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Once Upon a Time

Sunday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Oct 23, 2011 In Season



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  • So Long Once Upon A Time

    I'm pretty bummed about ABC's decision to air this episode of Once Upon A Time which attempts to idealize a romantic storyline and make-out session between two female characters, especially when this time slot and show are deliberately targeted to families. Some folks say that it's ridiculous to protest, equating any objections with an attempt to maintain an irrational perspective that homosexuals do not exist. This characterization is simply false. The outcry has nothing to do with denial of reality--everyone knows that homosexuals exist, infidelity exists, polygamists exist, swingers exist, etc. Additionally, regardless of anyone's behavior, everyone has value and deserves compassion. The thing is, morality exists, too. The behavior that you choose matters to both you and everyone around you that you influence and impact. Just because something exists doesn't mean that it should be idealized or deemed appropriate entertainment material for families.

    Ideals matter, and they're critical to our society and the kids that we raise in that society. The ideal situation for kids is to be raised by both a mother and father who care for them and care for each other over a lifelong commitment. The ideal situation for an adult is to be married to a spouse of the opposite gender who complements their perspectives and impulses and teaches them about the opposite gender in ways that their own gender and other acquaintances cannot.

    It all comes down to one very basic and important idea. Men and women are both emotionally and physically different from each other. Hormones are different, brain structure is different, and instincts are different. You don't have to be married very long before this becomes surprisingly apparent in ways that you never realized before. This isn't to say that one gender is superior to the other; it's to say that there are significant differences that should be valued and appreciated, rather than demonized or nonsensically denied. Understanding and appreciating these differences is crucial to understanding and appreciating what it really means to be a "good man" or to be a "good woman," and it has a major impact on our ability to raise the next generation of good men and good women.

    Caring about and valuing homosexuals doesn't require idealization of their behaviors, and people of all walks of life should be able to recognize the importance of upholding and fighting for unbroken homes with mothers and fathers who uphold their vows and teach their kids to be good men and women.

    I've had fun watching Once Upon a Time for the past several years, and it's really one of only two shows that I've consistently watched. Unfortunately, I won't be watching any future episodes, as I think their stated goal to normalize homosexual relationships is incredibly destructive to everyone's interests.
  • Another show ruined by producers pushing an agenda

    I have loved Once Upon a Time, especially the first three seasons. I love how Emma came to believe, I love Snow and Prince Charming, and I love Emma and Hook's romance. I love the idea of true love.

    Unfortunately, the writers turned true love into true lesbian lust, and I find that revolting. A VERY small percentage of people are homosexual, and those of us who have normal (yes, I said normal) passions do not want to watch the minority engaging in homosexual relationships.

    There just was no need at all to introduce that into a show about fairy tales, a show that many families watch together. As they can see from reading the comments here and, I'm sure, the comments sent to ABC, people are not as stupid as they think. The writers can't trick us into thinking that this is normal behavior just by showing it on television.

    It would be great if movie and TV writers and producers wrote for the majority and kept the content clean (including what they show for heterosexual relationships).

    I am very disappointed very angered by how the writers are portraying Disney by turning it into a LBGT characters with having a passionate kiss to boot was uncalled for.

    This was a family show in my home and watched it every week but now NO way.

    I agreed with many of the posts out here.

    Wrong move to do with the show..
  • chill the f#ck out already

    Ok i am so friggin tired of these butthurt ppl complaining about the gay ppl exist. get the frick over it. also get over the fact that gay ppl arent friggin evil. also get over the fact that once upon a time is a really great show that is pretty damn original in and of its self! i mean how cool is it that the evil queen is sister to Zelena. or that Rumpelstiltskin is the crocodile that cuts if Hooks hand. how awesome is it that the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White (Emma) hooks up with Hook? (no pun a bit)

    Yea this show may need a couple of tweaks but in general is a awesome and fun show. Honestly there was one kiss between 2 females and everyones getting mean im sure we all passed this unit in health class guys why is it such a big deal???

    the point is ya'll need to get ur head out of your asses and move the hell on already. the producers most likely arent about to show another episode like that again. so get of your damn high horse, sit your ass on your couch next sunday, and watch the fucking show.

