Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 12

Skin Deep

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2012 on ABC

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  • Good and Bad at the Same Time

    This episode as i said was good at bad at the same time.

    In the side of the Fairytale part was damn good, i love the character of Rumplestiltskin and we discover a kind of "love story" between him and the portray of Belle it was interesting, and i must say, sweet... except maybe for the part when the Queen appears, i thought it was kind of forced and just to fulfill the time... sorry...

    But of course, the Fairytale part and the Storybrooke part are different, and in this episode i get bored with the part of Storybrooke, except for the last five minutes, which were jawdroppers... but despite that all the topic about St. Valentine's Day was just boring, i really didn't care about anyone.

    But of course, a huge cliffhanger was left and we discover the contrapart of Belle who is like "trapped" in a jail or something like that and Regina is the only one who knows about that. Bitch!

    Hope that the next episode gets better
  • Best episode yet

    Wow. What a great episode that introduces Rumpelstilskin again / he was getting almost no decent screentime. Robert Carlyle is incredible and he he should at least get an Emmy nomination this fall. His scenes with Belle and Regina were pure gold and made me love this show even more.
  • "Great episode of all time for a show like this!"

    Beauty and the Beast is Everybody Favorite Classical and Magical tale. People went to see the Broadway Musical and even greater news is that Disney fantasy land is opening later in December 2012 for it''s Restaurant and Attractions. "Tale As Old as Time".
  • Ending was sensational!

    For the majority of this episode, I wasn't particularly impressed. The episode was really good, but it was not special, nor was it as good as most of its predecessors.

    But towards the end, it became really awesome! I t now confirmed that Rumpelstiltskin knows all about the past fairytale world! And the battle between him and the Queen intensifies!

    I can't believe what the Queen has got locked up! She's full of mysteries that's for sure!

    Keep it up, OUaT! Can't wait for more! :)
  • Best tv episode ever

    OK, this was the best episode ever. And I mean the best episode of any television show ever. Hmm, maybe not ever but certainly this decade!

    The writers have not only managed to make us sympathize with Rumplestiltskin, they have gotten us to like him, even to love him. To understand him, to feel for him and to root for him. And this is after he just turned a guy into a rose....

    But forget about how we love this love story, the writing itself was so crisp. I watched this episode again and caught so many cool things. In the opening scene, Rumple tells Belle's fiance that he is not looking for love... then as Gold, he tells Emma that he is "a difficult man to love" and then talks to David about love and how once it's gone, it's gone forever. These are such subtle lines but all connected to the main story. Of course Gold/Regina dialogue is spot on, including another nice "please" LOL, love it. Love also the jail scene

    I have been raving about Robert Carlyle for a while now, and it is official: he makes this show. His expressions are so perfect. It was captivating to watch him fall in love with Belle. You could feel it just by the looks on his face. Not to mention the struggle after the kiss and the ultimate grief upon hearing she is dead. Emmy winning performance, imho.

    This episode also is interesting in that it makes a point to say that Evil Queen and Rump have a bad history. She really enjoyed telling him that Belle was dead and he seemed loathe to see her before she even said anything. Is it merely a power struggle? Or did she do something to him? Him to her? Dunno, but as I started to realize a few episodes ago, he really hates her and I cannot wait to find out why.

    By the way, the soundtrack is great. And the piece playing while he is beating the crap out of his house (not to mention Mo French) is beautiful and so moving.

    The only thing that bugged me about this episode was having to listen to Mary Margaret break up with David yet again. That is getting so stale. Enough already!

    I could write all day about this episode; I loved it so much. But suffice to say that it was my favorite so far and I look forward to where this leads.
  • What's the Rush!

    I understand why it may seem implausible that Rumple and Belle fell in love so quickly, but it was reveled that Belle had been with him for at least two months, and that is enough time to fall in love. I blame the producers for this, as they seem intent on rushing through each story. The love story of Belle and Rumple could, and should, have been spread out over at least two or three episodes, which would have made the loss at the end much more powerful.

    I read that the episode had to be cut by 18 minutes to fit in the hour long format, most of it being Robert Carlyle's performance, which is in my opinion, inexcusable. Carlyle as Rumple and Mr. Gold is the main reason to watch OUAT, and he does not get anywhere close to enough screen time. Question for the producers: WHAT'S THE RUSH?!!

    By the way, the queen knew Rumple's name, she just wanted to find out if he had retained his memories. He has been teasing her since the night when he dropped in on her cleaning up the mess that Emma made of her beloved apple tree. Up until that point, she obviously thought that he did not remember his true identity, and was therefore not a threat to her.

    As to why he didn't just ask her "please" to return his property, my theory is that now that Emma has arrived, it is time for "the final battle to begin", and he couldn't resist rattling her cage, and reminding her that he is the one with the power around here.

    I hope that at least when the DVD is released there will be loads of deleted scenes, giving fans a chance to enjoy the work of Carlyle that has ended up on the cutting room floor.

    Note to the producers: I'm sure that you have a destination which we, the viewing audience, are not aware of, and that is as it should be. However please remember that much of the pleasure derived from getting to a destination is in the journey itself. Don't be in such a hurry, and for heavens sake, you have one of the finest actors ever to grace a stage at your disposable, use him, give us more Robert Carlyle.

