Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 11

The Outsider

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2013 on ABC

Episode Recap

Gold takes William Smee to the edge of Storybrooke and prepares to shove him over the town border. Smee begs Gold not to let him lose his memories by pushing over, and Gold takes Smee's red stocking cap and asks why he always wears it. The pawnbroker says that he cherishes it because his grandmother made it for him and Gold sprinkles it with a potion. He gives it to Smee to put on and then shoves the pirate across the border. Much to Smee's surprise and shock, he still remembers who he is and who Gold is. Gold tells him to go and Smee runs back to Storybrooke.

The next day, the town gathers for Archie's funeral. After Mary Margaret performs the service, Marco goes to his friend's grave and says that he's glad he's in a better place.

At his ship, Hook interrogates Archie and demands to know where the Dark One's dagger is. Archie insists that he has no idea what he's talking about and Hook realizes that he's telling the truth. He then asks Archie if he knows of any other weakness that Gold has, and Archie hesitantly admits that there is one.

Belle comes to the pawnshop in response to Gold's summons and he explains that he's created a potion that will let him cross the border and seek out his son, Bae. The potion must be sprinkled on an item dear to the person who owns it. Gold removes Bae's shawl from his safe and Belle asks if she can come with him. Gold admits that he only has enough potion for one dose and that regardless, finding Bae is something that he has to do on his own.


Belle is at the local tavern when a man, Alistair, tries to round up some men to hunt down a flaming beast known as the Yaoguai. Dreamy the dwarf approaches Belle and thanks him for her advice, and says that he and Nova are planning to run off together. He overhears Alistair talking and suggests that Belle go with the hunting party. Belle believes that she'll be safer in her library and admits that the last time she faced a beast, it didn't go well for her. As the hunters leave, Dreamy tells Belle that she should take a chance, and Belle agrees. As she starts to leave, Dreamy gives Belle a pack of fairy dust and assures her that the good magic could come in handy. Smiling, he tells her to go be a hero.


When Bell goes back to the library, she finds Hook reading a book. She soon recognizes him as the man who broke into her cell at the Evil Queen's castle and tries to run. When Hook intercepts her, Belle drops a bookshelf on him and hides in the elevator, closing the door behind her. She calls Gold on her cell phone but the metal prevents most of her message from going out. Despite that, Gold realizes that she's in danger.


As the hunting parties travels across the land, Belle sits in the back of the wagon and reads her book. Alistair asks how that will help and Belle tells them that she should be able to find the beast based on the writings. She tells Alistair that the Yaoguai lives near a lake and he kicks her off the wagon and tosses her the book, satisfied that she's provided as much help as she can. Smiling, Belle checks the book and confirms what she really knew: that the Yaoguai dwells in mountain caves. She finds the entrance to the Yaoguai's lair and draws her knife. The creature comes charging out at her but Mulan opens fire on it, driving it off. The warrior goes to Belle and complains that she ruined their hunt, but Belle insists that she knows where they can find the creature. Angry, Mulan tells her to stay out of her way.


After a few moments, Hook stops pounding on the elevator door and goes away. Gold arrives and gets Belle out, assuring her that she's safe now.

The townspeople go to Mary Margaret's apartment for Archie's wake, and Henry tells Emma that he isn't hungry. Emma talks to her mother, who assures Emma that she did everything that she could. Leroy comes over and, speaking for the dwarves, asks when they will return to the Enchanted Forest. Now that Archie is dead, they're worried that it isn't as safe in Storybrooke as they believed. Also, they are concerned that an outsider will eventually come to Storybrooke and realize who they are. Emma doesn't see cause for concern but Leroy notes that they'd also like to see the outside world and benefit from modern technology.

As Gold takes Belle to the shop, he insists that she stay there for her own safety. Belle wants to know why Hook wants him dead and Gold reluctantly admits that Hook took his wife Milah away, and then she died. He refuses to provide more details, including his own involvement, and they go into the shop. Gold is shocked discover that Hook has already been there, having lured Gold out by attacking Belle and letting her make the call.

Nearby, Hook watches Gold and Belle from a rooftop and smiles in satisfaction. Smee arrives with Bae's shawl and Hook assures him that Gold is now trapped in Storybrooke.

Gold smashes the counters in a fury when he realizes that Hook has taken Bae's shawl. Belle blames herself but Gold assures her that Hook wants him. She offers to help but Gold warns her that she's out of her league and to go back to the library so that he doesn't lose her as well. He gives Belle his gun to protect herself in case Hook comes after her again. As Gold leaves, Belle tries to make him promise just to get the shawl, but he leaves without saying anything.


When Belle goes to the nearby village, Alistair and one of his men find her and attack her, angry that she tricked them into going to the lake. Mulan arrives and drives them off, although one of them manages to wound her in the leg. Belle thanks Mulan for her help and Mulan says that she fought with men who didn't believe she was capable. She tells Belle that they should hunt the Yaoguai together since Belle knows how to find it. Belle agrees, glad to help her new friend.


Belle goes back to the library to clean up and finds a knotted piece of rope that Hook dropped. Looking it up in a book, Belle confirms that it is a knot found on a sailing ship and realizes that Hook's ship is in the harbor.

Gold tracks down Smee and demands to know where Hook is. The pirate's lieutenant admits that Hook didn't tell him what he had planned next. Convinced, Gold tells Smee that he's a sniveling rat and transforms him into a rat.

