Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 18

The Stable Boy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2012 on ABC

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  • Ok episode but some really disappointing information

    Well.... hmmm... this episode was great in that it finally explained why Regina hates Snow White so much. The problem is that the reason is insane, ridiculous and frankly, downright nearly impossible to believe. We also go to meet Regina's mother who is as evil as her daughter... and with some mystery surrounding her, which is always good on this show.

    The stories moved along, too, getting to see how Mr. Gold manipulated Regina to set up a piece of his plan. Then came the somewhat unexpected (altho not completely surprising) twist of Kathryn showing up alive. Oh my...

    Acting good as usual.... storyline moved along... the only downside was the hideous revelation of the root of Regina's hate. There has to be more than that! Right?
  • One of the best!

    I might even call this the best episode yet! If not, it comes pretty darn close! The storyline was so fascinating! Makes me hate Regina's mother more than I hated Regina. If Snow hadn't told her... none of this would ever be happening! The writers have excelled with such an amazing storyline!

    But with even the brilliance of this storyline, it was the cliffhanger at the end that was even better! I can't believe what Ruby discovered! I won't spoil it, but it is just incredible! What will all this lead to? I can't fuigure it out!

    Such an intense cliffhanger! I can't wait to know what happens next! Luckily the next episode is on tomorrow night here in Australia, so it won't b e as long a wait! Only four episodes to go, and I can't wait to find out what is yet to come in th e rest of Season 1!!!
  • One of my favorite episodes :)

    Really. Everytime you give me Regina or Mr. Gold - centered episode I am happy happy happy. This was an amazing episode andn every fan will appreciate it because we finally learned more about Evil Queen - mostly, what the hell made her so evil. And most importantly why she hates Mary Margaret so much and wants her to rot in jail. Interesting stuff, I hope this long 3-week break between new airings will pass by quickly and we will get new OUAT stuff in a jiffy. ~10/10~
  • Too contrived for me.

    I'm sorry, I just don't buy it. Misplaced hatred like this is just totally unbelievable and stupid. Regina witnesses her mother kill her love and then places all her hate on a young naive girl when she was obviously just doing what she thought was right? Come on! There's no way. I hate when writers contrive ridicules conflicts like this. It totally ruins the story.

    I enjoyed seeing Regina "before" and I liked the concept of seeing how she became evil. But... please. Could you at least make it a bit more believable?
  • Broken Heart

    Time doesn't heal all wounds, this to me is one of my favorate episodes of the show, which in a way is like a Shakesperian tragidy. It was interesting seeing what Regina was like in the past where she was a woman that was sweet, independent, and full of warmth. But also having a healthy relationship with Dannel a mere Stable Boy, I like the fact that she doesn't care about his status she loves the guy for who he is; that to me I feel is part of what love is that a certain difference whether in class, race, religion, or any other feature shouldn't matter, the feelings you share for each other and bond you create are what's important. In a way this makes this all the more heartwrenching because you know or have an idea of what's going to happen and you don't want it too happen but there's nothing you can do to stop it.

    It was also interesting seeing a really young version of Snow White, the child actor was perfectly cast, both we see use to be friends. And we see the reason why Regina hates snow because she accidently broke a promise she made; I always felt Snow's naivity wasn't just a strength but a weakness, at that age obviously wasn't aware that there are such things as abusive parients and the deceptions they would display. Though I don't feel Snow was totally at fault, Cora manipulated the truth out of Snow, so in reality it was Cora's fault.

    Barbra Hershey does a great job at playing Cora. Just like the mom she played in "Black Swan" Cora is just awful you just plain hate this person. She doesn't love Regina from the sick pleasure she gets from abusing Regina and just sees her as nothing but a tool, she is a person in love with power she believes in the philososphy that power is forever and that is all you need in life. But this is a crock of crap because in reality power doesn't last sooner or later it fades, as Ryuken from the anime movie "Fist of the North Star" said "Power without perception is spirtually useless and of no true value."

    Regina's transformation from good to evil is a bit similar like with the movie "Cronicle" where it exposed on one of the factors that create villians and supervillians in our world. In that movie it focused on a teen with superpowers but was unfortuantely a target of abuse from his low life father as well as bullies left and right. Like Regina this teen was a good kid didn't want to harm anyone and even had desires of his own, Regina it was to get married to Dannel, the teen it was to go to Tibet and take religon there (I think). But dire circumstances rob those desires and hopes with it from them and make them choose the role of villian/supervillan to lash out all the pain and angush on everyone.

    The final half was heartwrenching as we see the tragidy strike and Regina's heart breaking little by little till there it's gone. The greatest crime of humanity is to destroy love.
  • Regina's Winning

    Wow, things are really heating up! I've been hooked on this show, shame we have a fairly long wait until the next episode. It was great to finally see why Regina hates Snow White so much, which was revealed in this episode. Was also interesting to see what changed Regina into the Evil Queen we all love to hate.

    Specifically enjoyed the Storybrooke parts in this episode, as ever I love to see Mr Gold working his manipulation among both Regina and Emma. Mary Margaret begging Regina to tell her why she hates her so much was gold, as it emphasises just how oblivious everyone from the Forest is about their past lives, apart from Madame Mayor. Great episode!
  • The Stable Boy

    Is anyone else hooked on Once Upon a Time? Sure this show can be quite hokey at times but right now, I'm loving it. Tonight we got to see the beginnings of Regina and how she became an evil queen. It was a huge step of development especially seeing the reason why she wants to kill Snow White.

    Was Snow White really at fault to deserve all the things that the Queen did to her? The actual reason why could have been stronger than just a slip of the tongue of an innocent little girl, but it still worked, so I'm not complaining.

    Back in the real world, we've got Regina falsely accusing Mary Margaret. Week after week, this story line is just getting more and more intense. Liked the relationship developments between everyone.

    I like that Once Upon a Time has established likable main and supporting characters up to this point. How they're using them would usually be an issue with any other show but Once Upon a Time doesn't seem to struggle in this department.

    Great enjoyable episode tonight, the surprise ending was really all that this needed to make it the best in a long time. Excited for the weeks to come.
  • The Stable Boy

    The Stable Boy was a perfect episode of Once Upon a Time because it blended the story lines of both worlds splendidly and there was lot of significant character and plot development. It was awesome to see Regina before she was the Queen and more of her history with Snow White. Emma continues her investigation with some surprising help and finds a key clue only to be thwarted by Regina. In the end a surprising discovery in the alley behind Grannies left me wanting more! I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Bailee Madison stole this one

    Bailee Madison acting simply stole this episode. She was perfect, as if somehow they managed to turn back time and get a young Ginnifer Goodwin to do the part. The voice, the body movements, the eye expressions. Regardless of anything else, Bailee Madison made this episode worth watching.
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