Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 18

The Stable Boy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

A week ago, Regina is in her office looking at a ring when Gold comes in and asks for her a favor. He wants her to have the DA make the case of battery against him go away, and reminds her that he knows she's the Queen. Regina wonders what she gets out of it, and Gold offers her help dealing with Mary Margaret. He suggests that he frame Mary Margaret for Kathryn's disappearance, and then Regina can leave a key for her to escape and then try to leave Storybrooke. When Regina wonders why she should trust him, Gold insists that he always honors his agreements.


Regina is out riding as her father Henry looks on. After she runs the course, Regina's mother Cora comes out and criticizes her for her riding saying she needs to be worrying about getting married. When the stable boy, Daniel, intervenes, Regina tells him to mind his place. Once he leaves, Regina asks Cora why she constantly criticizes her, and Cora insists that she's trying to help her. Regina walks away without a word but Cora stops her with a magic spell. She tells Regina to be an obedient daughter, and Regina wonders why she can't be herself. When she continues to resist, Cora wraps her in straps and squeezes until Regina agrees to be good. Her mother then releases her and Regina runs off to the stables. She apologizes to Daniel for snapping at him, and he says that she'll need to find a way to make it up to him... and then they kiss.


Now, David finds Emma on the streets and asks how Mary Margaret is doing. She points out that David accused her of killing Mary Margaret, and he insists that he didn't mean it that way. Emma says that Mary Margaret needs a miracle, not visitors, and drives away.

In her cell, Mary Margaret wakes up and finds Regina seated outside. The mayor says that she's stopped by to offer a chance to spare the messiness of a trial by confessing. Mary Margaret insists that she didn't kill Kathryn but the mayor points out the evidence against her and says that Mary Margaret will be leaving Storybrooke once and for all. Mary Margaret wonders why Regina hates her so much.


Regina rides into the countryside and meets Daniel. She admits that she has to be back in an hour for tea time, but Daniel is impatient for more time and honesty. Regina admits that her mother wouldn't understand, and wants people to move up in the world. Daniel insists that Regina tell Cora the truth, saying that love is the true magic, but Regina warns that with her magic, her mother can do anything to them. A girl rides by, her horse out of control, and Regina rides off after her. She manages to pull the girl off of the horse and she thanks Regina for saving her life. When she vows never to ride again, Regina tells her that one must face their fears. They introduce themselves and the girl says that her name is Snow White.


Gold suggests that Mary Margaret meet with the DA for a pre-trial interview, and believes that they can present her reputation as a sweet schoolteacher. If she cooperates with the DA, it will engender trust with the jury. Sydney comes in with flowers and Emma goes to talk to him. He admits that he's checked Regina's phone records and her purchases to see if she's bought a hunting knife, but hasn't found anything. When Emma comes back, Mary Margaret says that she'll talk to the DA to prove that she has nothing to hide. The DA, Albert Spencer (King George in the fairytale world), comes in with Regina and says that it's time to begin.

In the interrogation room, Regina and Emma watch as Spencer goes over how Kathryn confronts Mary Margaret at the school and slapped her. Mary Margaret says that she felt regret, not pain, but Spencer doesn't believe her. He probes further, asking if she acted on the anger and wanted Kathryn gone. Gold interrupts to try to stop the interview, but Spencer continues, asking if Mary Margaret wanted Kathryn gone. Mary Margaret finally snaps and admits that she wanted David's wife gone, as Regina smiles in triumph.


Regina is at the castle trying riding clothes when Cora comes in and transforms her clothing into an ornate dress. She explains that King Leopold is there to thank her for saving Snow... his daughter. Leopold enters and bows to Regina for helping Snow, and Cora prompts Regina to speak up. The king admits that Snow lost her mother years ago and he has spent his time since trying to find a new queen, someone who is interested in his daughter. He then kneels before Regina and offers her an engagement ring. Cora speaks up, saying that her daughter accepts.

Afterward, Regina goes to the stables and asks Daniel to marry her. She explains that Cora will never understand, and that Leopold has proposed to her. The only thing left for Regina is for the two of them to marry and run off. Daniel warns her that she is dooming herself to life with a stable boy, but Regina assures him that being queen means nothing to her and she cares about being with him. He accepts and says that they have to do it properly, and puts an engagement ring on her finger. As they kiss, Snow comes in to get back on the horse and sees them together. Crying, she runs off and Regina goes after her.

Regina finally catches up to the girl, who wonders why Regina is kissing another man when she's intended to be her mother. After a moment, Regina explains that no matter what Leopold's qualities are, she doesn't love him, and that true love is a magic that brings happiness. Snow understands and wants to tell her father, but Regina warns her that some people like her mother won't understand. She asks Snow to keep her secret and makes her promise not to tell anyone, particularly Cora. Snow agrees to do it.


