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  • Ugliest Snow White ever!

    Is it me or is Snow getting uglier each

  • Sick of

    Pan, sick of Bae/Neal. The show hooks are in Regina and Emma and the writer's need to get a grip.
  • Disappointed fan

    I love the show, but I was very disappointed with this episode and

    I was not surprised at all that Peter Pan was Rump's father. To be honest, I have been let down by the last 2 seasons because the show is no longer about fantasies, it is about the drama that happens in our lives. People in the real world fight about who will have the rights of their children. The show has become a soap opera and I would like to just say good luck trying to have another season. The whole Peter Pan story has gone on longer than enough. The writers should either "fix" it or just give up. Sorry but the truth hurts.

  • A little bit here, a little bit there...

    Like many others, I, too, share in the opinion that we don't need anymore new main characters to focus on. I don't mind a few new secondary characters, but I want to see more plot advancement on our main characters in this season (for the record, I consider Mulan and Aurora main characters since we spent 1/2 of Season 2 with them). Give the secondary characters their 1-3 episode arc, then bow them out gracefully.

    If they're going to continue to run through flashback-o-rama, then believe in "less is more". The flashbacks need to be plot advancing as well as character building, not just one or the other. So far, they've done alright with this, but I hope they don't slip back into old habits.
  • Peter Pan is the "Bad guy"??? WHY???

  • The Best Episode of Once Upon A Time So Far!

    This was the best episode of Once Upon A Time so far! It had everything! It had the drama, great character interactions and development and it was SO funny! I loved Regina telling charming to "filet the b***!" That and other comments were hilarious! I loved the fact that Henry flew and he had to believe in order to fly! I loved the faith and belief and hope aspect of the episode and the show in general, even if at times with Snow and Charming it seems almost naive or something. Their faith and belief can be annoying and hard to take,but at the same time such relentless belief is inspiring and powerful when it's good. I also like how the series has undertones of deeper things and truths. What a great show! It's getting more and more or closer and closer to being an even deeper more powerful serialized show like Lost. Great episode! <3
  • A Dazzling Series

    Once upon a Time is one of those shows that keeps one on edge and anticipating the next episode.
  • Season 1 great, Season 2 kind of boring!!

    Wonderful idea, great cast, costume, etc. Season 1 was fantastic focusing in our favorite characters and their adventures, but season 2, pleaseeeeeeeeee it was all about different characters (and storylines) that we didn't care each episode. BORING. STOP adding and adding characters! More characters doesn't make a show X files only had 2 leads and it was fantastic!! It only makes us lose interest.

    This is about Emma and her family. We want to watch our favorite characters all the time, meaning the core cast: Snow, Charming, Emma, Regina, Rumple and a few the others should be secondary and only appear when the core cast needs them.

    Thanks God it got on track again by the end of S2 when it focused more on our fave characters, but still I am afraid it will lose track again in season 3 with even MORE characters....

    Important too: Please consider adding a romantic interest for Emma, she is always alone, it's time she finds a sweet, cute and tall boyfriend.
  • Season 2 is boring

    The idea is brilliant and I fell hard for the series when I watched season 1. It's perfect, the cast, the storyline, the costume and acting. But I got bored in season 2, too many new characters and plotline.
  • Once upon a time...

    For title! I love the about all the fairytale characters who are trapped in the real world because of the evil is evil but I like Parilla who plays the evil queen plays her part very well!I think it's tv show with so far most of the fairytale characters in only saw

    7 episodes yet and I already love it!

    Title says it all
  • Can't wait for season 3

    I can't wait till season 3!!!! I also want to see the Alice in Wonderland version!
  • Frustrating Show

    What frustrating show! OUaT sounds like such a good idea in theory, and Season 1 started to get on the right track (plus they have a wonderful costume department), but Season 2 has been terrible!

    Jeez, Kitsis and Horowitz treat the audience like we're dummies who can't remember what happened last week! They threw all of Regina's character development out the window and waste the talents of many in the cast. The consistency of episodes is hit -or-miss and has been increasingly disappointing.

    I hope that Lana Parilla and Robert Carlyle move on to a different project that can better utilize their talents. As for me, I'm done with OUaT. Let me know if they do a Rumbelle spin-off.
  • Fantastic Show!! Love it!!

    Great casting, writing, and Acting. I also think the costumes and special effects are defiantly movie All around Amazing!
  • Once Upon A Time is AMAZING!

    IT'S ON BREAK AGAIN?!?!?!?! URGH! I love this show and I can't wait for Season 3 to come out! Such a great twister and ending. I wonder who this person 'we should all fear' is?
  • I HATE fOX TV but LOVE Once Upon A Time.

    I cant believe its on a break AGAIN!!!!!! OMG why do they keep doing this to us??????????


    This is a really good show to watch. There is never a boring episode!!!
  • Once Upon a Fail

    I like the basic idea of this series, story book characters being trapped in our own world while not remembering who they really are. I like the idea so much, that I REALLY want to like the show itself, and I know I've tried. But after having watched the entire first season (22 episodes qualifies as giving it a fighting chance, I think), with every episode hoping that it would get any better, I must say this show is mediocre at best.

    Sure, it's not all bad. It's been fun watching the background stories of some of the characters unfold, so for example you get to see how the Evil Queen became the evil woman she is and why exactly she hates Snow White so much. Also, as time goes by more story book characters are revealed for who they really are, which is also fun and sometimes surprising (especially in the case of the mysterious writer).

