Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 15

The Queen is Dead

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2013 on ABC

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  • Not so much a review but a collection of thoughts

    OMG! I am so very torn!! OUAT is one of those shows that when it gets things right is so freakin' awesome but at the same time the plot inconsistencies are MADDDENING!!! seriously I have stopped watching shows for much worse crimes against continuity. It is as is they get new writers each week and the new writers don't bother to read the previous witer's work - Baelfire's first stop should've been a land without magic as specified by the Blue Fairy - if they address this in future episodes I will HAPPILY eat humble pie, but in the meantime WTF???

    Anyway - no more gripping 'cos overall I really, REALLY enjoyed this episode!!

    I like the idea of a dark Snow and she is right - being a goody two shoes hasn't really gotten her anywhere - In fact I am shocked that Mr. Gold trusted Emma and Snow considering their track record. he of all people should know better!

    I have been waiting for ages for big showdown and it looks like next week's episode won't disappoint.

    Baelfire + Charming + Emma vs Cora + Regina

    In the promo it says that one of them will bite the dust - my money is on Baelfire as a) technically he is the most expendable (ie not a main character in the same that the others are) and b) It will be pretty heartbreaking for Emma and Henry and Gold if he goes. That being said I hope I'm wrong as I really like him.

    Apologies I know this isn't much of a review but more a collection of thoughts - but Lily Sparks hasn't posted her review yet and I feel a pressing urge to comment as I have just finished watching the episode.
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