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  • Great characters, production value and an engaging story. But really, from the creators of Lost? I'd never have guessed....Spoilers inside, yee be warned.


    The show, from the pilot at least, appears to be a smart and thought provoking piece of television, although I'm not entirely sold on the sustainability of it. I'll briefly say the effects were great, the pacing was well done and the characters were fairly believable. That being said, this feels like the last season of Lost (hence the title). Like bare bones description of the pilot? Characters from a fantastical land forget who they are, and that they are existing in an unhappy world,separatedfrom those they care about, except one person who everyone sees as a little bit crazy. Sound familiar? It's fine, I actually think this is a much better format to do that kind of storyline in then Lost ever could have been. But my question is this, how will they keep it up in a potential season two and three? There's only so long it can go before everything explodes in our faces I fear. My other issue with the pilot isn't so much a stylistic issue, but just a bit ofdisappointmentI have on a personal level. The main character, for whatever reason, gives up her child for a closed adoption then is magically brought back into his life. But that doesn't change the fact that legally, she really has no rights to this kid. As the step mother said she wasn't there for the diapers or the tantrums. It just doesn't feel kosher to me.

    Overall I'm excited to see how the story unfolds, and how these fantastical characters have made their transition into the "unhappily ever after" world (as I can't say real world, since within this paradigm it's a matter of perception). If the other shows out this fall weren't so trulyheinous, i'd be hesitant about this one, but as the season is what it is, I think we can all take a sigh of relief.

  • If you liked 'The Talisman' by Steven King and Peter Straub, you might get a kick out of this...


    If you liked 'The Talisman' by Steven King and Peter Straub, a tale of magic and parallel universes colliding, and if you're still young at heart, there's a good chance you're going to like this show. A fairly lively storyline that calles out to the kid in you and well enough written so that it's not a flagrant insult to the intelligence of the older viewer, the premier episode of 'Once Upon a Time' wasn't half bad. And you won't have to chase the kids out of the room either, because this show has someappeal for both the older and younger viewer. A fun hour of fantasy mixed with the cold sober reality of daily life in this world, it will be interesting to see how far the writers can take this one...

  • In a world full of vampires...


    It's refreshing to see a fantasy series like this one. Working of the pilot alone, they have done a great job 'updating' fairy tale characters. They remain true to their original counterparts (Jiminy Cricket!) whilst going beyond fairy tale archetypes, making them real, believable people.

    I was more invested in the goings on of 'Story Book' than Storybrooke during the pilot, perhaps because I personally find Snow White more appealing as a heroine than Emma Swan, but that may change as the series goes on.

    I look forward to watching more, and I hope the rest of the series can match the quality of the pilot!

  • Happily surprised! Engaging, well acted, and with a clever plot device that I think can last more than once season.


    I have been excited about this show since I saw a promotion for it in a movie theater. But I was also ready for this to be dud. I am happy to say it was great!

    I think the intrigue will last for at least one season if not more, because of a clever plot that is both in the present and a retelling of the mysterious past. The show promises to tell you what you don't know about your favorite fairy tails.

    The show ends with a fun argument between a provocative and potentially reckless Red Riding Hood and her disapproving Granny which gets interrupted and trumped when the mysterious and apparently very powerful Rumpelstiltskin is revealed for the first time in his present form.

    This may be my new obsession.

  • Good Formula


    I have to admit the LOST formula for TV shows is just fantastic in whichever aspect you apply it to

    (current story that seems normal, which then ends up filled with mystery / back story that slowly develops the characters)

    the only worry I have with this show is....based on what they showed in the pilot...it just doesn't seem like it has a lot of room for it to go on for a number of years (which can be a very good thing...or a very bad thing)

    Overall I give it a current rating of 9 with a potential ceiling of 10

  • I really love this show, can't wait to see how they'll spin the story. Really, the best new show in my list of "currently watching" :D


    It's incredible the way they managed to merge fantasy and reality, it has a little bit of everything.
    You actually relate the actors to the characters, and I have to say I love Emma in this story, she's skeptical but deep down she wants to believe.

  • Can we say...


    Refreshing, entertaining, welcome!

    In this day and age of mostly procedural programs and reality TV, how exciting is it to find some storytelling of TV?!

    Of course, I was skeptical with the first episode but by the end of the second I am all in.

    This show has layers. It embraces thecynicismof today's audience. I want to avoid getting into details of the story but I will say so far it seems highly intelligent and very modern.

    Also, the casting is great. Looking forward to how this show evolves.

