Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 21

Second Star to the Right

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 05, 2013 on ABC

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  • Yay! Bae, Wendy, and Neverland, Bae's little trouble with falling into holes, and the Tamara/Mendell story is meh. :(

    The best part of this episode this week takes place in the past and not in the Enchanted Forrest. We finally learn where that magic bean took Bae. To London, England apparently, sometime circa Victorian days. So he did land in a non-magical world first that being this one only in the past. What was all that stuff about adult Bae saying this wasn't the first place he visited? Oh well. A good little story told by my fav actor of the two actors that play Bae. Young Bae I do believe is best and sometimes I just can't see young Bae growing up to be the one who plays adult Bae. Ugh. Okay, enough of that. Bae has been on the streets of London for a few months when he sneaks into a house and starts wolfing down on some bread. He's surprised by Nana, the dog underneath the table and Wendy Darling who is kind and caring and hides him in a secret compartment until her parents find out. Bae explains that his mother died and in his mind his father is just as good as. The Darlings are so kind they let a homeless boy be their fourth child for a while I guess. Every orphan probably wishes if only it could be that easy. Now he sleeps in the nursery with Nana, Wendy, John, and Michael. Wendy tells him about a shadow that's been visiting them. It's magical and this frightens Bae and he makes Wendy promise to stay away from it. Hmmm. In the original story of Peter Pan Wendy sews a playful shadow back onto Peter Pan. My guess is somehow in the future Bae will have to fight this shadow maybe with the help of Wendy and if this comes true he may just be our Peter Pan. Things seem to go toward that way when he agrees to go with the shadow to keep it from taking one of Wendy's brothers. After a crazy ride through London to Neverland Bae manages to get out of the Shadow's grip and falls into the sea only to be rescued by Hook and Smee. My guess is he will meet the Lost Boys who Hook fights with and become a leader of sorts to them only to return to Wendy once he has made this sad Neverland that takes children from their parents a better place. Then the real Peter Pan story will begin. Well, that's my take on it. Meanwhile, back in Storybrooke poor Regina is being tortured by the Bores, Mendell and Tamara. The Charmings are on the hunt for The Evil Queen and stop by Gold and boozer Belle's place I mean Lacey. Gold gives them a bottle that now contains a tear from the Queen and Snow. Once dropped into a person's eye that person will be able to feel what Regina feels. I liked this plot point. I think it could have been used even better than what it was. Snow should have seen and felt more of how Regina feels when Regina's normal and not tortured. Maybe the two could see eye to eye more than usual. See what I did there? Yep, I went there. This helps Emma and Neal who are now looking for Regina as well. Emma thinks Tamara is involved but Neal doesn't want to believe that. They have a little "I'm sorry for leaving you" and then later Snow tips off Emma that Regina may be at the Storybrooke Canery. Neal refused to believe until Emma is knocked out by Tamara right in front of him. Don't you hate guys like that?! They just won't believe until they themselves experience it! Ugh! Meanwhile, the Charmings find Regina who is pretty bad off by her shock therapy tests. Mendell had made a run for it to check out if what Regina said earlier to him is true, that she killed his father and buried him at their campsite. Seems to be true because Greg finds a human skull but is it really his father? Tamara and Emma have an awesome cat fight but Tamara shoots Bae and throws a bean at them. Another green swirling toilet bowl to suck Bae down the hole. How many portals has this guy fallen into? Let's see, first it was the one with his dad holding onto him (not too different from Emma holding onto him and claiming she loves him in this last one), you could say him being taken to Neverland was sort of a portal if it's anything like in the Disney film in getting there which they skipped in this show, then there's got to be another one to escape Neverland for him to end up in New York, and now this one. Bae is just the human turd of magical portals. Emma also said that wherever he ends up he'll die. Not so. If he lands in the Enchanted Forrest and conveniently lands on top of Mulan he may have a fighting chance Emma! Don't give up on him yet. Later she has a heart to heart with her father about telling Henry. The person I'm waiting to see how they react to this is Rumples. Tamara just may have sealed her fate with shooting Bae. Speaking of Rumples and Lacey's little side story. Lacey wants to be forever young with Rumples now that she's discovered he can do magic. Would she really help Rumples to kill Henry to achieve this? Anyway, who's to say Henry is the "boy who will be he's undoing"? We have Pinocchio and also Bae. Bae is a boy in Rumpy's eyes I'm sure. Now to that last part. Ugh. Greg and Tamara have Regina's shiny rock that could blow up Storybrooke. Blah, blah, blah. These two bores are nothing but bores to me. Also, why have an end of the world type scenario? Can't writers these days think of something better than those types of stories. The only thing that would redeem this (well sorta) is if they use it to prove how much Regina is really worth. Maybe she has some good in her and can be redeem as well. If she ends up saving everyone at the end of this season maybe those two (Mendell and Tamara) would have been worth while after all!