Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 7

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on ABC

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  • Best oen so far!

    Definitely the best episode so far! So much drama and so much intense moments, and especiallyh a very interesting storyline with the Sheriff.

    I loved the scene with Henry! Finally someone believes him, klol! :P

    The storyline was very good, and extremely entertaining, and I couldn't believe the ending! The secret compartment beneath the coffin! And it confirms any suspicions about the Queen knowing about the curse1! If any doubt was there, it's now gone!

    Keep it up, OUaT! Pehnomenal episode!
  • Brilliant

    again, I am left to just say "wow" This episode was terrific, start to finish. This was one of the best episodes, especially as it relates to connecting a fairy tale character with its real world counterpart. The sheriff and the huntsman were truly one and the same. Jamie Dornan did a fabulous job at creating a sense of emptiness and desperation to find something, anything to feel.

    The story moves forward, even though we lost our first Real World character. It was a not-so-surprising event, but saddening none the less. I immediately found myself looking for loopholes...a way around the death... but alas, there really is none. None that I can think of anyway.... if the writers do, so be it. Farewell, we hardly knew ye

    Good to see Mr. Gold make a sinister appearance, always knowing when to be where. No show is really complete without a visit from Gold or at Rumplestiltskin.
  • Happy and Sad

    This episode was great and I really enjoyed it. The relationship between Emma and Graham is sweet, the fact that she would not be alive if it wasn't for him is really cool. Regina also shine in this episode because she was just so sneaky and when she killed Graham without any hesitation we got a glimpse at the evil queen again. I know for the story he had to die but i grew found of him..i was a bit sad :(
  • Very Strong Episode

    This was an extremely strong episode, engaging, surprising and very moving.

    The current-day story focused on the Sheriff trying to find out why he felt nothing, while the flashbacks told his story as the Huntsman.

    Graham was an interesting character study and they did a good job of explaining why he was with Regina. It was fun to see him working with Emma. They have a great dynamic together, and it's disappointing that we won' t able to see more of that, since this episode really defined Graham as a character and made him extremely likeable.

    Regina killing Graham at the end cemented that Regina did indeed remember everything. I had mixed feelings about that reveal, since it's hard to tell why she is still tolerating Emma when her evil self is in full awareness.

    The flashbacks were also interesting, with the neat twist that Graham was raised by wolves. It does make you care about the Huntsman as a character.
  • five things ive figured out

    1. i cant believe the evil queen named henry after the father she killed.

    2. Mr. Gold asked for Emmas name in the beginning and after he heard it he remembered the old life which was why the queen was so shocked when he asked her to move' please' since he made her promise to always obey him when he said please. Now she knows that he knows.

    3. Since the evil queen cast the spell she remembers everything which is why she has people watching snow and prince C.

    4. mirror is the guy in the apple orchard who gave her the info on Emma.

    5. that was snows coffin at the bottom of the mine. It had the same vine pattern and glass
  • Loved it, tho I was predictably sad in the end

    To have come so far in the story & to have love his character, very sad he is now heart-dust. Also, I HATE it that the Evil Queen wins that from Emma.

    I did like how they developed the relationship between him & Snow White. I guess that makes me a typical fairytale lover.

    I feel like with this episode we took 3 steps forward & 2 steps back. I can't wait to see how they develop the show from here!
  • For a shocking twist, that was rather predictable...


    Don't get me wrong, the episode was effective in every level: edge, emotional tone, catering Emma/Graham shippers (which I'm proud to be part of), etc. yet, somehow, it felt off because Graham being the huntsman only makes for a very redundant fairytale.

    And there you have it, instead of a main villain or a wicked sorcerer, Stroybrook's Sheriff was reduced to a convenient minion easily disposable in order to make Emma the resident Sheriff.

    Under fairytale standards, the huntsman could only be "awaken" by the true love's first kiss, since said true love is Snow White's daughter, it somehow diminishes the efforts of a character who cut a deer's heart in order to deceive the Queen for he couldn't bring himself to kill Emma's mother. Finally, the Evil Queen has his heart - placed in a particularly glaring collection - as the huntsman dies in his true love's arms as Emma hears him say "I remember".

  • Great episode awesome. So depressing though. The death, Emma and the Sheriff, and how evil Regina can be, whoa!!!


