Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 19

The Return

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2012 on ABC

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  • 1.19 "The Return"

    Once Upon a Time is one of the best shows on television. ABC must be pretty darn happy to have such a fabulous show that can keep it's audience on the edge of their seats. This episode was very entertaining because we learn more about Mr. Gold's past when he used to go by the name Rumplestilskin and we got to know why he no longer has his son with him in Storybrooke. Robert Carlyle was terrific yet again and my absolutely favorite part was when they met during the night in the woods and Gold was more than convinced that Booth was his son, but it in a few minutes ... we found out that Booth was just making that up, he came there to see if there was any magic left since he is dying of sickness and he would seriously need some of it. Sydney admitted to Katherine's kidnapping - in other words Regina tricked him into it. Plus Mary Margaret had her "exanorational" party and Ms. Swan told Regina that she is gonna take Henry from her. Forever. Perfect example of a great episode. 10/10
  • Wow, COOL!

    I really liked this episode a lot! It is helping confirm my theory that Rumple is really not bad... he has a good reason for doing all that he has done. His son is gone and he wants to get back to him! And I love how the writing makes us feel sympathy for him in one moment and then in a flash he is threatening August and in such a rage of evil. I love to be torn over a character like that! Of course Carlyle's brilliant acting helps create this conflict. He is so terrific!

    I was really hoping that August was Bae.... now that he is not the questions remain.... who is he? And where is Bae?? The fact that things are not resolved so simply and quickly bothers some people but for me, it is what makes the show so good. It makes you want to come back for more!
  • Operation Cobra is always ready!

    It was a good episode, but it was just so frustrating in the fact that it answered a question with five more questions. But i enjoyed Robert Carlyle's acting, he's just that awesome. I wonder if Kathryn's "Fredrick"/gym teacher will come back this season since Kathryns not dead.

    Poor poor Baelfire, it made me so sad when he was screaming that Rumple was a coward.

    But overall a great episode :)

  • Slightly confusing at one point, but still a spectacular episode!

    This episode was full of twists and turns with some very unexpected developments! Couldn't believe some of the stuff that happened, and I really loved the ending of it. Should spice things up next week!

    I was a little confused about what happened between August and Gold in the woods. Maybe it was because I didn't hear them clearly or because I might've missed something, but I was a little foggy on what happened in a couple of those scenes, but for the most part, I really enojyed it!

    Can't wait to see what will happen in the three remaining episodes of the fisrt season! Should be really entertaining!
  • Meh, some answers and good character development though.

    I don't know... much like Revenge latest, it was sort of a mixed episode.

    - Okay, so they finally gave us some answers: how did they pull off the whole Katherine thing and why did Rumple created the curse.

    - Emma, is slowly improving a bit as a character. I laughed so much when August said that it was difficult convincing her of the curse.... you think?! It is kind of sad that she's supposed to be the savior.

    - Did anyone really buy Emma's threat? I mean, isn't this like fourth time in the show that she threatens Regina and ends up pretty much the same.

    - The episode was sort of boring for me.... I'm also still pissed that the creators lied when they said that they were going to reveal who August was in this episode. I always thought he might have been Bae or Pinnochio.... now I'm going with the second one ( I mean remember the leg thing?)

    - Oh my God.... Lily was so right! I finally noticed the whole dialogue thing, the whole scene with MM and David was so cheesy, it was almost like a telenovela. Besides, they're acting was kind of off.

    - I don't know but somewhere in my head, I never truly believed that August was Bae.... it was just too predictable for me.

    - I was little bit disappointed that they didn't show some scenes of Kathryn being tortured or locked up. Now that would have been fun.... I mean c'mon off-screen? Where's the fun in that? Hopefully they'll show that she is suffering post traumatic disorder or something and tries to kill Henry.

    - Only three episodes left... I really hope they deliver!
  • The Return

    The Return was a perfect episode of Once Upon a Time and I really enjoyed watching because the story was amazing and full of character and plot development. It was great to learn more history about Rumpelstiltskin and to see hot it affected him today. There were many touching scenes along with action, magic and intrigue. Mary Margret is free and celebrating with friends while August is questioned by Mr. Gold. This was a very entertaining episode and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Awesome!

    Kept me on the edge the whole episode!