    However, this show has too many flaws to make up for the few positive notes. The characters are way too flat for my liking (and they stay that way for the entire first season) and the show comes across as very childish - ironically the same case could be made for most stories that are actually IN story books. No wonder that so many people seem to watch this show with their children: they are probably the ones who can appreciate this show the most. A lot of times the acting feels fake and unsincere: when you're constantly reminded that you're watching people acting, instead of just watching people, that's not a good thing. And it's not just the acting, it's the whole picture: this show is for a big part about magic and for it to be believable you need the visual effects to be convincing. I'm afraid a lot of times, it's just not. Finally, this show means to be exciting, thrilling, keeping you at the edge of your seat... Yet again, they fail big time. It doesn't get thrilling or exciting ANYWHERE! Sure, sometimes there are some mysteries you wonder about (like who is this or that character really?) and when they are revealed you feel happy you know, but it's by far not enough to keep you at the edge of your seat. There's just not enough interesting things happening, and when they DO happen they're not convincing because of the acting, visual effects and lack of character development I've mentioned before.

    It really is a shame, this could have been such an awesome show, but this way it's just not worth spending your precious time on. Unless you're a kid ofcourse, then you might love it! In that case I unfortunaly have to say, "I'm getting too old for this sh-".
  • I'm So Confused!

    This show is trying to be so many things at once. Kingdom Hearts, with all its retcons, is easier to understand. I couldn't follow it anymore after Mr. Gold took on more roles than just Rumpelstiltskin. He can't be the Beast and the Crocodile too, can he?? It's like he gets a whole new personality when the main characters leave the room and "Belle" enters. What's more, Captain Hook is more like Jack Sparrow than what I was expecting. i just can't watch this anymore, I'm sorry.
  • Way better than the regular story.

    This isn't your average fairytale with a happy, ever after ending. It takes characters like Snow White, Rumplestelskin, Mad Hatter, Captain Hook, and all the other storybook character, mashes their stories together so their co-related, and messes it up. A million times more interesting and very clever idea for a series. It's good versus evil throughout, as their are many rivalries and surprise twists. Worth watching as it combines fairy tale with real life.
  • Once Upon a Time is best !!!

    It's my favorite series, and I love it.
  • Henry Mills Char

    Hi, Henry. How are you sweety. I just wanted to let you know that I'm your fan and that you are doing a great, great job. If it wasn't for you in the story I wouldn't be watching the show with my kids. You are also the main important part of the show. You are the smartest of them all, you're always trying to help everyone to keep everybody safe from being harm in anyway, and that's why you are very important in the story. You are also very smart and brave. You are a good example to my kids. I wish you were my kid. Don't never let anyone tell you any difference. You are a very special boy and god bless your parents for doing a great job of raising you. bye sweety.
  • not bad

    not that bad.
  • Henry Character

    i actually disagree with you byronlee395, henry character is very essential to the show, as he in one way or the other links all the major character together. Regina is his step great grandmother and also his adoptive mum, prince charming and rumplestilskin are both his grandfathers. Regina's mom is his step greatgreatgrandmother and also his adoptive grandmother, snow white is his grandmother , emma and baefire r his biological parents. Henry led emma to storybook as well as connected all the major dot. I think there is way more to his character, and he is the one to watch.
  • Once Upon a Time Schedule Rant !

    This show is amazing. I love the whole fairy tales from the dark side. It's unfortunate that this show has no regular schedule. What dumb ass does the scheduling ? Once Upon a Time,I watched a show I liked every week ! The show airs for two or three episodes takes a couple weeks to a couple months off . Airs a few episodes again . The show started last fall ! They literally just finished taking off nearly two months during the holidays .Have aired what, two, three episodes and now are taking off an additionally two weeks ! Really ?
  • inspiring and interesting... but should get rid of a few characters.

    i started watching the show with my neighbors and... i will admit the show is becoming more interesting to me when it comes to the battles and some of the characters. especially Rumpelstiltskin! i also like hook too.

    But that Henry character is SO F***ing annoying!!!

    it's getting to the point where i can't stand the kid! with every single episode, he is becoming less of a character and more of an annoyance. i can only think of one time when he got Emma into Storybrooke... but THAT'S IT!!! the kid has not done ANYTHING USEFUL WHATSOEVER!!!

    he had better do something useful soon or i will deam him as the Worst Character ever!! SERIOUSLY!!

    i also think that Cora should get her ass kicked by either Regiena or Hook.

    other than that, THIS SHOW ROCKS!!!

  • Something the whole family can watch!

    I love the story line and i love the fact my husband and i can sit and watch it with our children and dont have to worry about whats going to pop up on the screen. love it.
  • Once Upon a Time on ABC Network

    My 7,0 rating is only for the first 8 episodes (I am still trying to catch up), but I am thrilled such show exists. I like so many things about this show. It is refereshing in many ways because it was badly needed on television. With all those boring procedurals floating on CBS nowadays - like CSI and other 2 CSIs and NCIS and God knows what else is this one of the most family-friendly shows. I love Ms. Regina / Evil Queen :) not even Jennifer Morrison is as annoying as she was on House. So far, so God, but so far I would not give it more than 7 points of rating. Have to watch episode 9 and further. :)
  • Fun to watch.

    First season was kinda slow and boring the first few episodes but once it finally picked up pace and dug into all the juicy stuff it got really good. It leaves me in suspense every week and the next episode just can't come fast enough. I love it.
  • Tangled

    I feel like they should put in Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in the show that would make it a 10
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