Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 15

The Queen is Dead

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2013 on ABC

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  • The Black Bag

    I kept waiting for it to be opened. This is an old reference to a trick some writer (bad ones) play upon readers where something that is right there within sight of the characters isn't shown to the readers. Or in this case, someone... namely Snow's father. Then there are all the cliche lines, the sudden changes in whole character demeanor. The waffling and wagging until you feel like a whole season of transformation got flushed on some characters to do a big reset... so the writers don't have to follow through on supraplot points that really don't know how to conclude. Or maybe they are afraid to because they don't know what to do next.

    And still that black bag was never opened... and father and husband never even appeared at his wife's funeral.

    Someone needs to black bag the writers... and get some new ones.
  • Will this show stands on it feet again?

    Honestly, I think that this show is getting worse in each episode.

    Why Regina had to dig with her own hands? Come on guys.. she is a witch!!

    Why Kora had to convince Snow to give her the dagger(inside the big clock) ?! Apparently, as far as we know neither Snow nor Prince C. have magic powers. Kora could just push them back to the wall and just get the dagger.

    I think that the writers are trying their best just have a full season, and not shut it down right now!

    And I agree with commenter JcHendee, we should have seen at least once the king.

    Finally, just a personal note. Young Snow was a bit fake. Too much talking and drama from a really small kid.
  • The Queen is dead

    In contrary to the episode before, this one was a blast!

    I dont know why, but this little Snow white is unnerving me to hell. Even the old Snow (Mary Margret) is a pain in the ass.

    Apart from that the new background on Snow and the true face of Regina arent convenient with what I thought of the characters.

    In addition, I really hoped that OUAT would stay a show even watchable for children, but killing Johanna without cause isnt working in that direction...
  • The Queen is Dead

    The Queen is Dead was a superb and very entertaining episode of Once Upon A Time. I really enjoyed watching because there was lots of great character and plot development. It was intriguing to learn Cora's plans. I liked seeing more of Snow White's past. Hook makes some major and unexpected moves. I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next! !!!!!!!!!
  • Very impressed

    I love this show and have since seeing the first episode. I am impressed with the writers ability to keep you hooked with the characters and story. I love the mix of worlds gone by with the modern day. It meshes so well. After watching last nights episode, I am most impressed with Bailee Madison. What an amazing little actress. I had seen her before on some of the older Nickelodeon and Disney shows, but her portrayal of young Snow showed the depth and compassion which some older actors fail to portray. Can only imagine where this show will lead us.
  • Not so much a review but a collection of thoughts

    OMG! I am so very torn!! OUAT is one of those shows that when it gets things right is so freakin' awesome but at the same time the plot inconsistencies are MADDDENING!!! seriously I have stopped watching shows for much worse crimes against continuity. It is as is they get new writers each week and the new writers don't bother to read the previous witer's work - Baelfire's first stop should've been a land without magic as specified by the Blue Fairy - if they address this in future episodes I will HAPPILY eat humble pie, but in the meantime WTF???

    Anyway - no more gripping 'cos overall I really, REALLY enjoyed this episode!!

    I like the idea of a dark Snow and she is right - being a goody two shoes hasn't really gotten her anywhere - In fact I am shocked that Mr. Gold trusted Emma and Snow considering their track record. he of all people should know better!

    I have been waiting for ages for big showdown and it looks like next week's episode won't disappoint.

    Baelfire + Charming + Emma vs Cora + Regina

    In the promo it says that one of them will bite the dust - my money is on Baelfire as a) technically he is the most expendable (ie not a main character in the same that the others are) and b) It will be pretty heartbreaking for Emma and Henry and Gold if he goes. That being said I hope I'm wrong as I really like him.

    Apologies I know this isn't much of a review but more a collection of thoughts - but Lily Sparks hasn't posted her review yet and I feel a pressing urge to comment as I have just finished watching the episode.
  • This show is just AMAZING!

    Wow, this show is just unbelievably good and it gets better and better with each passing episode! Thos one was donwright brilliant with an unbelievably good storyline as the search for the dagger heats up!

    Some very interesting revelations from the past come back to bit Snow! There was so much great character development! This episode was spectacular!

    Interesting developments were everywhere in New York as well! Hook makes a surprise appearance, and there are some surprising developments for Neal's character too. It was really good!

    The scenes from the past and present fused together nicely to create a sublime show! I thought it was unreal! Keep it up, Once!