  • With the glut of cop shows on t.v,this show is a breath of fresh air. Reminiscent of thegraphic novels; Fables by Bill Willingham, it takes us all back to a time in our childhood when the fantastic was believable yet reality still prevails.


    In this era of cop, lawyer, medical and reality televion, it is refreshing when programs like Lost, 24, Prison Break and others of it's ilkbring excitement back from the mundane. My hope for 'Once Upon A Time' is thatthis seriesbe as good as the'Fables' series of graphic novels, with childhood characters in an adult world.

    The cast is sound with Ginnifer Goodwin in a dual role as Snow White and Mary Margaret Blanchard. Young Jared Gilmore was impressive as the grandson of Snow trapped in the real world when he would obviously prefer being in the land of fantasy. But as in all good stories, the necessity of a good villain is essential and with themenace of Robert Carlyle's Rumplestilskin and Lana Parrilla's evil Queen, you have that in spades.

    On the worry of how long this show can continue, the possibilities are endless. As in Heroes, there arean infinite amount of storylines that can spin offfrom the depth of characters in the'Fable' stable.
    The risk in any series is for the writersto balance intrigue and suspense with the threat of losing audience by taking too long to wrap up storylinesand end up cancelled. You need to string the audience along enough but not so muchthat youlose them as 'Twin Peaks' did and 'Lost' nearly did after season 2.

    In summary, a good start with a lot of potential for longevity. Time will tell and if cancelled, it will not be the first good series to die as of late as did V, Human Targetand The Event.

  • If you must watch a TV Show, watch this.


    You'll have to pardon my language but I've got to write it.

    Brilliant. Brilliant.

    That's my ten second elevator pitch about ABC's new TV Series, Once Upon a Time.

    Being both a novel and script writer I'm pretty critical about TV shows. I don't watch many, and when I do I'm insanely picky. Insofar, after two episodes, Once Upon a Time has lived up to any expectations I have about TV watching and more.

    The premise is simple – all of our favorite fairy tale characters, Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, Pinocchio, Sleepy Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, exist in one world that has been thrust into the "real world" because The Evil Queen from Snow White is (as well knew) a mean . And none of them remember who they are.

    There are so many elements to the storytelling that Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have put together it's just wonderful. My inner child lit up as I watched all the fairy tale characters I cherished come to life again in a truly engaging story. I was grinning a lot at the TV. I kept grinning when it was over. Need more now please!

    Once Upon A Time has employed something I absolutely love and inject into my novels too – humanizing the villain. You learn that there are some lines even Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) won't cross. You learn that The Evil Queen (Snow White) has a father that she loved. Not only that, but that her beef with Snow White isn't just about whose hotter – apparently Snow White is responsible for the death of someone the Evil Queen loved, and now she's just a bitter who can focus on nothing but revenge. There are some truly poignant moments with the Queen where you wonder if things had gone differently would she be so angry? There are even moments where you can almost relate to what she's feeling when she says things like, (and I'm paraphrasing) "I can't live like this anymore." I love that. I love it when the "evil" of a character isn't so black and white, and there are human like reasons that have thrust them into the dark side.

    I'm not going to go into much more detail about Once Upon a Time because you just need to friggin watch it. How much longevity is built into the series? I couldn't say. Two, three, seasons? At this point, I don't particularly care. There's a ton of storytelling to do, so many back stories to visit, and lots of questions to answer.

    We don't know how Emma can break the curse, only that she's suppose too. We can only speculate at Rumpelstiltskin's true motives. And there is that little deal mom made with the character that could make things difficult for Emma at some point. Did I mention that I'm completely addicted and I want more now please? No, not next Sunday now! Need another writer Once Upon A Time? I am so down.

    As it stands right now, Once Upon a Time is a fantastically told, wonderfully engaging show that lights up the imagination. If you must put a book down to watch TV, you need to watch this. It does what I did in The Synarchy Series in a different way; brings magic into the real world and posits that heroes, and villains, and true love, and magic are just a belief away.


  • I really like this show!!


    I really like this show. It is not like other shows. One of the reasons i like this show so much is because it's different. There are so many shows, basically all shows that are souly based on other shows main concept. "Once Upon a time" is not like that. You have these fairytale characters stuck in real world and do not know who there are or who they had relationships before. Then you have Emma, the daughter of Snow white who comes to StoryBrooke to return Henry back home. And so on and so forth. I have watched all the episodes so far, and i am very pleased if you ask me. I am really looking forward to the Snow white/Prince Charming storyline. They are just so cute together.This show is great. You won't be disappointed.

