Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 4

The Crocodile

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2012 on ABC

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  • I can skin myself a crocodile

    So starting with what I missed in this Margaret and new character and I have the feeling that everything is going downhill in compare with season one but this episode was not bad even without my favorite characters.
  • #204 'The Crocodile'

    I'm behind on many many shows this (rather slow and uninspiring) season. I've been catching up on some of my favorite shows during the holidays and I've just finished watching this powerful episode of OUAT. It was one of the best, pure standout. Robert Carlyle was wonderful (he always is) and plays Rumpelstilskin beautifully. I know he was nominated for Primetime Emmy in 2006 for a Lifetime mini-series 'Human Trafficking' but he surely deserves a nomination for this episode.

    It's always nice to get to know more about Rumpelstilskin - his motives, background, even past marriage, his wife's betrayal and the writers used it very wisely to combine it with Captain Hook's story and his upcoming arrival. Looks like we have another interesting character coming to Storybrooke. And Cora is coming with him, planning to reunite with her long lost daughter Regina. I'm impatiently looking forward to watching the next episode. Stay tuned. [9.0/10]
  • Robert Carlyle

    This episode for me is all about Robert Carlyle. Seems to me every single scene he's in, he performs it flawlessly.

    Whether he's playing Rumple aka The Dark one, Rumple (The Coward) or Mr Gold, he brings the characters to life. Robert's acting is probably some of the best in this day and age.

    I love the character Rumple.

    Robert Carlyle deserves such high accolades for his roles in OUAT.

    Any episodes where we get to see Rumple as The Dark One, I absolutely love...

    Also, gotta love the way he says Dearie..
  • Rumple's son... Peter Pan???

    Robert Karlyle is such a talented actor! I really love this story and how (SPOILER ALERT) they showed Captain Hook as semi-nice explorer/pirate. Lol it's also really amazing how Rumple, Rumple's wife, Captain Hook, and Smee originated before the story of Peter Pan. I kinda have a theory, I think when Rumple's son was sent to 'another world,' I bet he was sent to Neverland and came about as Peter Pan. Just a theory anyways.
  • Rumplestiltskin... Smooth, very smooth.

    I did enjoy this episode, for a few reasons:

    1- Even though Rumple and Belle's relationship is... Unsupported slightly. I still appreciated the writers giving us insight into Belles predicament with Rumple and such. Which includes referencing her stay to the mental asylum, with her excitement over iced tea and bafflement over pancakes. It is a very interesting opening for more in the future. (I also enjoyed that Ruby/Red has taken Belle under her wing in a way).

    2- I like how they focussed on Rumple's story before becoming the Dark One, and after losing Baelfire. Its very interesting; certainly when he started to explain himself to Belle; it showed character progression (And it certainly helps that Robert Carlyle is a fantastic actor and would certainly be only my dream team of actors!) I kind of liked the reference to clocks when Rumple goes "tick tock" when facing Killigan, and also the reference to the crocodile. And of course Mr Smee :).

    3- I would have liked to have seen a glimpse at Never land though :/ Although i'm still bowled over by Cap'n Hook's casual demeanor, certainly when Cora presents him with the creepy vial of "Sparkly dirt".

    Anyway, overall, a splendid episode :) Only slight draw backs, but we shall see...
  • The crocodile

    Great episode! So, are they in Neverland now? Or did Captain Hook go back to "the enchanted forest" before the curse hit? (since Mr Smee got trapped in Storybrooke).

    To answer Graeccus questions:

    1) Who is William Smee? => Mr Smee (from Peter Pan). If he has a background story (which would be great since he's played by a great actor!) I have no clue as to which other character he could be. But Smee is enough for me.

    2) Will the Captain get involved with Mulan and Aurora? => I think the people in Storybrooke and in FTL ( or is it Neverland?) will get reunited one day or another, so they'll probably meet.

    3) What is Cora planning with that pink dust? Go to storybrooke! Duh!

    Additional thought: Baelfire could indeed be Peter Pan, AND, Henry's dad, since the "never aging" property of Neverland would make him age-appropriate to date/impregnate Emma! Yay!

  • Guestimation on Characters

    LOOOOOVED this episode. Peter Pan is like my fave Disney movie. The back story was great. Now at first I thought that Smee was going to be Peter Pan but now I think that maybe Baelfire is Peter Pan....... AHH soooooo many questions now.
  • Hooks and Crooks

    I never get bored with OUaT. Maybe, because they always introduce something new every episode., this show doesn't just deal with one story arc but with several overlapping. New characters pull you into new questions and it pulls you again until even the simplest story overwhelms you.

    This episode is weak against the others but it still leaves us with questions:

    1) Who is William Smee?

    2) Will the Captain get involve with Mulan and Aurora?

    3) What is Cora planning with that pink dust?

    PS. Rumple and Belle is the most interesting couple. Rumple needs Emmy's. Literally.
  • Good episode, but where is Regina? Where is Emaa? And where is Snow?

