Once Upon a Time

Friday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Oct 23, 2011 In Season





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  • So much ***phobia here.

    Just a note to the people who pretend not to, along with their counterparts who outright are so afraid of homosexuality, they choose to channel that fear into hate. Maybe it's the indoctrination from your upbringing, or maybe it's a suppressed realization that you may be a latent homosexual yourself. A few minutes out of 6 seasons and over 130 episodes have caused you to turn against a well developed series.

    Nearly 40 years ago, I briefly lived in Richmond Va. I was friends with a bi-racial couple who were living together. Their bravery was amazing. They literally could not go out in public together without some people attacking them with the same hateful rhetoric I've read in the comments below. Sometimes they tried to get the attackers to explain what was wrong with their relationship, other times when the frustration was too strong they attacked back.

    I would have liked for this nation to have come further in accepting mixed-race relationships over the last four decades. Nonetheless, the change is very noticeable.

    We may be another half-century away from true acceptance of homosexuality, but I hope it's not that long.

    Think about it a second. How is your life directly affected by mixed-race couples? Or homosexual couples? Just don't let it bother you.

    Maybe try talking to some gay people and find out what it's like for them to be so violently hated by people who have never even met them. It's a tough thing to deal with every day. Don't think for a second that they "chose that lifestyle". Why would someone choose be hated so much?

    So just lighten up. If you're not gay, then simply don't have a relationship with someone of your own sex. It's that easy.

    BTW, I'm straight, and have been in a mixed-race marriage for 30 years (next March).

    Remember, don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.