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  • A HUGE disappointment


    I am forever a LOST fan..and was looking forward to this new show..what a letdown it is. LOST had a variety of characters, with distinct personalities..Sawyer, Jack, Syeed (sic), Kate..thie new show does not have one compelling, interesting character..this show SUCKS!! Bad & overacted..Rumple is a joke with the bad teeth and green skin..so over the top, he doesn;t evoke fear, just a wtf, next please..bad acting, bad scripts, the only good actors are...the witch, and the little kid..everyone else is flat, and boring..I am forcing myself to watch it in the hopes that something clever and interesting will happen..which it DOESN'T..this show will lose ratings and probalby not come back a year from now.too bad, coulda been terrific, instead it ifalls as short as the 7 dwarfs.

  • Wow, and I thought Glee was a sexist show!

    This show is just full of cardboard characters that borders between boring and nauseating. The kid is the most whining ingrate I've ever seen - turning on his mom that raised him since he was a baby and latching on to a mom that cast him away like garbage when he was a baby. Emma is a self righteous know-it-all that thinks she has all the rights of a mother all of a sudden. Snow White and Charming has as much depth as their cartoon characters. And the rest are just cardboard cutouts with mundane dialogue.

    Only the bad guys seem to have a semblance of real people emotion. The Queen is a little over acted and her neediness is a bit much but at least I get her motivations. Rumpelstiltskin had an interesting take on his character, and has the most promise.

    So seriously, am I the only one rooting for the bad guys?

    Dude is with the typewriter. i am not quite sure if rumplestiltskin is good or bad.
  • It took over 15 minutes to actually get going.

    When a new show is aired, I think it's REALLY important that the attention of the audience is grabbed right from the beginning. This did not happen with 'Once Upon A Time'. It was convoluted and very mixed up; extremely 'back and forth' and still nothing was actually happening. I'm not going to stop watching after just one episode but I hope that things improve in future. I found the best thing about it to be young Henry, his acting seemed far superior to everyone elses. I will see what I think of episode 2.
  • Just my two cents

    I see that a lot of individuals seem very offended by the most recent episode of this show, claiming that this is a family show based off of the fairy tales we all grew up with. Well, yes the characters are loosely based off of the Disney versions we all know and love, in appearance and a few other things, however, I believe some do not realize that some of the storylines are not original. I recommend some of you look into some stories by the Grimm brothers and Hans Christan Anderson. These original stories are far more disturbing and UN-family than anything this show or Disney could come up with. Examples include Cinderella's stepsisters cutting off parts of their feet to fit into the glass slipper or sleeping beauty being raped while she slept. If you don't like the show because they added an LBGT couple, I think this is the least of your issues and you don't need to be watching it anyway. Or maybe take the time you would normally spend on Sundays to do a little research on the original versions of our "fairy tales"

  • Peter Pan is the "Bad guy"??? WHY???

  • Truly Terrible show. Excellent cast, but horrible writers & production values.

    This could have been great, and my family really wanted to enjoy it. Alas, no. The cast it wonderful, the acting is fine with a great crew. However, the storylines are truly pathetic and completely unenjoyable, and there is apparently virtually no effects budget. The clincher was when they had an episode with Dr Frankenstein. OMG, so bad. soon after that episode we all wrote this show off as it spiraled down past mediocrity. No more.
  • chill the f#ck out already

    Ok i am so friggin tired of these butthurt ppl complaining about the gay ppl exist. get the frick over it. also get over the fact that gay ppl arent friggin evil. also get over the fact that once upon a time is a really great show that is pretty damn original in and of its self! i mean how cool is it that the evil queen is sister to Zelena. or that Rumpelstiltskin is the crocodile that cuts if Hooks hand. how awesome is it that the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White (Emma) hooks up with Hook? (no pun a bit)

    Yea this show may need a couple of tweaks but in general is a awesome and fun show. Honestly there was one kiss between 2 females and everyones getting mean im sure we all passed this unit in health class guys why is it such a big deal???

    the point is ya'll need to get ur head out of your asses and move the hell on already. the producers most likely arent about to show another episode like that again. so get of your damn high horse, sit your ass on your couch next sunday, and watch the fucking show.

    Thank you

    Spoken from a catholic conservative who is freaking done with everyone bullshit on this matter
  • Disappointed fan

    I love the show, but I was very disappointed with this episode and

    I was not surprised at all that Peter Pan was Rump's father. To be honest, I have been let down by the last 2 seasons because the show is no longer about fantasies, it is about the drama that happens in our lives. People in the real world fight about who will have the rights of their children. The show has become a soap opera and I would like to just say good luck trying to have another season. The whole Peter Pan story has gone on longer than enough. The writers should either "fix" it or just give up. Sorry but the truth hurts.

