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  • It's a pity

    I LOVE the story, the writings are great but seriously what is wrong with these actors! they couldn't be any worse, it's so artificial, directing is not that bad except for combat scenes they really need to do sth about it.

    And the worst of worst is the visual effects, seriously we are in 2012. TAKE IT UP A NOTCH will you?

    It has a great story i wish the production would be as good.

    I Thing the only reason i like watch once upon a time is that i like that kid Henry and prince charming and snow white i think..
  • Very good

    A great series, could have some more monsters though. I love the Regina ( Lana Parrilla ), she's hot and that cute scar on her lip = sexy.
  • Missing episode?

    I was on an airplane yesterday and noticed the in flight video was showing a OUaT episode where Emma was fighting a dragon. I didn't put in my headphones because the show was almost over and I thought it might have been the show from 14-Oct.

    Then I was watching the show from the 14th and Emma made a reference to having had killed a dragon. I can't find any description in the episode guide that refers to this dragon episode.

    What gives?

  • Good Show

    Most inventive show in a long time
  • love it!

    oh yea!!!! sunday baby.. its about damn time :) and this season we finally get to find out who henrys dad is :)
  • It took over 15 minutes to actually get going.

    When a new show is aired, I think it's REALLY important that the attention of the audience is grabbed right from the beginning. This did not happen with 'Once Upon A Time'. It was convoluted and very mixed up; extremely 'back and forth' and still nothing was actually happening. I'm not going to stop watching after just one episode but I hope that things improve in future. I found the best thing about it to be young Henry, his acting seemed far superior to everyone elses. I will see what I think of episode 2.
  • My opinion

    Hi, my name is Sarah and I love to watch Once Upon a Time. What I like about the show is how it plays on and you espect one thing to happen then 'BAM' the opposite thing happens and all the drama and how each charater connects to onoter one or each other. I just wish that this show could play forever.


    Dude is with the typewriter. i am not quite sure if rumplestiltskin is good or bad.
  • Season 1 was great

    I loved season 1 a lot. I love how they show the characters in Storybrooke and switch to their lives in the fantasy world so that you understand them little by little, especially in the mad hatter's story, "Hat Trick". However, I'm a little worried about where its going to go in season 2, but since this is a review I don't want to delve into why, but if you've seen the ending of season 1, I'm sure you know what I mean. I think it could either be really great or ruin what made the first season so magical.
  • Love the Show

    Love the show and can't wait for the new season to start in September. All Once upon a time fans it starts September 30th. Finally the wait is almost over. I am surprised they haven't shown reruns of the first season getting us geared up for the new season
  • In sweden they have split the season 1

    in sweden they did not show all the episodes. they show to episode 11, so now in 16th of august they begin at episode 12, it is not season 2 thats begins now.. :/
  • early premiere on season 2 in sweden!

    Its true, here in sweden it airs on august 16th ! :D cant wait untill then !
  • Good, with the potential to be great

    I'm new to reviews, but I felt I have to contribute to one of my favorite new shows of last season. If you have even the slightest interest in fairy tales and Disney, and you don't mind a little creative changes, you will love this show without the doubt, it has a better Snow White then both of the movie that came out this year, I feel she easily catches the essence of what Snow is, and can easily be seen as the fairest in the land.

    The characters are easily the best part of the show, and the cast really shows it, if you aren't at least a little shaken up by Robert Carlyle performance as Mr.Gold/Rumplestiltskin I'd be shocked, his first scene in the pilot was breathtaking, and Lana Parilla is wonderful as the evil Queen, and easily makes the Queen a character you love to hate, while also making us a bit sympathetic towards her. Jennifer Morrison is great as the lead, but in all honesty she pales in comparison to the supporting cast, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Henry is annoying at first, but give him a chance he will grow on you as you finish the season. And I must give props to the guest roles because they were the best, particularly Sebastian Stan(Bucky Barnes!) as the Mad Hatter, who FYI is one of my favorite characters in book history, I first read Alice and Wonderland in the original story, so to see him like this was a dream come true, and Stan nails the mad guy. The cast is just amazing and one of the best on TV right now.