  • Lost for the wicked


    In a town that strongly resembles True Blood's Bon Temps, the big bad wolf, witches and monsters are hiden away from the princess and their husbands living a normal suburban existance due to a curse/spell that backfired. Snow white's grandson leaves this town to find his birth mother, Emma, in a weird form of role reversal in which the son protects the innocent of the mother, despite he shouldn't have any innocence left.

    In a fairyland where magic always comes with a price, the Evil Queen is the Mayor and something really dark seems to be Sheriff, snow white's grandchild desperately tries to connect with his mother: See, it's okay to feel guilty, she pushed him away. However, the birth mother was pushed away too, only to give her the best chance as possible same as Emma tried to do with Henry when she gave him up herself.

    And so mom will stay, with a son fully raised, so maybe he could finish to raising her, for there's no happy ending but the one we made ourselves.

  • Wow I am on pins and needles ....This is truly one of the BEST series I have seen in a long time... If you're only going to watch one this is it look NO further....I am a big fan of the story line and how they keep jumping back and forth between worlds..


    Wow I am on pins and needles ....This is truly one of the BEST series I have seen in a long time... If you're only going to watch one this is it look NO further....I am a big fan of the story line and how they keep jumping back and forth between worlds..

  • This show is about Fairy tale creatures living in the real world, after an evil queen put a spell on all of them, and only one person can break the spell.


    This is my favorite show on TV. Every week I get excited for a new episode, and its always exceeds my expectations. This show is wonderfully written, has great actors and captivates my attention. This show written by the people of LOST is a great show that has reached millions of viewers every week. It is worth watching!!!

  • when the show lets you down in one episode, it finds a way to pull you back to it in the next.


    i never thought i'd get as hooked to it as i did, don't get me wrong im a big fairytale fan, seriously! Snow white, Cinderella, little red ridding hood... love'em all. its just when you hear that they are going to make a show like that you always think its going to be.. ummm... well -for lack of a better term- boring, but this show is anything but.

  • When I first heard about the series I had no intention of watching it. Until I heard that Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis the writers of Lost where producing it, I knew I had to watch.


    When I saw the first episode it caught my attention. I knew this would be a good tale to tell and I knew that I have to know if 'Storybrooke' will ever be saved from that wretched Queen. So I keep watching it and it is taking on the same aspects as 'Lost' which is by far the best show ever. The flashbacks of there lives before the curse; the same camera techniques it is all amazing. The story takes on a life on its own, its almost makes me want to believe there once was Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Lets see where this series takes us.

  • This show is just great.


    This show is just great. It has all the really sweet characteristics of a fairytale with the added bonus of a salty real-life touch. It is not 100% Disney and I think that really makes it work for young and old. Besides, as the episodes go by, one can really tell that all characters are deep: even the evil witch has some sort of feelings.

  • I love this show!


    Love how the charachters are introduce as normal everyday people in the beginning and then throughout the show their fairytale identity is played out. Hope this show can stand the test of time and remain on tv for at least a few seasons. It takes me back to my youth and gives me & my children a positive conversation to discuss.

  • I love this show.


    Something I can come home to and be impressed every week. Thanks. Ever since I watched the shows first episode i loved it. I like my fairy tales. All of them. They all are my favorite. And this is the new LOST. That show a was great.

  • When I first heard the main plot, It was very interesting... when I started watching the 1st episode, I immidately thought about how high quality this production really is!! and after watching the entire 1st episode I really have to say: I AM IN LOVE!!!


    When I first heard the main plot, It was very interesting... when I started watching the 1st episode, I immidately thought about how high quality this production really is!! and after watching the entire 1st episode I really have to say: I AM IN LOVE!!! GIVE ME MORE!!

    Mega like!!

  • A quality show. Good characters with a decent variety, not flat in the slightest and easily on a par with lost. Obviously they are based on the fairytale characters though it appears some people have missed that point,thick people to say the least.


    A quality show withgood characters based on the original fairytale characters with a decent variety across the board. Contrary to a previous comment theynot flat in the slightest and easily on a par with lost.The format of the episodes is also similar to that of lost with flashbacks to before the curse but leaving enough to keep you wondering just what did happen at the time the curse was cast. Judging from the comments and ratings for each episode there is a decent following for the show with a lot of positive feedback and only a few morons that are here to berate it because they lack intelligence and imagination. Clear requirements when watching a show based on the fairytale world. To attack a show for depicting Rumplestiltskin as a green skinned monstrosity with bad teeth is proof that a lack of imagination lies beneath the comments author'sshallow surface. Rumplestiltskin is depicted as he was in the fairytale books of past and present generations to good effect. Robert Carlyle hitting the part quite well.