  • I'm So Confused!

    This show is trying to be so many things at once. Kingdom Hearts, with all its retcons, is easier to understand. I couldn't follow it anymore after Mr. Gold took on more roles than just Rumpelstiltskin. He can't be the Beast and the Crocodile too, can he?? It's like he gets a whole new personality when the main characters leave the room and "Belle" enters. What's more, Captain Hook is more like Jack Sparrow than what I was expecting. i just can't watch this anymore, I'm sorry.
  • i hope

    i hope they cancel it i love it so much i
  • Zelena bad acting

    There have been so many fine performances on this show. But Zelena?? She does not belong with the other excellent actors and actresses here. Show has become almost unwatchable because of her. Hope she is gone soon. Please.
  • Meh..

    Too cheesy and too kiddie for my taste
  • snow white ...

    Holly sh*t snow white is boring. She is ruined the show ...
  • Wrong platform

    I'm a huge Disney fan and grew up learning and loving many storybook characters.

    I just watched the lesbian scene with Red Riding Hood and Dorothy.. What the hell? I was upset when you made Mulan a lesbian as well. Really!? I don't have a problem with liberal shows having gay/lesbian characters such as Mitch and Cam in Modern Family but changing, perverting and corrupting age old beloved storybook characters? Wrong platform for this agenda push. It makes me sick and has greatly lessened my liking of the show.
  • I think not

    I was in a "in between series" period and started watching this one . I thought to give it a shot Now mind you : My "In between series don't have to be very good Just entertainment is alright with me. But even with the lowest of expectations : this is too much for me . I don't know what the writers want But as a sleeping aid it is well done.
  • The ugly truth.

    I have watched every season and love, love the show. it is very well written and the story line is to die for.... but here's the thing.. Season 4 had some issues that began to destroy it for me.

    #1. Elsa's dress. At the end of season 3, where you see her for the first time, the dress was beautiful. But in season 4 this hideous rendition of the dress was chosen.

    #2. Ursula was fat and she should have been in this no matter what color she ended up being. even though she was an extremely wicked hot Brazilian lady when she took human form to marry Eric.

    #3. Last but most defiantly not least. Maleficent.... I am sooooo sorry. but that is the ugliest woman I have ever seen and should not have played the part of the hottest Disney supervillain ever created. Maleficent was dark headed and her horns were sleek. smh.... She was tall with a very distinct royal voice. This woman was a mouse of a creature not a dragon. She was short, too much botox, and frankly just down right ugly. Now maybe I wouldn't feel this was about her if she had a more suitable part.

    Ms. De'vil was the only one out of the 3 that looked how she was supposed to.
  • Once Upon a Fail

    I like the basic idea of this series, story book characters being trapped in our own world while not remembering who they really are. I like the idea so much, that I REALLY want to like the show itself, and I know I've tried. But after having watched the entire first season (22 episodes qualifies as giving it a fighting chance, I think), with every episode hoping that it would get any better, I must say this show is mediocre at best.

    Sure, it's not all bad. It's been fun watching the background stories of some of the characters unfold, so for example you get to see how the Evil Queen became the evil woman she is and why exactly she hates Snow White so much. Also, as time goes by more story book characters are revealed for who they really are, which is also fun and sometimes surprising (especially in the case of the mysterious writer).

    However, this show has too many flaws to make up for the few positive notes. The characters are way too flat for my liking (and they stay that way for the entire first season) and the show comes across as very childish - ironically the same case could be made for most stories that are actually IN story books. No wonder that so many people seem to watch this show with their children: they are probably the ones who can appreciate this show the most. A lot of times the acting feels fake and unsincere: when you're constantly reminded that you're watching people acting, instead of just watching people, that's not a good thing. And it's not just the acting, it's the whole picture: this show is for a big part about magic and for it to be believable you need the visual effects to be convincing. I'm afraid a lot of times, it's just not. Finally, this show means to be exciting, thrilling, keeping you at the edge of your seat... Yet again, they fail big time. It doesn't get thrilling or exciting ANYWHERE! Sure, sometimes there are some mysteries you wonder about (like who is this or that character really?) and when they are revealed you feel happy you know, but it's by far not enough to keep you at the edge of your seat. There's just not enough interesting things happening, and when they DO happen they're not convincing because of the acting, visual effects and lack of character development I've mentioned before.

    It really is a shame, this could have been such an awesome show, but this way it's just not worth spending your precious time on. Unless you're a kid ofcourse, then you might love it! In that case I unfortunaly have to say, "I'm getting too old for this sh-".
  • Ashes Ashes the writng has fallen down!

