Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 21

Second Star to the Right

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 05, 2013 on ABC

Episode Recap

Bae falls through the portal in the Enchanted Forest and finds himself on a city street. There's no sign of his father, and he's forced to duck aside when a carriage comes down the road. He realizes that he's in a place called "Kensington Park" and looks in amazement at the nearby 19th century town of... London, England.

Six months later, Bae is living from hand to mouth eating garbage and wearing discarded clothing. When he sees a worker climb down a ladder from a house, he climbs up and breaks into the house. Bae soon finds some bread on a table and starts eating, but the family's St. Bernard barks at him. A girl, Wendy, comes in and threatens to club him with a statue. However, when she realizes that he's homeless, Wendy offers him as much as he wants and introduces herself as Wendy Darling.


At 6 in the morning, Tamara prepares to go out and Neal wonders what she's doing. She reminds him that she's training for a marathon and kisses him goodbye. Once Tamara goes, Neal hears someone yelling on the street out front and recognizes his father's voice. He runs downstairs and finds Gold and Belle--still with Lacey's memories--torment Dr. Whale. Neal shoves Gold away and Whale runs away, and Neal wonders why Gold didn't use magic on him. Gold looks nervously at Belle and then asks her to go to the shop and wait for him there. Once they're alone, Neal complains that his father hasn't changed. He points out that Gold hasn't come to see his fiancee, and tells him to stay away from him and Tamara.

David and Emma break into Regina's office looking for her. Once they're sure that she's gone, they call Mary Margaret and Henry in. They discover that Regina had a case with the magic beans, but confirm that they've been removed. Emma figures that something happened to Regina, preventing her from covering up her theft of the beans, and confirms that someone overrode the security system to break in. Henry worries that something has happened to his adoptive mother, and Emma figures that Tamara is the thief. Mary Margaret still doesn't believe it and Emma says that they'll cover all the possibilities. She'll search Tamara's room while they go to Gold and have him help them find Regina.

At a cannery at the docks, Tamara meets Greg and shows him the beans that she took from Regina's office. Greg complains that she's spending time with Neal, and Tamara tells him that she'll be with him once their mission is over. He gives her the gem that Regina took from the coffin, having found it on her, but he doesn't know what it is and neither does Tamara. Tamara decides to send it back to base along with everything else that they've found in Storybrooke, and Greg tells her that they have one last thing to do.

In the next room, Regina is strapped to a table and warns her guard, Hook, that Greg and Tamara will betray him. He says that he'll chance it as long as he can kill Gold. Greg brings in an electro-shock unit and attaches electrodes to Regina, and she insists that his father left Storybrooke after Greg did. Greg doesn't believe her and asks Hook to help him with the electrodes. However, Hook refuses, saying that he's done enough until they help him get his revenge. Greg goes about his work and tells Regina that she can cooperate or things will become unpleasant. When she refuses to say anything further about his father, Greg begins torturing her.


Several weeks later, Wendy has Bae hide in a cubbyhole in her bedroom. As she brings him food, her parents George and Mary come in, having realized that something was amiss. Bae claims that both his father and mother are dead, and Mary takes pity on him. Despite George's objections, she invites Bae into their home.


Emma goes to search Neal's room and tells him that Regina has disappeared. When he wonders why Emma is there, Emma asks how long Tamara has gone and where she goes when she's jogging. When Neal tells her that Tamara jogs in the woods, Emma finds sand in the closet and tells her ex-lover that Tamara is lying to him and that she's somewhere on the beach. She leaves to find Tamara and Neal goes with her.


One night, Wendy tells Bae and her brothers Michael and John that a shadow without a body comes to their window and takes her flying. She insists that it's magic but Bae warns her that he lost his parents to magic, and that he came from a world with magic. He makes Wendy promise that she'll avoid the shadow it if it comes back again and she agrees.


David and Mary Margaret go to see Gold and ask for help, reminding him that he owes David a favor. Gold has Belle step out so he can talk to them in private, and then asks why they what to help Regina. Mary Margaret explains that she owes the mayor for what she did to Cora, and Gold agrees to help. He takes out a vial with one of Regina's tears and tells Mary Margaret to think of something sad so that he can take a tear from her as well. Once he does, he creates a spell from it and tells them to drop the liquid into Mary Margaret's eyes. Once they do, she'll be able to see and feel everything that Regina does. Once they leave, belle comes in, saying that she listened in, and asks if he can really do magic. Gold says that he can and offers her a fresh drink.

When they go back to the apartment, Mary Margaret insists on going through with the plan despite the risks. She hopes that it will bring some light back into heart after what happened to her. David reluctantly puts in the drops and Mary Margaret hesitates, and then screams in agony as she feels the same torture that Regina is feeling.


Despite her promise, Wendy goes to the window the next night and sees the shadow approach. Bae tries to stop her but Wendy tells him that the shadow comes from Neverland, a place where there are no grown-ups and the children stay young forever. Before Bae can stop her, Wendy takes the shadow's hand and the two of them fly up into the sky.