Emma is at the docks reading Henry's storybook when August comes by and asks what she's doing. She admits that she isn't so sure about her instincts and what they tell her about Mary Margaret's innocence. August suggests that she try shifting her perspective, noting that things have changed since she first started investigating a missing-person report. Emma decides to go to the scene of the crime and August offers to drive her there. They take a motorcycle out to the toll bridge and examine the spot where Ruby found the box. As August goes down to the shore, he feels a sudden leg pain but dismisses it as nothing. Emma finds a shard from a shovel in the ground near the box, and she figures that if they can find the shovel with the missing piece, they can prove Mary Margaret's innocence. August figures that she knows whose shovel it is and Emma smiles in satisfaction.

That night, Regina checks in on Henry, who is apparently asleep. Once she leaves to take a shower, he gets out his radio and tells Emma that his mother is out of the way. Emma and August break into the garage outside and they find the shovel with the missing piece.


At the castle, Snow is looking at flowers when Cora comes in and cautions her against damaging them. She assures Snow that she's only trying to help and suggests that she be the flower girl at the wedding. Snow admits that Regina is kind to her and Cora asks her to share why Regina has pulled away from her. She insists that she would do anything to make her daughter happy, and says that she knows from Leopold how hard it was for Snow to lose her mother. When Cora says that she wants nothing for Regina but happiness, Snow tells her not to make Regina get married. She explains that Regina loves someone else and will lose her mother if she marries Leopold. Cora assures her that Regina won't lose her and tells Snow to tell the truth.


The next day, Emma serves Regina with a search warrant for the garage. She claims that someone left her an anonymous tip and Regina lets her into the garage. However, Emma discovers that the shovel is gone and figures that Regina knew she was coming. When she insists that Mary Margaret doesn't deserve what is happening to her, Regina insists that Mary Margaret is a liar and a murderer, and will never destroy another life again.

Emma goes to see August and accuses him of betraying her to Regina. He doesn't know what she's talking about and says that she should have faith in him, and insists that he's not a liar. Emma doesn't believe him and walks away.

Regina goes to the jail and tells Mary Margaret that the trial starts the next day and she wants to see her one last time before she is sentenced and taken out of Storybrooke. When she insists that she wants to see justice done, Mary Margaret says that she's innocent and has no idea what Regina is talking about. Crying, she tells Regina that she's sorry but the mayor refuses to accept her apology. She says that she knows Mary Margaret didn't kill Kathryn, but she still insists that Mary Margaret deserves what is happening to her.


Regina goes to the stables where Daniel is ready to run off with her. They find Cora waiting for them and she casts them both back into the stable. She seals them in and Regina asks her to let her talk. She says that she wants to be with Daniel, but Cora refuses to let her marry a stable boy after everything that she's done for her. Cora says that she's made deals to raise herself out of poverty, and insists that she loves Regina. When Regina says that they're going and asks what she plans to do, Cora asks if that is her final decision and wonders if it will make her happy. She says that she has no right to stop her and Regina steps forward to hug her. Cora then takes Daniel aside and tells him that if he wants to have a family, then there is one important lesson she has to give him. She says that parents always have to do what is best for their children, and then rips his heart out. Regina runs to her lover's body while Cora crushes the heart and tells Regina that she'll have to trust her because she knows best, and that love always fades and all that endures is true power.

Later, Regina prepares for her marriage and Snow comes to admire her. She assumes that Regina is marrying Daniel and admits that she told Regina that she told Cora the truth. Regina realizes that Snow broke her promise and the girl explains that she didn't want Regina to lose her mother like she lost hers. After a moment, Regina gains control of herself and assures Snow that she's not mad and understands that she was trying to help. She tells Snow that she is marrying Leopold and that Daniel has run away because what they had wasn't real. Regina dismisses it as an infatuation and says that she has something special with Leopold because it is about them becoming a family. Snow is happy to have Regina as a stepmother and hugs her. Cora comes in and tells the girl to pack for the trip to the castle. Once Snow leaves, Cora congratulates Regina on hiding her true feelings. Regina walks away, smiling, and Cora says that she's proud of her. However, Regina turns and realizes that Cora set up the whole thing, including Snow's out-of-control horse. Cora says she has no idea what she's talking about, and Regina mutters that she should have let Snow die.


Regina looks at the ring that Daniel gave her and says that they got Mary Margaret.

As Mary Margaret is taken to trial, Emma asks Gold why he's failed. He insists that Regina hasn't failed yet and assures her that there is still time for him to work a little magic and save Mary Margaret. Once Gold leaves, Emma picks up Sydney's flowers and throws them against the wall in frustration... and discovers the hidden transmitter inside.

August is going into the diner when Emma finds him and apologizes for doubting him. She shows him the transmitter and admits that she's been trusting the wrong people. August tells her not to beat herself up over it and that he knew she would eventually see what was right in front of her. They hear a scream and run around the diner to find Ruby. She says that someone is in the alley, and they run around to find Kathryn... alive.

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