    How it is possible to go from brilliance to disappointment can only be explained when I found out the show has the same creators as Lost. Episodes 7 and 8 barely causing me to stay awake -Except to watch the car wreck of Red's back story.. I could go on. Just as in Lost, the story is getting tangled and boring without the hook to of a mysterious ending to keep viewers tuned in. I loved season one, the cohesion of the episodes was perfection. If I had to guess this could be a combination of too many cooks in the kitchen and one ego maniac head chef! Get it together or you will spoil the soup! Have a lovely night!

    P.S. I must also point out that Henry's poor acting should be addressed; the boy has had several episodes to show improvement... yawn! please also note that this is only my opinion and certainly not fact. I do love the show and would hate to have to walk away from it,, taking my fan base with me..
  • It's a pity

    I LOVE the story, the writings are great but seriously what is wrong with these actors! they couldn't be any worse, it's so artificial, directing is not that bad except for combat scenes they really need to do sth about it.

    And the worst of worst is the visual effects, seriously we are in 2012. TAKE IT UP A NOTCH will you?

    It has a great story i wish the production would be as good.

    I Thing the only reason i like watch once upon a time is that i like that kid Henry and prince charming and snow white i think..
  • Wow what a cliffhanger!!

    March seems a little too long to wait for the next episode hehe, loved this season so far, especially the last episode, what a cliffhanger that was!

    I'll be anxiously anticipating the next episode.
  • Fun show with interesting plot twists.

    When I watched Season 1, I realized what a fun show this is with interesting storyline reveals and changes from the 'fairytale' portrayals. I've kept watching and enjoy seeing a great, clean show that is a PG (I would guess!) delivery. Nice in the deluge of R+++ shows out there nowadays.

    I have to say though, Snow White (in this show) is completely hypocritical, preachy, and with the horrific crimes she has committed as an adult (ie. knowingly poisoning Maleficent's daughter with darkness, pre-meditated murder trading souls and tricking Regina into replacing Cora's heart - which Snow cursed to Kill her, etc) - SHE is a VILLAIN. Why is she still portrayed as a Heroine? And the show has a wardrobe and makeup department - C'mon people!! She looks terrible, awful boy haircut & needs to get back on track with fitness and health. She's incredibly selfish and Evil. I suggest someone feeds her another apple and sticks her back in the glass coffin. Best place for her and the show can carry on.

    I enjoy Regina's development, Emma's becoming intolerable, Hook is fun, Gold\Rumple is riveting.

    *The Once Upon a Time in Wonderland series was also really great and well done. Fun to watch!!
  • Once upon a time

    I will not watch this show any more because if the lesbian scene. I loved this show before this season. I can't believe that the producer decided to bring that into this show. Unbelievable.
  • 're episode 21 season 5

    This episode is too fuckin unbelievable why the fuck dose hook get to cum back and ALL the other good guys whom av died cannot. I stopped watching it. Hate Emma n hook togather she left n go to fucking hell. Why the fuckin producers never jus let the fucker moved on man :(
  • Disappointed !

    I agree ! every time that I watch a new episodes i get more disappointed !! I just hope they do something about it ! All these last episodes could be combined in one !
  • not convinced

    I watched the 5 first episodes of Once upon a time but I'm just not convinced.. When I saw the promo for this show I couldn't wait to see it.. I don't know what's bugging me in this show..

    Does it get any better the following episodes?

  • Henry is a nagging little snit!

    How does anyone thing that Henry is good character? He is just so blinded sided by who Regina was in the old world that he doesn't expect her to be anything but the Evil Queen. And she tries, she really tried but he's so stuck in his thinking. Why should she try anything when he'll never change. I'm not saying that the Evil Queen is a saint now. But she did raise him, she loves him. and he's a nagging, ungrateful little snit.
  • Smart TV series has it's ups and downs

    Once upon a time can be really good, but, some episodes can be mediocre. But, too see all these Disney fairytales come to life smart and dark is really satisfying. The TV Show is a fun interesting time.
  • Why is there a freakin GAY scene

    I just wanna know why did the producer put a lesbian couple on once upon a time. Like Dorthy and Little red riding hood a couple that isn't even a good twist. That scene just ruined the whole show for me. I will never look at the show the same way I had before. Like you had snow white and mulan support that. Like I know snow white is all for love but u just had to make her support that sh**. The producer needs to find a way to split this up and never have a gay or lesbian couple on here ever again. Like the show was just fine without a gay couple. What's next snow white falls in love with Regina. That would suck don't do it but it would suck. But I really like your show just not the gay part. oh question... was riding hood and dorthy gay in real life? or is the producer gay? I have nothing against gays it is just that ruined the show.
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