    Thank you

    Spoken from a catholic conservative who is freaking done with everyone bullshit on this matter
  • So disappointed!

    This is a family show. Our family hasn't missed an episode and we've been watching since day one. So disgusted. We will stop watching. Hope this show is canceled due to this stupid move about lesbians. Stated from another review, this saves space on my DVR. I hope ratings go down and show goes off. Would give the show a 10 until last week, now it's a zero but the rating on this doesn't have a zero so 1 it is.

    You have Red Riding Hood and Dorothy making out in front of my little children?! I trusted you with my kids viewing Disney!! You disgust me, I have no desire to have anything else to do with Disney. You broke my trust and for what, to be PC?!?

    BTW the 2 rating was given because the site wouldn't accept a 1 or 0, yeah that's JACKED UP!
  • The "Magic" is gone....

    Family enjoyed the show but, now, due to the Lesbian kiss we will not watch it again. I believe it is up to the Parents to pick the correct moment to discuss such matters as this with their Children. This should not have been Thrust upon our Children like it was....
  • Hated you went there

    This has been the best show for my daughter and I to watch until last Sunday. Did they really have to have a lesbian kiss? A passionate one at that. I don't think Emma and Hook have kissed that passionately. Also, the characters barely knew each other. Really? You lost the respect and rating of this member.
  • Couldn't be more disappointed...

    For years now, our family has enjoyed special time together watching this show - but after this week's episode, we will never watch it again! As a mom, I cannot express how disappointed we are. To the producers of what was our favorite show - bad move!
  • Once Upon a Time. Waste of Film!

    I wholeheartedly agree with so many of the previous reviewers' comments. What a shame that Once Upon a Time's writers wrote that SMUT into such a fun show. It was one of the few left that I could watch with my young daughter, as so much of today's TV is inappropriate for young girls. It seems nowadays every show is ruined by some sort of sex scene, and more and more, as of late, gay scenes.

    Sexuality is a choice. I have no problem with people making their own choice; however, I have a HUGE problem when it is thrown in my face through a family television show. During that episode, it seemed as though it was heading in that direction, but I was certain it would not because of the type of show it is. I was so WRONG, as are the writers and ABC for allowing it to air!

    I turned off the TV as soon as I knew Little Red Riding Hood would be romantically kissing Dorothy. It's appalling to me. Needless to say, we will never go back to watching it. I'd like to see it cancelled. I rate it a big ZERO.
  • I had disappeared into the land of fairy dust and illusion until "The Kiss". Now I'm the illusion because I am gone!

    ABC and the Once Upon A Time Producers and powers to be. YOU MESSED UP! There are far more of us middle Americans out there than the left wing agenda driven that you cater to and we are fast approaching a time where it is our time! To say we are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore is going a bit far as we, unlike the self proclaimed tolerant liberals, are actually more tolerant of your antics but we have our limits and these limits are being severely tested!

    The Liberal definition of tolerance is when their liberal agenda is agreed to. That being the definition we middle of the road Americans are fixing to become VERY LIBERAL about our agenda! We are fixing to turn you off and walk away. Let's see if the few who follow the agenda that you spew can support the shows that you produce.

    Think about it!

    Excerpt from my blog posted this morning...

    "Is it too much to ask not to have a lifestyle that is somewhat revolting shoved down our throat in a television show and movies? Especially during family viewing time? As I said I am not judgmental about someone's personal habits and preferences but I am very judgmental about others forcing them on me or my family.

    Just think of the time that may be coming when you are settling down to read your child a story about Little Red Riding Hood and your child asks ... when does she meet Dorothy? Or worse the wolf! Is bestiality next?

