Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 3

Snow Falls

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on ABC

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  • Love at first theft.

    The fun with this episode is in watching the snarky and promiscuous relationship between Snow and Charming blossom into the relationship we all know and love from the books. There's oodles of playfulness to be found in Snow's teasing of Prince Charming; their dialogue is snappy and believable, as their entanglement, even in the fairytale land, is tackled with a nuanced sense of awareness. Ginnfer Goodwin is an absolute gem, managing to juggle two completely different characters with a fine balancing act of charisma and vulnerability, when she steps onto the screen, all eyes fall on her here.
  • Phenomenal episode!

    Just three episodes in, and I can tell that this is going to be an extremeyl interesting show for sure!

    The storyline today was circilng around Prince Charming and Snow White, both in the present and past, and the way they initially met was actually quite funny! I particularly loved the secne on the troll bridge - it incorporates a classic fairytale concept into a great little drama! It's very well done!

    I hope the storyline continues to impress! Keep it up, OUaT!!! :)
  • This show just keeps getting better..

    In this installment we see how Snow and Charming met, fought each other, and fought side by side to recover something that belonged to charming. On the other side of reality, StoryBrooke, Emma gets Mary to read the story to John Doe so she could prove to Henry that all his theories are just in his head. John Doe wakes up much to everyone's surprise and escapes, only to be found by Regina who has a cover story on his revival and life in StoryBrooke.

    Loved it!
  • ahhhh.... LOVED this episode!


    This episode was absolutely amazing. The show is amazing! Even though we are only 3 episodes in, I have been a fan of the Snow White/Prince Charming characters since the first episode, and learning about how they met and seeing John Doe/Prince Charming wake up was literally an awesome moment. In the first episode, I actually really thought that he had died when he was stabbed so seeing him in a coma was a great feeling, so seeing him wake up from a coma was even greater.

    I don't know what to say, the episode was the greatest out of the 3 we have seen. I am really looking forward to the progression of those two. TV shows really get to my emotions sometimes. I am such a girl. LOL. I was actually feeling upset when we saw that one girl say she was John Doe's wife. I felt like screaming at the tv saying no....Snow white is.

    As for the other characters, Regina is evil. haha. Her real life self is basically just really moody/nasty real life person you see in your everyday life. Rumplestilskin, i can't really figure him out. I can't figure out if he is good or bad. Maybe he just has his own separate plan of his own. I guess we will just have to wait and see. One week is just too long!! haha.

  • Snow Falls


    Snow Falls was a superb episode of Once Upon A Time and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a great visual aesthetic and the actors were all charming in their roles. The flashes to the fairy tale world were fun and well done production wise and I like the quality of the series so far. The story is intriguing and I certainly look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!

  • I don't know how this show is making me love it, but loving it I am!


    I thought I would be giving this series a pass because it looked like it would be cheesy or campy, but I am completely hooked, and I'm not quite sure how they did it. I read a review where the reviewer felt the same way I do about all things cheesy or campy and yet was like me completely drawn into this story. She ended her review with a joke that I felt summed things up: "but damnit all, I'm hooked. Now show me how Snow White murdered the Evil Queen's lover. Was it with her bluebird army? It was with her bluebird army, wasn't it?"

    For some reason, I was also thrilled at the idea of Snow White's bluebird army, and I think that's the show's secret: it has so much fun playing with the material, it makes you want to play along and be part of the fun.

    At the same time, it balances this with more dramatic elements and tells the story in a very intelligent way. The flashbacks to the fairytale world fit perfectly with the present real world and the character and plot reveals are perfectly paced.

    In this episode, we have the parallels of Margaret reading their love story to the comatose John Doe, while also seeing that love story unfold in the fairytale world when Snow White and Prince Charming first meet. As a rule, I don't like flashbacks, flashforwards or flashsideways, so the fact I am happy to be along for this ride shows that they're doing it extremely well, seamlessly weaving in and out of the two worlds, and the past and the present.

    And it turns out that Snow White is a kick-ass Robin Hood woodnymph, wanted as a criminal and surviving by stealing from the Evil Queen. Not only is she a very interesting character, but the stark contrast with her present-day meek character shows how the curse knocked the stuffing out of her.

    I also love that we're already seeing great character development and plot advances--like Emma the loner agreeing to shack up with Margaret, and John Doe waking up from his coma--while it still feels like there is so much story left to tell. And I look forward to watching them tell it. Because, damnit all, I'm hooked too! Bring on the bluebird armies!

  • I am really enjoying this show. I've always been into fantasy/folklore/fairytales and to have one played out such as this is, is truly wonderful. It just seems to be getting better with every episode.


    It just seems to be getting better with every episode. I love how the story seems to unfold in 2 parts one in the past and the other in the Present. I found it interesting that Henry the kid was named after the Queens father. Makes you wonder if the Queen might actually have a soul somewhere in that darkness... Anyway great episode keep it coming!!

  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall ......


    I absolutely LOVE this show! Its unique - leave it up to the creators of LOST to deliver such an epic show each week. I am really looking forward to future shows as the plot unravels. I like how each ending depicts an important revelation. For example we see at the end of the second episode - the name of the queens father was Henry. How will that tie into the 10 yr old Henry from Storybrooke? The casting has been pretty spot on too! The use of flash backs is a great way to develop the characters backgrounds. You never know which Fairy tale character will pop up! This particular episode, we see the introduction of Snow White to her prince, it was really excellent to watch. A nice dark twist to the classic tale! If they can maintain a coherent & workable storyline - I really feel like this TV show has thepotentialto be really great.

  • Third time charmed :) There be some spoilers


    The first episode set up a great premise, the second one reminded us to not be so jaded but it was truly this episode that has cemented why this show is awesome! From the very well interwoven storyline to the beautiful music to the excellent acting on both Ginnfer Goodwin and Josh Dallas' parts this episode was absolutely perfect! And how cool was it that they did give Prince Charming a name? More importantly, they established that even if he does have a name, it didn't matter what it was because Snow White decided to call him Charming. (cue the Awwwww) The best part of it all was the fact that this was the story of how they met and we know for a FACT that they end up happily ever after. So even with all the twists and turns that the story can take, we know that those are things that will not change. Even in its crazy fairy tale world, its still true enough that the happy ending won't come in two episodes. Favorite line though had to be that first exhange between Charming and Snow.
    Charming: You're a girl
    Snow: Woman. (whack!)
    I'll leave it there because I can literally gush about every little thing and I think this episode is worth watching, so everyone Watch it!! you won't be disappointed.