Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 2

The Thing You Love Most

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on ABC

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  • Heart of Darkness

    A much more tightly woven episode than the Pilot, the second offering from Once...benefits from a great cat and mouse fight between Emma and Regina, adding some much needed momentum to the Proceedings. This is primarily the Evil Queen's episode, and she friggin' rocks! I love a good TV bitch. Especially those that have no quarrels (ok, so there was, like, ONE tear) ripping their own father's heart out from his chest. Classic Disney. As with last week, the FX shots are sketchy, but I loved that they threw everything at us: whirls of mystical smoke, an awesome witch-bitch battle for a curse, a dome of vines, gnomes to stone - this was a magical blast! Kudos must also be given to Lana Parilla, whose venomous bite as the Evil Queen/Regina isn't so cut and dry. As Regina, it's difficult to tell sometimes whether or not the spell has affected her memory, of if she truly does care for Henry. It's also a nice seed to plant knowing that she's not the biggest threat in all of the land...and that she may get her comeuppance sooner rather than later. So, yeah, this was hella fun for me: awesome ideas, snappy writing and a very likeable cast so far. Does anyone else want to adopt Snow/Mary as their friend? Just me? Ahem...
  • Second episode lived up to the first's standard

    Wow, what a show! Lana Parilla and Robert Carlyle work great off of each other and leave you wanting a longer conversation. The final exchange between the two was riveting. The looks both give are subtle and spot on. I could watch that scene over and over and never tire of it.

    The story itself also progressed nicely. The writers have figured out a way to give us enough info while still leaving enough to wonder about. Kudos to the writers!
  • Another amazing episode!

    I do have to agere with the other reviewers that this episode was slower than the first, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable! :) It was very interesting, and particularly interesting to follow the storyline of the Evil Queen back with how she created the curse. Killing her father, whose name was Henry, that was really shocking!

    The last scenes of the episode also left me a little confused, particularly Rumpelstiltskin rapping up with the wors 'Please'. I'm not sure exactly what will go on there...

    I'm really liking Jennifer Morrison in this role! She's really great, and the rest of the cast is pretty good too! Can't wait to see how this will continue to develop and am really looking forward to it next week !:)
  • A little slower than the Pilot

    Okay, first of all, Kristin Bauer as Malifecent was really good. I hope we'll get to see more of Malifecent, as she is my favorite Disney villain.

    Regina tries everything to get Emma to leave Storybrooke. Seeing that she is the Mayor and everybody, including the Sheriff (Jamie Dornan) seems to be doing everything for her, she gets Emma arrested.

    But Mary Margaret bails her out and then Emma shows Regina her real face.

    So Emma decides to stay in Storybrooke, and funnily enough time finally started to move forward, as it was frozen before.

    It seems that Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin (a fantastic Robert Carlyle) knows who he is, at least it seems that way in the conversation he and Regina have at the end of the episode.

    Emma tells Henry she believes him and they need to start working against Regina, but it's quite clear that she doesn't believe, and she just tries to bond with her son.

    But as Henry said in this episode, ''I know the Hero never believes at first, if they did, it wouldn't be a very good story.''

    I also thought the conversation between Emma and Mary Margaret was cute, especially when Mary said that she has a feeling they know each other. :D

    Back in fairy tale land the EQ is preparing the curse to end all happiness, and Rumpelstilskin tells her, that she needs the heart of the thing she loves most.

    She kills her father, which just shows she'll stop at nothing to make her evil plans happen.

    The name of the EQ's father also makes me believe Regina knows who she is, cause her father's name was Henry, just like her adopted son.

    Overall this was a slower episode, but I guess it's important to tell the story properly, and the show is just so unique, I can't wait to watch the rest.
  • Less entertaining than the first...

    But still a really good episode..

    Over at StoryBrooke, Emma and Regina go head to head on the subject of Emma's invovlement in Henry's life. Regina throws a number of obstacles in Emma's face, including getting her evicted from her hotel room after getting her arressted by framing her, and then attempting to taint her image in Henry's eyes.

