Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 20

The Stranger

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2012 on ABC

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  • good episode,,, but Emma, get with it!

    Well, well, well.... SO THAT is who August is.... very interesting and well worth the wait. This episode is good in how it cleared up one mystery and created new ones. For example, what was with Regina and David? Is that her empty void acting up?

    And of course, the biggest question... what on earth will make Emma believe? Or even consider the possibility that what Henry says could be true? I mean, I know it would be hard to swallow... but with all the coincidences, how can she not stop and think about it for just a second??

    Gotta say, acting was spot on again. Dialogue crisp, even if some of the Fairy Tale Land scenes went on a little long at times
  • Wow!

    This was a brilliant episode! We finally find out more about August and the mystery that he presents! Can't belive who he turns aout to be and what happened to him back in the fairtyale world! It's astounding!

    The ending of the episode leaves a lot of questions! Is Emma seriously running away and leaving Storybrooke with Henry? It's sorta kidnapping, and not setting a good example as a sheriff and what not... :P

    But I'm worried that if she does leave with Henry, the Queen will try to stop Emma ever seeing him like she almost did that one other time.

    So many questions! I can't wait for the next two episodes! OUaT has been and still is brilliant! Can't wait for more!
  • AMAZING episode thanks to the Lost reference!

    I loved this episode anyway but the Lost reference made me say out loud OH MY GOD! I started crying at the sight of Oceanic Flight 815 flying over!

    It's strange, us losties are trying to move on but as soon as we see something like that, all the memories come rushing back (like a rush of blood to the head) and you realise how amazing that show was and what it felt like to love Lost. Thanks to once upon a time, they have that Lost style writing and the tone which makes me care about the characters and the story. The episode was so beautiful and I loved the father (Gepetto) and son (pinocchio) relationship so touching! I want more Lost references!
  • Splinter

    This episode I think is great because we discover who August really is Pinichio but also that Emma is the daughter of Snow and Charming. I'm not too supprised by that since there have been hints of that, though this would also mean Henry is the grandson of Snow and Charming so that's cool. Thoughout this episode the theme is on the consequences of irresponsiblity, and there is a parallel with Gepetto, Pinnocio/August, and Emma because all three have made a wrong choice and have failed to take responsibility on the roles their suppose to play, which makes the episode tragic.

    For Gepetto the choice he made is understandable because he was just being a father, but he was also suppose to be a hero. Once, he forces a unfair bargin on the Fairy I feel that is when he loses the title of hero, his love for Pinnocio is a selfish kind and he does teach Pinnocio a bad leason which does affect what happens latter. It's true there is such a thing as grey areas and everyone does lie but that doesn't mean you should.

    Pinnocio as we see in the end breaks the promise he made to his father which was to always protect Emma, he fails due to submiting to his own selfish desire of excaping from the crappy orphanage. There is a sign that is crappy with this one moment where Pinocio is fixing Emma's crib and there is this stupid frak head (probably drunk) handy man that barks at him not to touch or take a screw, even though Pinocio practically did his job, a simple job almost anyone at any age could do. Anyway, I can't help but feel if Pinocio stayed with Emma both could have gone into a good home together, if not at least he'd at least be able to take care of her as he got older and may'be both would have found a place to live. But most importantly there could of been a stronger bond between them and he could of taught her everything about the Fairy Tale world, which could help her become disallusioned in the world she lives in. He does come back to forfill his promise but as we see it was too late.

    Finally Emma, I always felt her sceptism was her weakness and now it's finally the very thing that will not just destroy the Fairy Tale characters but herself and Henry. We then see a moment when Pinnocio shows her the hard proof of his leg become wood but what she see in flesh and blood, it's revealed why she's so sceptical because she's mystically blind. This may'be be due to her bad experences since childhood which have crippled her sense of optimism. I think subconciously she does believe in what Pinnocio is saying after all how the heck could he know certain details, but also what he says to her about being a mesiah like hero she responds by saying she doesn't want to be a hero to everyone. The thing about roles are we don't really chose them they chose us, and like all roles we're required to do what we were ment to do whether we're ready or not. Emma we see makes the two wrong choices, instead of confronting things like she should she runs away.

