Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 5

The Doctor

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2012 on ABC

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  • Frankenstein isn't a fairytale is it?

    There was a long time between episode 4 and this episode. But it started good this one and I liked! Yes good,but I hope that season 2 can keep up with the amount of Great,OMG and wow in season one. Nice end.
  • Fooled me.

    They led me up the garden path. With Jefferson's mention of "slippers" and "a wizard" I thought we were off to the Emerald City. Instead we were off to a very different sort of castle (love the homage to Universal's classic movies in the final scene!).
  • The Doctor

    First of all, I would like to point out that "ripping the heart" as a signature move is just awesome. Also, those are the coolest pumpkins ever. Jefferson is a great actor, it was like two people acting his character. I think this episode brought Emma back from the pit of useless characters. Emma wasn't very helpful in Fairytale Land and I think this was her break. Lastly, Daniel's acting with going back and forth from good to bad was the worst transition ever. My my.


    1. How big is a horse's heart in real life?

    2. Did Jefferson and Regina had a history?

    3. How many lands are actually connected to the Fairytale realm? It's getting more vague.

  • Fascinating stuff!

    This was an absolutely captivating episode of OUaT. While it was definitely not as good as the first three episodes of the season, it was still extremely entertaining and a highly intriguing continuation to an important storyline from Season 1.

    Some of the events - both in the current Storybrooke world and in the past - were really quite unbelievable. I don't want to spoil too much, but I love that Frankenstein is here, and I wonder if he will be seen frequently this season?

    I'm definitely worndering what comes next? I wonder if Emma, Mary Margert and the others (Hook and Cora) can get back? When will it happen? It's a really fascinating story!

    One last note - I was really happy to see Regina back on today's episode, after her absense from Episode 4, and almost complete absence from Episode 3.
  • He's alive!

    One of the reasons I had to stop watching s1 was because of Emma's super duper human lie detector power. It was the ultimate deus ex machina that worked when needed and totally made her an idiot otherwise. Hopefully, the fact that it works again doesn't continue the trend, but I'm glad that it did because it made Emma & Snow's ongoing trek to come home make sense. Hook is cute and charming but do not trust him! Lesson learned. Aurora still gets on my nerves, Mulan is still a little too serious but she has a warriors heart so I'm not hating her so much any more. But now that the set up for ep 6 is out of the way, lets get back to storybrooke. Finally we are told who Dr. Whale is and boy what a doozy. First you got to see him in mad scientist gear but you also heard him referred to as the wizard. So is he both the wizard of Oz & Dr. Frankenstein? hmmm Also his identity or identities brought about some thoughts on the various worlds that got affected by Regina's curse and it also begs the question, what exactly constitutes as magic vs science in fairy tale world and in their reality? PCharming is really stepping up as sheriff, despite his egotistical hypocrisy in punching Whale for his onight stand with snow, seriously love him now compared to the shmuck that he was in s1. 1. He doesn't completely trust Regina but he knows enough of heartbreak to give her a chance and investigates rather than immediately persecuting, 2. As much as the recovery of the women in his life is a mission, he is a great father figure for henry. Something I think henry could really use. First with the sword fights and now teaching him the responsiblity of horse care before learning how to ride? Dude...

    But now lets get down to the star of the episode, Regina. Man, this may sound stupid, but I really hope Regina comes back to the good side. The heartbreaking goodbye of daniel took me back to s2 finale of Buffy tvs. But more than anything her going to see Dr. Hopper and just continually trying to be a better person, if that isn't a setup for the inevitable confrontation with Cora, i don't know what is. (she said hopefully) Also curious to see if they do give her a love interest. This season's taking some interesting turns and I am loving the ride. Next week, back story of Emma. :)
  • The Doctor

    The Doctor was a great episode of Once Upon a Time and I enjoyed watching. The story was decent though not as captivating as some other recent ones. I liked seeing more of the history between Regina and Rumpelstiltskin. I'm glad Emma wasn't too trusting and eventually discovered the true identity of a mysterious man who survived a horrific attack. It was interesting to learn more about The Doctor and it was cool how he was friends with Jefferson and traveled through worlds. There was some character and plot development and hints of future character encounters. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!