. Finally the wait is almost over. I am surprised they haven't shown reruns of the first season getting us geared up for the new season
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