Belle goes to the dock and eventually spots gulls perched on the invisible ship's mast. Using some sand, she makes out the stairs and boards the ship, passing through the invisibility spell's edges. She searches below decks and hears Archie calling for help. Surprised that he's still alive, Belle frees him and tells him to get Gold and bring him to the ship. Archie is reluctant to leave her behind but they hear footsteps and Belle tells the psychiatrist to go while he can.

David and Mary Margaret are cleaning up after wake and notice Henry calling someone. They listen in on the other phone and hear him calling Archie's office. David goes over and assures his grandson that things will get better, but Henry is clearly depressed by the death of his psychiatrist. Emma comes in with Archie's dog, Pongo, and suggests that they let Henry take care of it. Henry is happy at the idea and Emma has him take the dog outside to clean it up. Once they're alone, Emma apologizes to her parents for bringing someone or something else into the already-cramped apartment. Mary Margaret hesitantly suggests that she and David make a fresh start of things by finding a house of their own.

Belle searches the ship for shawl as Hook comes in. He grabs the gun away from her and threatens Belle with it.


Belle and Mulan go back to Mulan's village, where the Yaoguai has set the buildings on fire. Mulan all but collapses from her leg wound and realizes that she can't take on the beast. The warrior tells Belle that she will have to fight, telling her that she needs to find something to fight for. Mulan tells her that when she found something to fight for, she never gave up, and gives Belle her sword.


Bell tells Hook that she won't leave without the shawl, and Hook suggests that Gold's son doesn't want his father to find him. Belle repeats what Gold said about Hook taking Milah, and Hook tells her the entire story. He informs her that Milah fell in love with Hook and wanted him to take her away because of Rumplestiltskin's cowardice. Hook didn't burn the shawl when he stole it because Milah made it and it was the only thing he had left of her. When he realizes that Gold didn't tell Belle the full story, Hook informs her that Rumpelstiltskin killed Milah by ripping out her heart and crushing it in front of the pirate. Belle doesn't believe it but Hook tells her that Gold would do anything to keep his power. When he asks why she would fight for such a man, Belle insists that Gold has a good heart. She shoves an overhead pole into Hook, knocking him into the hold, grabs the shawl, and runs out onto the deck.

Before Belle can get off the ship, Hook catches up to her and blocks her path. Gold arrives and steps forward to confront Hook, who calls him a coward. When Hook asks Gold if he'll hide behind his magic, Gold assures him that he won't and clubs him down with his cane. Belle tries to stop Gold, saying that they can go now that they have the shawl, but the bloody Hook tells her that Gold won't stop. Gold tells Belle to step away while he finishes off his enemy once and for all.


Belle lures the Yaoguai into the village and lures it beneath a water tower. When it comes after her, she knocks out the support, dumping the water on the beast and dousing its flame. The beast crouches on the ground, badly wounded, and sketches out the words "Save me" on the road. Realizing that it needs help, Belle sprinkles the fairy dust on the creature and it transforms into a human being. The man introduces himself as Phillip and explains that Maleficent cursed him to separate him from his true love, Princess Aurora. He thanks her for her courage and Belle tells him that he isn't the first beast that she's faced. Philip asks how he can repay her and Belle asks him to find a doctor for Mulan.


Hook dares Gold to kill him as a horrified Belle looks on, telling him to rip out his heart like he did with Milah. Gold crouches over the pirate and prepares to do just that, but Belle asks Good to prove that there's still good in him like she believes. After a moment, Gold shoves Hook away and tells him to sail out of Storybrooke and never return.

At the diner, Mary Margaret and David look through real estate ads. David isn't happy with any of them and finally admits that he doesn't want to die in Storybrooke. Mary Margaret tells him that their homeland is overrun by ogres, but David wants to go back and free it. He insists that's what he wants and Mary Margaret wonders if they both want the same thing.

At home, Emma finds Henry making blueprints to add an armory to the apartment once his grandparents move out. He thinks that they need it as protection against Regina and Emma promises him that Regina won't hurt him. Archie arrives at the door and stumbles in, and he tells them what happened. They realize that Emma was innocent, just like she said, and Emma realizes that they'll pay a price for accusing her.

That night, Gold and Bell drive to the town's border and he thanks Belle for her help. The pawnbroker admits that he would have been lost without her, and wonders why she hasn't given up on him after seeing him at his worse. Belle tells him that she long ago learned never to give up on something worth fighting for.


Belle returns with Phillip to find Mulan and they tell her what happened. While Phillip prepares to help Mulan, Belle tells them that she's going off to face another beast. As she heads back through the forest, Regina and her men capture her. Regina explains that Alistair came to her and told her where she could find Belle. As the soldiers put Belle into a wagon cage, Belle insists that she can break the curse and restore Rumplestiltskin to his human form. Regina doesn't believe it and Belle vows to keep fighting to save Rumplestiltskin.


Gold treats the shawl with the potion and Belle helps him put it on. He steps across the border and keeps his memories, and Belle promises to wait for him until he comes back with Bae. As they talk across the border, Hook shoots her in the back and the impact drives her over and into Gold's arms. She looks at him without knowing his name and Gold realizes that she has lost her memories of her true self. The blood Hook assures Gold that Belle will live but that she will never remember her lover again. Gold prepares to extract his revenge and Hook invites him to do it, but a car suddenly drives down the road from the outside world. Gold ducks out of the way and the car rams into Hook before going off the road.

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