    People may consider that a stretch but not too many years ago if someone told you that there would be a TV show on prime family viewing time that would show Dorothy and Little Red Riding Hood making out would we have also claimed it as preposterous to think of such a thing?

    Where do we draw the line on the immorality being forced upon traditional America and into our homes as family entertainment? Where is the line that is finally not crossed and is there one? Fearing that the depravity being forced upon us has no bounds we need to stand up and set them! Until we say enough is enough, ENOUGH WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH!

    I care about our country and I truly fear the direction we are taking and even more I fear the laxity and seeming devotion of many or even most to do nothing about it.

    I am not one of those, are you?"

    Turn Once Upon A Time off. Turn all shows that do not represent our values off. Vote with your remote! Then let them know you did it!

    What saddens me is that many will agree but few will do anything about it. What I call the devotion to doing nothing.

    The devotion to doing nothing accomplishes that very goal! Complain and do something about it or ... Don't complain!

    Thank you!
  • Another one bites the dust!!!

    Glad to free up some of the space on my DVR! Thanks Once Upon a TIme!
  • Once Upon a Time this was a fun family show...

    This show has been one of our family's favorites because we all know all the fairy tales and it's been fun to see the spin on the characters as "real people". So we are sitting watching this episode as a family and I am seriously shocked and offended to have this lesbian storybrought into my home for family viewing.

    Not just a kiss, but the scene was turned into a makeout session. Disney used to be the epitome of family viewing. It is sad to see that the family that built this company has been totally kicked to the curb and disregarded in order to advance the minority agenda.

    As far as family friendliness goes, Once has lost its magic for this viewer. I am giving a rating of 1 only because there are no negative numbers
  • what were you thinking

    I am absolutely disgusted with the lesbian story line you ran April 18th!!! Red Riding Hood and Dorothy from Oz? Really????? I have been upset with all this underworld this season anyway - but now I know this is not a show I wish to continue to watch! You all are so off track an alien vessel cannot find you!!!!
  • What were you thinking?

    Apparently the writers of this show have sacrificed its ratings to push their ideology. I get that this is a fantasy show, but the writers are obviously living in their own fantasy world where it makes sense to take what is as close to a family show as you get these days, and pervert it with such a blatant attempt at normalizing same sex relationships.... In no way, shape, or form is it normal, and it never will be, no matter how many marches there are. PLEASE! Normal doesn't require convincing - it just is. I accept that people are this way, however it is disgusting for people who aren't, to have to watch it. My children still think is gross to see a man and woman kissing, how am I going to explain to them why 2 women are making out with a crowd of people clapping for them like a circus side show act (yuk!).

    Why do the small quantity of people that define themselves by their sexual habits get to dictate to the rest of the world, that what they do with each other is somehow proper and OK, and that we, should somehow be OK with them flaunting their sexual acts in front of our children! NO!!!!

    Ask yourself this, was there any other couple in the entire history of this program that portrayed such a long and passionate kiss.


    Shame on you ABC for allowing this to happen!

    You've lost another long time loyal viewer!
  • Just my two cents

    I see that a lot of individuals seem very offended by the most recent episode of this show, claiming that this is a family show based off of the fairy tales we all grew up with. Well, yes the characters are loosely based off of the Disney versions we all know and love, in appearance and a few other things, however, I believe some do not realize that some of the storylines are not original. I recommend some of you look into some stories by the Grimm brothers and Hans Christan Anderson. These original stories are far more disturbing and UN-family than anything this show or Disney could come up with. Examples include Cinderella's stepsisters cutting off parts of their feet to fit into the glass slipper or sleeping beauty being raped while she slept. If you don't like the show because they added an LBGT couple, I think this is the least of your issues and you don't need to be watching it anyway. Or maybe take the time you would normally spend on Sundays to do a little research on the original versions of our "fairy tales"

  • Disgusted

    I thought this was a family show? I was a fan from the beginning. I will never watch this show again. This series is supposed to be about Fairytales. How dare you make a family show pornographic! I guess it's just more propaganda for the Goys/Goyim. This show has been completely ruined for me. Khazar filth!