    Emma however will not stand down and has to make sure Henry is okay now that he's walked into her life, and she does this with the help of Mary, and the Sheriff.

    In Fairy Tale Land, the evil queen steals back the curse from Mallificent and does so in a quite exiting throwdown, but it dosen't work. After a conversation with rumpelstilskin, it becomes clear that she needs to sacrifice the one thing she loves most, her father.

    The evil queen does this and a curse works and the episode ends with Regina realising the true identity of Emma.

    It was enjoyable to say the most. The actors did a brilliant job in portraying their characters, especially Lana Parilla, but it just seems really early for the evil queen to have a soft side. She's the main villain of the show, and it just seemed to make her seem vulnerable in a way just takes away from some of the allure that comes with her evil prescense.

    Also the first twenty minutes were kind of slow, and we need to see more of Fairy Tale land. I get this was all about the queen and the dark side, but to experience the show in it's full horizons, I really want to see more.

    Anyway, another good epsiode. Not as good as the first but it's always expected for the pilot to be better than others with shows. Can't wait for more!
  • It is great, but quality of the acting is static.

    I watched the Pilot a while back and wrote it off as "Meh", but a friend of mine raved about the show so I decided to continue with the second episode. The acting and performances are static, it is good but it has dips here and there where the acting seems bad. On the bright side the story is interesting and the fairy tales seem to be rewritten a bit, at least from the stories I read when I was little. These different views on those classic tales make the show interesting. I am also really liking the battle between Emma and Regina.
  • This episode sold it

    I have to admit, the series premiere really didn't do anything for me. Hell, I was more willing to sit through a few episodes of Ringer than sit down and watch this episode. But, I came to my senses (I won't lie, Ringer just kept getting worse...) and I finally got around to watching this episode (ep 2) a few days ago. And oh my... I really should have made the effort sooner.

    I loved this episode. It was dark, I had a great time watching it, the plot unfolded nicely, and the reason for Emma staying seemed natural and logical. They really upped their game with this one - development, tone...

    This episode gave us insight into the Dark Queen's motivations and actually humanised her a bit. It gave her depth, and I really think we needed that to continue watching (with genuine interest, rather than a way to pass time)
  • There are already very few people willing to adopt kids. To cast them in this light is awful. The whole thing is disgusting. if I was regina I would say "here. Start taking care of your son! Lets start with his tuition to the private school."


    Seeing how bimbo Emma doesn't work, it would be interesting to see what she would do when Henry could no longer attend classes where he wanted to, and could no longer have regular meals soon after that. That kid makes me angry. He takes stuff from regina, but isn't grateful. If you take things from someone, no matter what, you should be grateful. Many kids would be so happy to live like he does, they would be beside themselves. I hate ingratitude.

    And what the heck are they all so sorry for? that arsewipe doctor WANTS to be cricket? Seriously?

    And how do you bail out someone when no bail has been set? The sheriff didn't have to let that hooker out just because someone produced money. Bail is a privilege. Not a right. It is set by a judge if it is warranted. You don't just show up with money and poof someone goes free. I just hate that little kid more every time. I am feeling more sorry for Regina all the time, and I really just think Emma looks like a hooker. An old hooker. BTW...no one with eyes would think that Snow White would be prettier then Regina. Snow White is an ugly big eared freak. And she is uglier yet with those awful sweaters and ugly chemo therapy hair cut. And Emma is 28?? LOL!!!!! More like 48. If she is 28 years old, then she should be an advertisement for sun screen.

  • Very interesting episode!


    While the Pilot episode seemed to focus on the good creatures from the fairy tale land, this episode seems to focus more on the villains. The Evil Queen is given much more depth now. We see fully how vicious and heartless she is, yet at the same time see a trace of vulnerability in her. Her hatred of Snow White had become so intense that she'd rather kill her own father than bear the possibility of Snow White living happily ever after. However, she spares Maleficent's life because the other villainess is her only friend.

