Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2012 on ABC

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  • Hook and Emma <3

    This episode laid the groundwork and foreshadowing of Emma and Hook in the present and future. They had instant connection and so on.
  • Pinnoccio, you Judas!

    There were a lot of elements of this episode I loved (Jorge Garcia as the lonely giant, flirtation between Emma and Hook, Henry's babysister/brother would look very cute), but it left me frustrated about Pinnoccio. First of all, he deserts Emma at the orphanage, and then he ruins her life by taking away the love of his life (not to mention taking the money meant for Emma) by saying it's 'Emma's destiny', which she didn't even fulfill until 11 years after these events. I feel sorry for Emma, and I think Pinnoccio is the worst. Even worse than Regina. Poor Gepetto, he's such a nice father, and his and P's story was so moving, but that's all crushed by P's selfishness.
  • 10 once upon a time

    Muito bom nota 10
  • Tallahassee

    Tallahassee was a perfect and stunning episode of Once Upon a Time. I really enjoyed watching because the story finally focuses on Emma's past along with other familiar faces. There was a lot of significant character development and plot progression. There was also an element of mystery as Aurora and Henry both shared a similar nightmare. I liked how Emma and Hook climbed the beanstalk and what happened when they got to the top was awesome and had multiple layers of depth. There was some good action, drama and intrigue and I liked how everything played out. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Like the new format

    I really like the new format of focusing on only a few characters at a time. The last season with everyone getting a scene or two seemed too scattered to really get into anything serious. Now we see whole arcs and the story lines seem to actually make progress, albeit only for those couple characters.

    I would like to see more of Regina and Gold though. They are such amazing actors.

    I really liked this episode, gave us a few answers and moved things along, and added a couple more questions. Like knowing the significance of the "broken" postcard. Liked knowing that Henry's father may not have really been such an evil monster like Emma made him out to be. I think we will see more of him in the future. I can't believe they would let him know the curse was broken and where she was without him making an appearance in Storeybrook at some point.

    We now know that August was manipulating things behind the scenes, none of this was "by chance". Just wonder what else he's done that he's not proud of?

    The weird dreams of both Aurora and Henry right before a Red Riding Hood focused episode. Hope she doesn't terrorize Henry as the wolf.
  • One of my absolute favourite episodes!

    'Tallahassee' was one of my favourite episodes of OUaT, and it really impressed! I absolutely was thrilled to go back to see how Emma's life played out in her late teens and how Henry came to be! And what's up with this weird nightmare on either end? That's an interesting one!

    Then there's the postcard and also the story of how Emma got her car! The episode answered a lot of questions, and it created new ones!

    I also have to say that the yound Emma looked pretty funny with those glasses - but in a good way! It was pretty funny to watch! :P

    I'm again surprised at the absnece of Gold and Regina tdoay. There has been barely any episodes this season which included the entire main cast, which is a little surprisign, although not a big problem for me, as long as the characters don't disappear for consecutive episodes.

    This episode was a truly amazing one! I can't wait to see what will happen in the next instalment!