    I'm so disappointed!! Why did they have to ruin the show last Sunday!! This is crazy! Are they forgetting this is a fucking family show? It's about fairy tales for crying out loud!! Leave all that gay shit for other shows. This used to be my favorite show because it was about fairy tales and Disney characters that we love and grew up to watch. You know how hard it was to explain what had happened to my younger siblings? I'm so disappointed! I'm never going to watch this show and I'm sure a lot of people wont be watching this shit anymore either. But I'm just so curious what the fuck was going around in your heads when you guys wrote the script, was on of the guys getting fucked in the ass when he was writing it. I don't care what's going on in the real world. You cant be exposing this on a family show. What's going to happen next? Is snow going to fall in love with mulan? I don't understand. Shit I have never cursed so much in my life. I used to watch this from day 1!! BYE BYE!!! I WOULD RATE LOWER IF I COULD!!
  • Disgusting!!!!

    My family loved this program even though it had different turns for familiar fairytales. It was still interesting and fun to watch and we have been watching since 2011. But with the turn that it took on Sunday, April 18, 2016, it has becoming completely disgusting. We have no desire for our family to continue watching this show become female disgusting porn. This is NOT fairytales and is NO LONGER SUITABLE FOR OUR FAMILY. In fact, we turned it off at this female kiss and did not watch the ending and we will NEVER watch again. It has spoiled fairytales that our children loved with this smutty turn of events.
  • Ruined!!!!!!!

    I think the April 18th episode has ruined every good thing about this show! They have twisted many of the fairy tales, but to take Dorothy and make her something completely opposite of her actual character is, to say the least, appalling! I refuse to watch any more. This was an excellent basis for a family show and I've enjoyed it up until now. Shame on the writers for thinking they needed to include lesbian characters!! You lost one viewer among many more, I'm sure.
  • Very disapointing

    Cant believe they turned a great FAIRY TALE adventure series into yet another copycat soap. Me and my family loved this and have followed it religiously since it started with copious amounts of popcorn. If people choose that path I respect that, but why spoil not only a perfectly good story line and series, but fairy tales too.
  • once apone a time

    I was compelled to write this review because of how appalled I was by what I saw on last nights episode .Evidently I'm not the only one. For the record this has been one of my favorite shows since It came out. while the show progressed I noticed it was beginning to turn gay. I found myself repeating , no , no , no. not this show too .This is supposed to be about fairytales . Well, you know what happened next. It saddens me to say that this show is ruined. ABC needs to hire new producers
  • Bummer. very disappointed

    This WAS my all time favorite show. Unfortunately, they have now lost me as an addicted watcher of their show along with many others I'm sure. I'm so disappointed that the writers had to go this route.
  • why did they have to go there last night

    RANT - Okay now enough is enough on TV last night. Why did the have to ruin wiz of Oz movie classic and little red riding hood. Once upon a time crossed the line. Disney had to bring in gay lgbt on the best family show tonight. It just ruined the fairy tales and what kids now will think of all of our tall tales we have read to them and they have learned to know about them? Since when is Dorothy and Ruby the Wolfe GAY. Families n children watch this show. I don't know about you all but we're tired of it. Tired of every TV program has to have some sort of gay reference in it. Very disappointed
  • They ruined the show

    This show was built on fairytales. I watched every episode but will not watch another a woman just kissed a woman waking her up from a deep sleep and then embracing with a long kiss. Fairytales ruined. I am fine with peoples choices in life but don't twist my fairytales to fit 1 0/0 of society.
  • Fun show with interesting plot twists.