  • Tale as Old as Time

    True as it can be it's Beauty and the Beast, just in time for a good old fashioned Valentine Day's episode ...only the thing is the story doesn't click, posing a lot of questions without answers in what' was supposed to be the most romantic fairytale of all. Luckily, things go smoother in Storybrook with a girl's night out as diverse as its interesting, considering the last place you would expect to find three Disney Princess & a Little Red Riding Hood it's a Ladies Night at the local bar.
  • Unsatisfactory

    I love the show but I wasn't particularly impressed with this episode. I don't see how Rumplestiltskin and Belle were able to fall in love. They hardly had any connection besides the fact that he didn't beat her and she made polite conversation with him. He didn't even really open up to her about anything. If Belle is going to be important to Mr. Gold later, they should've made their love more plausible. The end was confusing too.

    Yet again, David disappoints. He buys one card for his wife and one for his mistress on Valentine's Day night (I mean really, you're going to string two women along but all you're getting for each of them is a card?) and tells Mary Margaret that he'll "find a way." I think the way is pretty clear: leave your wife already or break up with Mary Margaret. Either way, please grow a pair! I guess David is supposed to be a contrast to his Prince Charming uber-brave alter-ego.
  • Many different layers

    One thing that appears to be overlooked was that Mr.Gold beating of Moe, the flower guy. Did he recognize him as Belle's father and because of what was said by the EQ want to beat him to death? And is Belle his daughter in Storeybrooke? This episode could have two hours to cover the details.

    The EQ knew that the kiss would strip Rumpel of his powers and thereby eliminating someone that can threaten her reign.

    Also David giving the wrong card to Mary Margaret - really.

    There has been suspicion to who knew about the two realities. Now, there is some clarification that both Gold and the Mayor know.
  • Reason show is so good. Multii-layered characters

    Must say that I will be slightly bias in this review. Reason: Rumples is my fav character and this is like have an ice-cream Sunday on Sunday! Any episode of this series with Rumples as the focal point or a least most of the focal point is always good. Add the Beauty and the Beast story with him being the Beast and well you could say I floating on cloud nine at the moment.

    The chipped cup being a symbol of Rumples' love for Belle...so sweet. Also a nod to the Disney cartoon of course. The queen using the kiss to trick Rumples out of his powers leaving Belle hurt and confused...amazing twist. Finally, FINALLY getting the two "evil" characters to admit they know about the fairy tale world...YES! To see Belle in an asylum ran by Regina...had a feeling something like that would happen in the end but leaves it open for Mr. Gold to meet Belle in the present so ...FANTASTIC! Only problem was that this show needs to be two hours no one. Can't get enough. Maybe the season finale will grant that wish or maybe we could all band together and strike a deal so to speak. What do you say? Want to sign my contract? :D
  • Mixed feelings

    Well I suppose they had to go Disney if they were gonna go happy endings (the original stories were'nt much for happy endings). It was ok. The different accents really enoyed me though.. The Evil queen keeps getting more evil, Im surpriced - really thought it'd be going the other way. A bit creepy with the asylum...


    1. I figure she knew the name, she just wanted him to confirm that he knew it too. It was pretty cool having them admit it to each other. Would have been even cooler if we hadn't had the whole heart-squishing thing earlier to reveal she knew she was the queen.

    2. Totally valid point about the please!! Bit of a screw up of the show I'd say.

    All in all , I still liked the episode. Just wish they were'nt so short and far apart! :)
  • (Spoilers) The ending made no sense...

    As with most of the series, this was a great episode, even forgiving the idea of using Rumpelstiltskin as The Beast (I know certain liberties have to be taken to create a world where all the fairy-tales existed in one land, but that just seems unecessary and silly). There is one thing that really, really bothered me, though. The ending.

    At the end of the episode, the Queen visits Mr. Gould (Rumpelstiltskin) in jail. He begs her to give him back the item he's been searching for that was stolen from him. She strikes a deal with him: the item (revealed to be the cup that Belle chipped) in exchange for his real name. He agrees, in the process answering a question that I have wondered about since the pilot: "does Rumpelstiltskin remember his pre-curse life?"

    But this makes no sense for two reasons:

    1. Why did the Queen not know Rumpelstiltskin's name? She knew it before the curse (she called him it in this very episode) and she's supposed to be the only one that remembers everything. Shouldn't she remember that?

    2. Why did Rumpelstiltskin GIVE her his name? She had the chipped cup he wanted? Ok, so why not just say "give it back, please." They've made it a point to remind us on more than one occasion that she is compelled by their deal to do whatever he asks her to do, so long as he says please; so he didn't really have to give her anything. I have a feeling this is going to come back to bite him. Not only was knowing his name the instrument of his downfall in the original story, it's a classic fantasy concept that knowing a magical being's "true name" gives you power over it.

    Seriously, this is the kind of over-sight that will bother me for a week or two.

  • belle and the beast

    fine writing to incorporate the characters with each other

    i love the way this show is going

    and emily the raven is back nice to see her again and hear her australian voice again

  • Best so far

    I definitely loved this episode cuz it brings back Emilie de Ravin to TV & she's such a beautiful & talented actress!!!!

    Moreover, the appearance of Belle shows that Rumpelstiltskin's charcacter is much more complex than we first realized & I can't believe that the bad guy has become my favorite character on the show ^-^

    plus, we know offically know that he & the Queen know each other's secret & that was long overdue!

    everything was brilliantly played in skin deep, nothing to throw away.

    what about making the Queen a little less icy from now on, just a thought!

    I really hope we'll see much more from Belle in future episodes, can't wait!!!
  • Skin Deep

    Skin Deep was a great episode of Once Upon a Time and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had some great background story for Rumpelstiltskin and his competitive relationship with the Evil Queen. There was a big revelation that makes it clear what two major characters know in the modern world. I liked the writers idea to weave the story of Beauty and the Beast into the series this way. The story was great, the acting superb as usual, and a surprising ending. With all the drama and intrigue I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!