    Firstly, I thought this episode was just brilliant! Perhaps not quite as good as the other episodes in the season so far - because we had so many of my favourite characters MIA - but nonetheless, you have to give the show credit for creating such a fascinating episode without arguably the three main characters.

    I've been very excited to see what happens with Rumpelstiltskin and Belle, especially after we saw Rumpelstiltskin standing at the Storybrooke border at the end of Episode 2 of this season. There were some very fascinating developments and I can't wait to see where it goes next.

    Havign said all that, let's talk about the Captain Hook character. There were some very interesting moments there, as we delved further into Rumpelstiltskin's past, and a phenomenal revelation at the end, which I am just dying to see the continuation to!

    That's all the positives, and there were a lot of them, but regarding a couple of the negatives, I am kinda disappointed that Emma and Snow were absent today, because their story back in the fairytale world was just getting good! And Regina was seen for all of five seconds last week, and she was completely absent to day as well. I don't mind them focussing on Mr Gold here and then, but seriously, Regina's been alomst invisible so far this season, and I need to see more!

    Still an absolutely amazing episode, and I can't wait for the netx one!
  • Absolutely brilliant- spoilers cause there was no way i could sya my two cents without spoilers :)

    Last year, right around this time the appeal of Once upon a time started to wane for me. the scenes in storybrooke were "eh" and FTL were soo kooky with crappy CGI and I was starting to see the flaw in making Emma (aka savior) as well as everyone in storybrooke really stupid. But now that the curse is broken, the story on both worlds (and some cases three worlds) is fascinating and awesome. First FTL and the further backstory of Rumplestilskin and Hook. Its been said before but i have to say it too, Hook is hot. Not only that even if he is a scoundrel, I can say why Milah was so taken by him. However, for her to leave like that was a pretty dick move. Regardless of having loved rumple or not, she had a son! She didn't even consider taking Bae with her. If she really hated the old rumple for being a coward, she would have taken Bae, but nope, shes just a heartless selfish character that was a bit a of a necessary evil to link Hook and rumple. So yes, i hated everything she did, but kind of loved her for uniting two kick butt characters. Didn't even mind the bad CGI sword fight :). Now on the storybrooke end, I loveeeed the dwarves mining for fairy dust, but even more than that I loved PCharming joining them. He had a mission and he was going to do his part, like taking over as sheriff until emma got back, which literally had me smiling ear to ear because its such a turnaround in comparison to the drip that was david. So to have him as acting sheriff helping Rumple look for belle and Ruby as a super sexy wolf gal friday was just icing on an already delicious pie. But to me... the BEST part was rumple giving belle the library. I just about melted at that scene because it had such strong echos to my favorite scene in my favorite disney movie beauty and the beast. Rumples confession of magic being his crutch, gosh that totally redeemed him as a character for me. He's still sly and manipulative and I wouldn't trust him but him and belle,sigh. The nod to Smee, the hook, the ongoing turmoil of crossing the storybrooke border plus the upcoming Whale of a revelation? season 2 is kicking it. :)
  • On screen chemistry makes magic believable

    You have to hand to to Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin. They make Rumple/Mr. Gold and Belle the most interesting couple in Sotrybrooke (and in Fairytale Land). Carlyle plays the tortured soul so well. You feel his shame at his cowardice, his anger at the world, his search for love and redemption with Belle. A truly great actor in a great role. Yes, you wince at his evil ways but somehow deep down he represents the doubt that every person has about themselves, their ability to transcend their weaknesses, the decisions that they make to change their life. And in Rumple's case, the possibility that the cowardice, the shame, the cruelty can still be mitigated by something as simple (and complicated) as true love. That's what's so great about this show. It really is a show about hope and of love. More Robert Carlyle please! And the heat between Rumple and Belle? It burns hotter than the liquids in the flasks in Mr. Gold's basement.
  • The Crocodile

    The Crocodile was a perfect episode of Once Upon a Time because it focused on Rumpelstiltskin and Belle along with various other non-main characters. I liked the character development and re-imagining of these classic stories. It was awesome to learn more about the history of Rumpelstiltskin and to learn how Captain Hook came to be. It was cool to see Ruby help Belle who had not really experienced the outside world or good diner food. I also must say that with out some of the major characters this episode was a hit. I found it interesting that a Bean could take Rumpelstiltskin to where his son was, but then Captain Hook used it to go there claiming he and his crew will never age. The ending was amazing and it was intriguing to see who was working together. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm Hooked!

    Incredible episode! Captain Hook and Rumplestiltskin's FTL story was so great- perfectly logical in hindsight but unexpected until revealed. How do these writers keep doing that? (Maybe Robert Carlyle's influence?) I love the Storybrooke ending- Rumplestiltskin has grown enough to let Belle set the pace of their relationship, and Belle is at least willing to give it a try. Still not sure why Belle didn't tell her dad about Regina, though. The FTL ending with Cora and Hook makes me think that we'll be seeing the scene in the sneak preview Henry narrated pretty soon! Colin O'Donoghue is an excellent addition to the cast.
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