    While there are not many weak points in the fabulous first season, I have one major gripe, they tortured Mary Margaret(Snow White) and David(Charming) storybrooke relationship to a point they both seemed out of character, I don't believe MM would have ever been caught up in a affair, and I just thought that was stupid writing decision, and I hope they avoid too much relationship drama in season 2.

    Most of the episodes are excellent, but there were few that are obvious filler, and while some of them were good entertainment, I didn't enjoy other...True North and Dreamy in particular.

    Now if you are not willing to give the whole season a shot, I recommend Pilot, Snow Falls, The Heart is a lonely hunter, Desperate Souls, Hat Trick and an Apple as Red as Blood as the best this season has to offer.

    So far season 1 really impressed me, but I still feel there is room for improvement and I really hope S2 does just that.

  • tinkerbellxx1

    Seriously this is #1 of my favorite shows, normally do not watch TV .but I do watch this, I think that life should be a fairy tale. I do not remember the Fairy tales being so exciting: )next season is starting September 30th Yea.
  • The best!

    When does season 2 begin! in sweden they say it starts 16th of august???
  • Easily my favorite show

    I've been watching OUAT since it premiered, enjoying every minute of it. Even now during this long summer hiatus I find myself re-watching the entire first season and getting just as much into it the second time around. I grew up with fairytales and disney movies OUAT puts them in a different perspective that makes the story unique without destroying its core.

    The characters are wonderfully cast and hold the essence of their fairytale counterparts. This is a beautiful show that strays away from the corniness you would expect when talking about princesses and love.

    I look forward to see where the writers take the story. Once Upon a Time is exactly what an hour of television should feel like.
  • Once upon a time.

    It was great how all of our childhood stories came together to make a show 4 all ages. Brings every thing 2 life I just luv it. Waiting 4 season 2 it should be excellent.
  • 3 episode test

    I didn't have to test 3 episodes to decide if it was good. The pilot got me hooked. I was so caught up at what happens next.
  • Just Magical :-)

    I love this show! I want more and more! I ant wait for it to return. I tell everyone about it.
  • Smart TV series has it's ups and downs

    Once upon a time can be really good, but, some episodes can be mediocre. But, too see all these Disney fairytales come to life smart and dark is really satisfying. The TV Show is a fun interesting time.
  • Superb!

    It's superb,

    I'm just hoping it won't be a second "lost" that show also started very strong,

    but in the long while I had the feeling that they didn't know where to go with it themselves...

    So now that I have seen it has the same writers I truly hope that they are the best ones and that they learned from past experiences...

    Please don't screw this one up, it has such great potential!

    I absolutely love how the fairytales are all intertwined!

    LOVE IT!
  • To: Rumplestiltskin

    Hey, Rumplestiltkin! You know what, I had a blast watching your show's season finale. And it really left me wanting for more. So, here's the thing: can I make a deal with you? Can you make Season 2 come faster? I can't wait any longer. Waiting for it is like a curse, you know.. Don't worry. I already know that every magic comes with a price. I'll be willing to give you anything you want in return. After all, your my favorite character. Thanks. :)
  • Robert Carlyle

    When this morden tell of the brothers grimm fairytale book came live onto tv and I saw that robert carlyle was going to be in it. I thought oh no not him. But the way he played rumplestiltskin he was doing such an amazing job. Which made me want to watch even more. I love the fact that he is doing rumplestiltskin I have gotten to love robert and the amazing job that he is doing and he truly deserves an emmy for his role in this show.