    In short, this is a show for imaginative and intelligent people as it has been quite cleverly written, to be fair. It is good enough to maintain interest and leaves you wanting more each episode. If you lack imagination, it is not for you.

  • A HUGE disappointment


    I am forever a LOST fan..and was looking forward to this new show..what a letdown it is. LOST had a variety of characters, with distinct personalities..Sawyer, Jack, Syeed (sic), Kate..thie new show does not have one compelling, interesting character..this show SUCKS!! Bad & overacted..Rumple is a joke with the bad teeth and green skin..so over the top, he doesn;t evoke fear, just a wtf, next please..bad acting, bad scripts, the only good actors are...the witch, and the little kid..everyone else is flat, and boring..I am forcing myself to watch it in the hopes that something clever and interesting will happen..which it DOESN'T..this show will lose ratings and probalby not come back a year from now.too bad, coulda been terrific, instead it ifalls as short as the 7 dwarfs.

  • My new favorite show, and as far as I'm concerned, the new Lost.


    I can honestly say I haven't "felt" this way towards a TV show since Lost.
    After it was obvious Lost was a huge cult hit, many shows tried to jump on the bandwagon. Invasion, The Nine, Flash Forward, The Event, just to name a few. While these shows weren't necessarily bad on their own, they just felt "hollow" compared to Lost. Like they were either lacking something, or trying too hard to emulate Lost.

    Then along comes Once Upon A Time, and I think it hit the nail square on the head.
    Like Lost, this show is at its heart a character drama more than anything else. Add in some phenomenal story telling, a dash of mystery, a pinch of action, and sprinkle with some fantasy/sci-fi..... and you have the recipe for another winner.

    Thank you mister Horowitz. I just finally got over Lost, now I have to go through this crap again. ;)

  • i hope

    i hope they cancel it i love it so much i
  • Can't wait for the next episode.

    What an excellent show. It's been a long time since I have actually been involved in a show and this is the one. The visual effects are stunning; the acting is believable; and the story line is engrossing. All in all, it is a hit.
  • This is the real deal, accept that it's about fairy tales ;-)

    Wow, this show is so creative. I am amazed by the characters and there double roles. They are doing a great job with making a show so unrealistic feal so realistic. You don't understand that Emma doesn't believe the fairy tales are real, once you notice that you DO believe. Sometimes I remember that the writers might end this tv show with an episode that reveales how Henry made everything up and it was ALL his imagination. But you feel that that is not possible, because the people live the stories and they remember things from their other live.

    See how easily you get pulled into this fairy tale? Love everything about it. It only gets a 9 because the special effects make me laugh a lot (I don't mind it but it is the only thing that puls me out of the show and gets me back to sanity, so maybe it is better it stays this way!).

    I'd recommend it to anyone. I also think the actors are doing a great job, especialy rumpelstilskin, wow!
  • Happily Ever After

    I had been waiting on a show to hook me ever since Smallville left and Supernatural became slow and crap (though it's picking up). I checked out Grimm and this show and they aren't even in the same league. I thought this would be just as bad as Grimm, but instantly I was in love with this show, it's concept and it's characters.

    It is so good in fact that I fully expect it to be cancelled by the idiotic execs that seem to frown on original concepts and a fan base.
  • I can't believe I didn't watch it sooner!

    This show is amazing! I love it to bits and I think the cast has lots of chemistry. It's refreshing and not cheesy! I'm glad I discovered it while on break! <3

    The way the story flows together just blows me away with the great/clever writing! I'm so on board with this one.
  • Once upon my DREAM show!

    As a southern boy who longed for creativity and self acceptance, I find this show uplifting and visually stunning. As a child i lived in my own fairytale utopia and was amazed to learn of Once upon a time. Midway through season 1 we already see an array of familial characters and scenarios. Some may think that this show is a replica of already loved classics but i find it appealing to watch them inner twine beloved tales with modern entertainment factors. From a wide array of new actors (who all fit their roles to a T) , to the innovative re-tellings of worldwide stories I have to say that this show is destined to reach new plateaus in television, PROVIDED they can garner a wide enough fan base to maintain prime television real estate. I LOVE IT.
  • I'Ve Been Waiting

    i have been waiting for a show to be mysterious and with imagination i love this show the writer of thiis show is very creative not in a mill yrs i would though of a good show very creative its the best show every on tv now in these days vampire diaries my ass it not even good but this show is different this show rules
  • Good Twist

    I absolutely enjoy watching the show. The show puts a good twist on the childhood fairy tales. I didn't think I'd be hooked to the show, but I am. After watching 7 episodes, by far Robert Carlyle personifies "Ruplestiltskin/Mr. Gold" really, really well.
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