As Neal and Emma walk on the beach looking for Tamara, Neal wonders if Emma is trying to break up their relationship. Disgusted, Emma tells him that she didn't spend all of the time since Tallahassee thinking about Neal. Tamara comes running up and she explains that she starts in the woods and finishes on the beach. When Emma tells her that Regina is missing, Tamara expresses her concern and offers her help. Once she jogs off, Neal admits that he regrets letting August talk him out of going to get Emma out of jail. He explains that he was afraid that Emma would never forgive him, and that he never forgave himself. When he says that a day hasn't gone by without regrets, Emma says that she feels the same.

Tamara goes to the cannery and tells Greg that Emma and Neal bought her story. Greg turns up the power on the electroshock unit and tells Regina that she doesn't know who she's dealing with them. She assumes that they're just trying to steal magic, but the couple tells her that magic is unholy and that they plan to destroy magic. When she doesn't believe them, Greg explains that after he left Storybrooke, a group of believers found him and took him in, accepting his story. They've found ways to destroy magic before and will do it again.

Once Gold's spell wears off, Mary Margaret tries to remember what she saw when she spared Regina's vision. She remembers that it was cold and that she smelled sardines. They call Emma with the information and Emma realizes that Mary Margaret saw the local cannery. She goes inside and Neal follows her.


The next morning, Wendy returns and finds Bae waiting for her at the window. She tells him that Neverland is an island with mermaids and fairies, and says that she came back because the children there missed their parents. The shadow never lets anyone leave, but brought Wendy back because it wants her brothers, not her. It will come back that night to collect one of them. Wendy realizes that Bae was right and Bae promises that he won't let the shadow hurt her and her brothers.


Gold shows Belle a magic spell but explains that magic always comes with a price, and it's driven away the people he cares about. Belle tells him that he's caring about the wrong people, and asks if he can keep her young forever. Gold warns her that even an immortal can be killed and that there is a prophecy that someone he knows can kill him. However, he can't just kill that person because it's complicated. Belle says that she thought he was a man who wouldn't let anything stand in his way, and Gold agrees that he won't.

Emma and Neal go into the cannery and Emma asks if she can count on him if they go up against his fiancee. He says that she can and they move in. They almost end up shooting at Mary Margaret and David, who have come there for the same reason. As they split up to search the place, Tamara spots them on the cameras that she has hidden and tells Greg that they have to go. He refuses to go until he knows where his father is. After Tamara leaves, Greg gives Regina one last chance to talk. She finally tells Greg that she killed his father as soon as Greg left Storybrooke. When Regina tells him to check at the campsite where she buried the corpse, Greg turns up the power and leaves it on.


That night, Bae puts the Darling children to work, creating makeshift traps and weapons. As they sit on their beds, all of the lamps go out and the window bursts open. Bae herds the children to the cubbyhole, but Michael falls behind and the shadow reaches for the boy. When it does, Bae jumps in front of it and offers himself as long as it leaves the Darlings along. The shadow seemingly agrees and takes Bae's hand. As it starts to fly out with him, Bae thanks Wendy for making him a part of her family.


As Regina passes out from the torture, David runs in and shoots at the electroshock equipment, shorting it out. Greg runs off as Mary Margaret tells David that they need to get Regina to the Blue Fairy. David calls to tell Emma that Greg is heading her way. Neal, hearing him, figures that Tamara isn't involved. However, his fiancee clubs Emma over the head and aims Emma's gun at him. She insists that magic is poison and that the whole thing, including their "accidental" meeting, was a setup. Neal advances on him, still believing that she loves him, but she shoots him in the shoulder and he collapses to the ground.

As Tamara prepares to finish Neal off, Emma attacks her from behind. They fight and Emma wins, but Tamara throws one of the magic beans on the floor at Emma's feet. A magic portal opens up and Emma leaps up to a suspended hook, hanging on above the vortex. While Tamara runs off, the wounded Neal grabs Emma and pulls her to the side of the vortex. However, the floor gives out and Neal falls in. Emma grabs his hand and refuses to let go, saying that Henry needs him. Neal tells her that Henry only needs one of them, and Emma says that she loves him. He says that he loves her as well… and then releases her hand rather than drag her down with him. Once Neal falls into the portal and out of sight, the portal closes behind him.

The next morning, Greg goes to the campsite and digs. He finally unearths his father's skeleton.

At the apartment, the Blue Fair heals Regina once David and Mary Margaret remove the anti-magic cuff. A shocked Emma returns and tells them that Neal is gone.


As the shadow brings Bae to Neverland, the boy uses a match to disrupt the creature's grip on him. He falls into the waters below and the shadow soon loses him in the darkness. Meanwhile, a ship pulls up to Bae and pulls him out of the water. When he wakes up, Mr. Smee and Captain Hook welcome him aboard the Jolly Roger.


David console Emma about the loss of her son's father. Regina wakes up and is surprised to learn that they saved her, but David says that they're family no matter what. They tell Regina that Greg and Tamara got away, and Regina warns them that they have the key to destroying Storybrooke.

Tamara goes to the campsite and tells him that she's checked with the home office. They have confirmed what Regina's gem will do.

Regina explains about the failsafe trigger and reminds Mary Margaret and David that they were willing to abandon her. They accuse her of plotting to destroy them, but Regina points out that they need to focus on the fact that their enemies now have the trigger.

Tamara tells Greg that their superiors want them to use the trigger to destroy Storybrooke.

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