    I just can't believe I have to wait 3 weeks for the next one, I am going to die!!!! This episode really showed the true heart of Regina Mills, and how she would stop at nothing to get her way. The evil Queen even frightened me in this episode when she told the guards to take the huntsman "to her bedchamber" was scary, I was scared for him. What an intense episode!!!! Overall great episode!

  • OMG!!!

    This was probaly the most intense episode yet! I still cant keep believe Graham died!! AHHH i hope he comes back and doesn't really die!! AWWW MAN!! I still want other characters to get thier stories told. Like the one girl who is little red riding hood, or maybe Mr. Gold, and some other charaters! I CANNOT WAIT! loved this episode
  • The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


    The Heart is a Lonely Hunter was a perfect episode of Once Upon A Time and I really enjoyed watching this episode because we finally find out for sure who Graham really is, and it was great to see his back story. This episode had all of the drama and intrigue as well as emotional scenes that make the show fun to watch and so enticing, and the actors were perfect in their roles. I love the format of story telling and how the editing was done in this episode. We learn so much more about the characters, and Emma's ability to break the curse has new implications as Graham remembers his real past. It also was interesting to see Regina crush his heart in the end, which also implies that she does in fact know what is going on with the curse etc... which was cool. I almost felt bad for Regina in this episode, as she thinks Emma is taking every thing from her, and in essence she is, but not intentionally. I love the character development in this episode and I certainly look forward to watching the next episode. This series has gone from good, to great and really has me captivated!!!!!!!!!

  • Can't wait to see next week's episode!!


    I can't wait to see next week's episode, those are my words after almost every episode in this series, wether is Snow and Charming, Graham and Emma, Emma and Henry, there's always something good about the show... I love the way they keep giving us little parts of the whole story...

    About this chapter... what did the Evil Queen meant about telling Snow a secret and paying for her not being able to keep it? Was she cheating on Snow's father and then when Snow confessed the secret he had the Evil Queen's sweetest heart killed, and that's why she hates Snow??

    And is Graham really gone?? I kinda liked him for Emma...

    Does Regina remembers everythign or is she getting her memory back in pieces?...

    OMG!!! Too many questions!! I really wish this shows stays ON, I'm having so much fun watching it :3

  • A heartbreaking episode. Period.


    Usually I'd put a recap on here but all I can think of is poor Graham! I totally wanted him to live, even though I knew he was the Storybrooke character leaving. Maybe they can fix it so he can come back if they break the spell.

    But I couldn't believe that Regina (the Evil Queen) was mad at Snow White because sherevealeda secret. Really? That's why your so mad at her and everyone else? Because she didn't keep a secret? That sounds pretty stupid and petty to me.

    The only other question I have is, does Mr. Gold remember the other life? It seems likeevery timeone of the characters finds something out about the other world, he's always there to either help or hinder. I think while his actions benefit the Queen, sometimes he tries pointing the characters in the opposite direction. Like he secretly wants to get back to Fairy Tale Land, but can't directly go against the Queen.

    But poor Graham. To remember the other world, get Emma to pull down her wall for him and give him a chance, and then die, that just sucked big time. Hopefully they think of some way to bring him back, to make it like he didn't die and can somehow get his heart back before she crushed it again.

  • My very favourite episode!


    But Aie!!! Sheriff Graham!!!

    I very much hope he doesn`t die, he is one of my favourite characters with Emma and Snow White! Storybook wouldn`t be the same without him! I hope Emma gives hin CPR and it brings him back to life. Her kisses have a magic effect on him, they brought back his memories, maybe they can bring back his life too.

    I loved the story of the huntsman and Snow White. It was very touching, and the huntsman had an interesting history raised by wolves. The Evil Queen is very evil, but I like they made her human. She is not heartless, she was hurt. And the symbol of the heart, and not wanting to give it to someone else and risk it being crushed, was great through the episode.

    Things are getting more and more interesting and there are many questions to answer. I can`t wait for the following episode!

  • The Best Episode so far! Amazing



    I think this episode of Once Upon A Time was the best one yet! The storyline is amazing, very thought provoking and a great watch. The back story of the huntsman (AKA Graham) is revealed, as well as some major insight to other characters. I think this episode turned up the drama, as well as had some major "edge of your seat" excitement. I did not think so much would happen in once episode, and so early on! I hope this is a sign of what's to come, because more episodes like this would really put this show on the map! If you have quit watching the show, or thought it got to slow, defiantly give this episode a watch and you will be pulled back in. Amazing!