Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 2

The Thing You Love Most

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on ABC

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  • Less entertaining than the first...

    But still a really good episode..

    Over at StoryBrooke, Emma and Regina go head to head on the subject of Emma's invovlement in Henry's life. Regina throws a number of obstacles in Emma's face, including getting her evicted from her hotel room after getting her arressted by framing her, and then attempting to taint her image in Henry's eyes.

    Emma however will not stand down and has to make sure Henry is okay now that he's walked into her life, and she does this with the help of Mary, and the Sheriff.

    In Fairy Tale Land, the evil queen steals back the curse from Mallificent and does so in a quite exiting throwdown, but it dosen't work. After a conversation with rumpelstilskin, it becomes clear that she needs to sacrifice the one thing she loves most, her father.

    The evil queen does this and a curse works and the episode ends with Regina realising the true identity of Emma.

    It was enjoyable to say the most. The actors did a brilliant job in portraying their characters, especially Lana Parilla, but it just seems really early for the evil queen to have a soft side. She's the main villain of the show, and it just seemed to make her seem vulnerable in a way just takes away from some of the allure that comes with her evil prescense.

    Also the first twenty minutes were kind of slow, and we need to see more of Fairy Tale land. I get this was all about the queen and the dark side, but to experience the show in it's full horizons, I really want to see more.

    Anyway, another good epsiode. Not as good as the first but it's always expected for the pilot to be better than others with shows. Can't wait for more!