Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 4

The Price of Gold

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on ABC

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  • Not what I expecting, but it wasn't bad either..

    The episode is split into Cinderella's deal with Rumpelstilskin, and the consequences of her choice in Fairy Tale world, and the events that followed Ashley's deal with Mr. Gold in Storybrooke.

    Okay, so it wasn't the tale I was expecting. What I thought we'd see was Cinderella dealing with her evil stepmother and stepsisters, and then escaping to the ball, and meeting her prince where she'd then have to deal with Rumpelstilskin or the evil queen. A re-inactment of the original story with a twist basically. Instead I got a pregnant Cinderella trying to save her baby alongside a prince who barely had precense. I didn't enjoy the Fairty Tale world part very much, however I did think the scene where Cinderella tried to get Rumpelstilskin to sign the contract was quite exiting.

    On the other hand, I loved the StoryBrooke parts of the episodes!!! There was character development for Emma. You can see she regretted giving her son up, and it shows in how determined she is to help Ashley. Everything she did for her makes her a hero in my oponion and that deffinately makes me want to root for her. I loved the speech she gave her about how she needed to make things happen, and then it was followed by another beautiful speech about how she shouldn't run away.

    Anyway, yes, it dosen't have the mystical umph and exitement the previous 3 had, and Cinderella wasn't as likeable as Snow White, which is odd considering I preffered Cinderella growing up, but it was entertaining, and well written and It dosen't deserve less than a 7 :D
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