    He plays the role well and the fact that plays the roll well is what makes me keep watching. He truly does bring rumplestiltskin alive on screen and in the book as well. I hope he does an amazing job next season. He truly is one of the best actors I have seen on screen in awhile.
  • So close, and yet so far

    Now that the season 1 finale has aired I can give a full review of the season. I have to start off by saying that I love this show. It's unlike anything you've ever seen on television (yes, even Grimm), and that in itself is a miracle. I love House and SVU, but enough with the cop and medical dramas; what we need on television is originality, and OUaT delivers it in spades. This show is just too crazy not to be entertaining. The premise is spectacular. The characters and their stories - all the unexpected twists the writers have given to classic fairytales - are wonderful, fresh, and exciting. Princesses are not slaves to their princes, and we finally get to see the strong, confident women that fairytales so often lack. The plot is somewhat predictable at times, but I truly believe that's because the writers have a wider vision, and this season was the foundation that needed to be slowly and carefully constructed so as to lead us on the wild adventure to come. Of course, we can't be sure until season 2 begins, but I'm willing to give the writers the benefit of the doubt. All that being said, I have to admit I'm often disappointed. The pacing could have been a lot smoother, but instead it dragged on and then suddenly took off like a bullet in the finale which, while exciting, left me with a nasty case of whiplash that I did not appreciate. And the dialogue - oh, the dialogue. The actors on this show are SENSATIONAL. Robert Carlyle gives me the creeps (in a good way), Lana Parrilla somehow makes my heart ache for Regina even at her most despicable, Morrison managed to overcome the writers' lack of effort and actually make me like Emma, and Ginnifer gave us the best scene of the whole season in 'The Stable Boy' (alongside Lana, natch). But even the best actors can only do so much with this dialogue. Too much of what's going on is stated outright by the characters when subtlety would be so much more powerful, and often the lines are cheesy. Of course, it's a story about fairytales, so if you don't like cheesy you should tune out. But the Snow/Charming "I will always find you" line was overdone. It was adorable, incredibly romantic, and very powerful. However, the writers shoved the line down our throats when it would have been so much more delicious had they just sprinkled it lightly on our tongues.

    If you like cheese, originality, over-the-top but stunningly detailed costumes, phenomenal acting, and people debating the ins and outs of curses in their business suits (clearly my favourite part of the show, but that could just be because of the magic that is Robert Carlyle+Lana Parilla), this is DEFINITELY the show for you. Writers, fix the dialogue and I will bow down to you as my new deities.
  • Last episode

    This show is so good , great beyond words . the last episode of the season 1 just bluew me away . The show was rly good till now but now it surpassed itself. I HOPE THEY GET ALOT OF AWARDS cause they surely diserve to
  • Robert Carlyle is Superb!

    Can I just say Robert Carlyle is one of the finest actors I have ever seen!

    He is brilliant!

    The way he portrays Rumplestiltskin is absolutely amazing. He truly is a superb actor. Robert Carlyle surely deserves an Emmy for his role as Mr Gold and Rumplestiltskin. He is probably one of the best actors on TV right now.

    My top 6 actor on TV at the moment are

    1. John Noble as Walter Bishop and any other Walter Bishops he plays

    2. Robert Carlyle as Mr Gold/Rumplestiltskin

    3. Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House

    4. Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham and any other Olivia Dunham

    5. Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson

    6. Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop

  • Improving every episode!

    This show is growing on me, really like it more the more you watch. I'm only at episode 12 which was the best one so far for me and a bonus to see Emily de Ravin from Lost there! Hehe but the way they weave the two worlds into each other while keeping so much mysteries intrigues me and love it! Hope the rest of the season doesn't dissapoint :)
  • Fairytale Fantasy

    Fairytales always appeal to everyone and we've been raised on them since we were little, so any show that delves into this and our childhood is bound to be a success. For this reason we can really relate to Henry and how and why he views everyone a fairytale character.

    This show is exceptional as we not only get a chance to be young again but also there's a twist involved in that the stories can be as dark or as funny as the writers want.

    You always end up rooting for someone in this show and never Madam Mayor/Evil Queen which just goes to prove how well the show is also cast.

    Once again a winning formula, this show is not only Once Upon A Time...a superb piece of TV but happily ever after for us there will be another season!
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