    When I watched Season 1, I realized what a fun show this is with interesting storyline reveals and changes from the 'fairytale' portrayals. I've kept watching and enjoy seeing a great, clean show that is a PG (I would guess!) delivery. Nice in the deluge of R+++ shows out there nowadays.

    I have to say though, Snow White (in this show) is completely hypocritical, preachy, and with the horrific crimes she has committed as an adult (ie. knowingly poisoning Maleficent's daughter with darkness, pre-meditated murder trading souls and tricking Regina into replacing Cora's heart - which Snow cursed to Kill her, etc) - SHE is a VILLAIN. Why is she still portrayed as a Heroine? And the show has a wardrobe and makeup department - C'mon people!! She looks terrible, awful boy haircut & needs to get back on track with fitness and health. She's incredibly selfish and Evil. I suggest someone feeds her another apple and sticks her back in the glass coffin. Best place for her and the show can carry on.

    I enjoy Regina's development, Emma's becoming intolerable, Hook is fun, Gold\Rumple is riveting.

    *The Once Upon a Time in Wonderland series was also really great and well done. Fun to watch!!
  • One of my favorite shows. Going downhill.

    (SPOILERS) This is one of my all time favorite shows. Season 1-3 were fantastic (3 being my personal favorite). The episodes were fast pace, exciting to follow, and had a lot of great twists and sacrifices and I cried. A lot. The 1st half of season 4 was great as well but then we got into the 2nd half. The entire season was build up. It was a great idea but they killed it by adding too much subplot (the finale blew my mind but that's another story). The other major problem is the writing. The dialogue in particular. It's just become so unatural. It started with snow don't get me wrong, I love Ginny Goodwin but I don't wanna see grandma Snow White. But the dialogue is making the actors look like they can't act and they're all incredible actors. And again they have great ideas but they're trying too hard and complicating stories that don't need to be touched.

    Season 5 started to pick up and it was getting exciting again but now with the 2nd half it's starting to fall and I knew it would as soon as snow starting talking about saving everyone and then they made Hercules super weak and dead and oh he was snow whites first kiss. And don't even get me started on Meg. I get it, creative lisence but I wanted Susan Egan Meg, not a cry baby. Also this weeks episode with the jones brothers was honestly really boring and I'm hoping next weeks episode will surprise me, but the whole Zelena/hades thing seems kinda lame again TOO MUCH SUBPLOT

    Basically the episodes are getting so formulaic. And we're getting too much Henry, not enough Regina and Robin, rumple wasn't even in this weeks episode (which I'm not complaining about but he keeps the show interesting), take out cruella because no one likes her, the dialogue is not flowing and people don't talk that way, ENOUGH WITH THE HOPE STUFF, Regina is now a softie and they need to make her a badass again, Emma is also a softie and she needs to be a badass again. She's honestly getting kinda whiny, hook is getting whiny he needs to become a badass again, they need more Peter Pan. They started that whole situation and they're not even doing anything. Don't even get me started on the plot for the next episode and hades needs to make things much harder for them, everything is too easy. I NEED PROBLEMS. And make snow and charming less grandparenty and more like the characters we fell in love with.

    And wow this review is too long I'm so sorry

    Overall, I love this show, it just needs a little work. I highly recommend at least the first 3 seasons :)
  • dont like it anymore

    I use to like this show but not anymore they should have end in season 3 season 4 was ok season 5 is blah they make Hercules weak he suppose to be really strong and brave and he is not I don't see what the point of putting him on this show for why this show faver snow white so much I was happy with this season becouse they got hercules and hades but so disappointed what they did with them I could go on but I am not so far this season is making me angry
  • Show need to end !

    Look, I've loved this show, .Best seasons were the 1,2,3, then with the 4th the decline statred to happen. Can't watch it anymore, stoped after ep 2 of season 5.

    Show need to end !
  • Best Tv Show Ever

    Trust me, the past reviews aren't accurate. Once Upon A Time has a mix of a storyteller and a crisis' in our real world in one show. I totally recommend this show .
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