Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 2

The Thing You Love Most

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on ABC

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  • There are already very few people willing to adopt kids. To cast them in this light is awful. The whole thing is disgusting. if I was regina I would say "here. Start taking care of your son! Lets start with his tuition to the private school."


    Seeing how bimbo Emma doesn't work, it would be interesting to see what she would do when Henry could no longer attend classes where he wanted to, and could no longer have regular meals soon after that. That kid makes me angry. He takes stuff from regina, but isn't grateful. If you take things from someone, no matter what, you should be grateful. Many kids would be so happy to live like he does, they would be beside themselves. I hate ingratitude.

    And what the heck are they all so sorry for? that arsewipe doctor WANTS to be cricket? Seriously?

    And how do you bail out someone when no bail has been set? The sheriff didn't have to let that hooker out just because someone produced money. Bail is a privilege. Not a right. It is set by a judge if it is warranted. You don't just show up with money and poof someone goes free. I just hate that little kid more every time. I am feeling more sorry for Regina all the time, and I really just think Emma looks like a hooker. An old hooker. BTW...no one with eyes would think that Snow White would be prettier then Regina. Snow White is an ugly big eared freak. And she is uglier yet with those awful sweaters and ugly chemo therapy hair cut. And Emma is 28?? LOL!!!!! More like 48. If she is 28 years old, then she should be an advertisement for sun screen.