    Speaking of whom, Maleficent made for an appropriately neat yet nasty character, the scene with her was so riveting. The Magic Mirror, which finally appears in this episode, was amusing and the sort of character that should be used more often.

    There's also another highlight for this episode I have that the other reviewers seemed to not comment on; The Queen's meeting with the other fairy tale villains. The other villains look like such an interesting yet frightening group, big props for the costume and makeup people on the show that created them. Yet, and this may be my favorite part of the scene, with the possible exception of the Giant who may have been from 'Jack and the Beanstalk,' none of the other villains(i.e. The gnome, the blind witch, the axe- wielding dwarf) were really recognizable from any of the well- known fairy tales. Considering that the Queen says they have the "Darkest hearts" in the land, they must have done some pretty evil stuff, which makes me wonder what their stories were, and if we'll see any more of them in Storybrooke.

    Back in Storybrooke, Regina seems to be ramping up her efforts to get rid of Emma, but that just makes Emma all the more eager to stay. It was nice to see more of Dr. Hopper, he always contributes interesting insight to the show, and I look forward to seeing more of him on the show.

    All in all, a very good episode that makes me hope the series stays around for a good long while.

  • A Terrific Evil Queen Episode *Spoiler Alert*


    This amazing episode focused on the back story of the Evil Queen, giving us a deeper look at the character we know, but don't know much about. I loved the fairy tale world's segment in this episode so much. We learn the evil queen has a dark past, has some very interesting friends, and also has a father who's name is "Henry"! I loved the darkness of this segment, and the fantastic performance from Lana (The Evil Queen/Mayor Regina) in this episode.

  • Great!!


    I will be honest when i watch the once upon a time pilot i really didnt enjoy but i felt i would give the show another chance and im so glad i did because i found myself really enjoying this episode, i loved the whole originality from this show and how nothing on t.v is like it, my only concern for this show at the moment is im not to sure how long this show can actually go on for, so far we havet really been given a big storyline that will carry the whole show, but i will worry about that when i need to but for now all that matters is that this is a great show and if every episode is of this qulaity i may just have a new obbession

  • The Thing You Love Most


    The Thing You Love Most was a perfect and entertaining episode of Once Upon A Time. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of intrigue, more revelations about how things came to be in Storybrooke, and some great character and plot development. The Evil Queen begins to figure out what is happening and who Emma is. It was great to see Kristin Bauer play Maleficent. It was great how Emma starts to believe in Henry a little more. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • This episode was just over the top i want to rate it more than 10 because it was much much better than the pilot and the pilot was amazing. (Beware Spoilers!!!)


    This episode revealed to us how the evil queen casted the curse bringing all of the characters to our world and it was so evil and intense i felt she lost her soul for doing that what i mean is if you want to make snow white suffer there are millions of ways to do that but killing your own father this is just sick no one would ever do that just to make someone else suffer even if you cant stand the thought of the person you hate is living. Meanwhile in our world Regina was trying to get Emma to leave town and we discovered why she named Emma's son Henry and that made me feel a little bad for her and made me think that she isregrettingthedecisionshe made which is killing her father Henry. The way Emma acted in this episode only made me want to know more about her and i loved the way she went and took almost half of the tree down knowing that these apples were going to be used by her as poison. The end just made me want more from this series i love all the characters already and i want to see how Emma will put an end to Regina aka The Evil Queen and make her father and mother remember who they are and also remember that she is their daughter. Cant wait for next week's episode and judging from the promo it looks so promising and maybe better than this episode.

  • Second episode better than the first and that is saying something.


    I am hooked on this show. It has great characters and makes you sit on the edge of your seat. The cast really shines and makes you want to know what happens next. The flashbacks to the past are expertly intertwined with the current continuity which helps the suspense.

    I would recommend this show to everybody but the most coldhearted cynic.