    After what happens I have a bad feeling at this point Fate isn't smiling at her so Henry may be her last chance, hopefully Emma will believe because time is running out.
  • Pinocchio And Your Mission

    Great episode, finally the audience knows the August past. I like watch this episode because the story of Pinicchio connect all season, since the curse was unleashed in the pilot. Emma need to believe, but i think just Henry make her see the true. Excellent season of OUAT so far.
  • The Stranger

    The Stranger was a perfect episode of Once Upon a Time because it was hilarious to see it open with Henry at Granny's Diner sipping from a coffee mug reading the Fairy Tale book, we learn much more about August and who he is, and Emma decides to fight for Henry. There were a few cheesy moments, drawn out scenes with Regina and David, retold story lines from different perspectives and a spectacular ending amongst other incredible things. I really feel that the series is picking up the pace as the Fairy Tale world is seeming more real and brought up more often every episode. I loved the story of August and the Fairy Tale scenes. I believe the Blue Fairy has a bigger role in the series than we know at this point. I wonder if Fairies were outside the reach of the curse as their Magic is usually much different than any other source. Gepetto was awesome and full of passion, and Tony is a great actor, among all the others but this was definitely his episode for this season! What Emma did in the end after learning the truth about August and how they were connected was awesome and left me on the edge of my seat wanting more! I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Another meh episode with some good developments

    This episode didn't really do it for me. I love this show even with all of its flaws, but ever since the crapfest known as the "Dreamy" episode it has been so meh and uneven. I mean, "Hat Trick" and "The Stable Boy" were great but the last two... that's another story.

    -The episode again was sort of predictable.... they finally reveal who August is and he's Pinocchio, seriously? At least we finally know who he is and is story. That part of the episode was interesting.

    - I mean August's mission was sort of ridiculous but it had a purpose and was heartfelt and the fairytale flashbacks were great and it shows how much the special effects have improved on the show.

    - Tony Amnedola is such a great underrated actor. I loved his scenes with August, it was sad yet sweet.

    -August: "You're our only hope." Emma: "Then you're all screwed."- Oh Emma why are you stupid and useless. That's one of the main problems with this show, they still don't really know what to do with their main character. Granted, she is a lot more interesting and at least she has more layers but I still don't feel a connection to her. I understand she's supposed to be "normal", flawed and flawed person thrown into all this crazy stuff but I don't know...

    - What's about with the Blue Fairy? In no way in hell will I believe that Blue Fairy just accidentally:

    - Incited Rumple into making the curse

    - Made sure Geppeto is protected for the tree wardrobe building years before the curse and then just happened to be there to save Pinocchio out of her good will, while we exactly know that all magic comes with a price.

    - August's attempt to convince Emma that the curse was real wasn't very convincing. I totally understand Emma's skepticism.

    - Kidnapping Henry? Really Emma? Stop being stupid. Doing something that moronic only makes sense if you actually believe in the curse, which you do not.

    - Regina trying to seduce David.... so cheesy and awkward.I don't see a point either. Like they needed something to act as a C plot but couldn't think of something and needed to somehow shoehorn Lana into the episode. Nothing about it makes any logical sense and we've even had writers explain it with "Regina is ~evil!" Yes, fresh off of squishing someone's heart, attempting to frame someone for a murder and then having someone else take the blame, making a move on a single guy who is actually NOT EVEN DATING the chick you want to get back at is just not really evil.

    - Okkay... I'm sorry. I really bashing the show like this and I hope the finale makes up for these crappy.
  • Pretty Good

    This episode was pretty good. Not the best, for sure. We all knew that Booth was Pinocchio and that he was the one who found Emma. You know, I really don't like Gepetto. He fully knew what he was risking by wanting to save his son, yet he was willing to lie and risk everyone's lives. I really hope Emma starts believing soon, because this is getting ridiculous and rather annoying. I'd love to know why Regina was trying to seduce David... perhaps just to further ruin Mary Margaret's life? I LOVED when Henry told Regina that he thought she was capable of murder or framing someone for murder. It is pretty interesting that Emma and Booth were able to leave town, but Emma crashed when she tried to leave early on in the season. Maybe if you plan on returning, you can come back? Oh, and apparently, the plane that flew over was Oceanic Flight 815... gotta love the LOST references! :)
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