Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2013 on ABC

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  • I Loved

    Jorge Garcia as Hurley worked. He was somewhat bumbling but endearing. Unfortunately Jorge Garcia has little range as an actor and that detracts from this series.

    But it just doesn't work in Once Upon A Time. Every time he shows up I feel like it is an attempt to spike the rating due to the Lost connection. It sure can't be due to his acting ability which is just plain awful, to be kind.

    I hope that this is the last that we see of this Giant.
  • once upon a time "tiny"

    i think that this episode was a bit boring because it mostly centered around the giant and i didnt really care for his backstory but i enjoyed emma, henry and mr gold at the airport next episode looks exciting so im definately looking forward to that
  • Jack is a Girl?

    I agree with others that say this was not a great episode, but it did satisfy by OUAT addiction. It was great to Cassidy Freeman (miss her from I wish she would be back for a few more.

    On a different note, did you notice Snow's look when Tiny mentioned the possibility of growing magic beans and thereby allowing for passage back to Fairytail land. She was not thrilled.

    And what is in store for our accident victim? Will Belle get her memory back? Maybe a trip to the well is in order...
  • Not amazing, but very good.

    This was a good episode of Once Upon a Time but not quite up to the amazing standards of a few episodes ago. The past storyline of what happened to the giants wa s actually quite interesting and I wonder if Tiny will be seen more often in the series?

    But the evenst of the present time in Storybrooke were not up to what I was expecting. I wanted more on that car accident guy but he was barely in one scene. Maybe two. I was also expecting more to happen with Rumpelstiltskin and his search but it took a whole episode just to get on the plane sadly. Also Regina didn't seem like herself - I wonder if Cora is pulling off some more shape-shifting?

    Overall, not a bad episode, but they should have and could have done a whole lot more with it.
  • Big Tiny

    Tiny was a phenomenal episode of once upon a time. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of significant character development and the story was extremely well written with lots of awesome plot progression. It was very interesting to see what Prince James had done to betray tiny in the past along with his then girlfriend Jack. It was interesting to see Rumpelstiltskin dealing with some side effects after removing The Talisman he had created to protect him temporarily. It was awesome watching how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • all in the family

    Glad to see Hugo and Tess getting some work.

    A good episode, but not a great one. When there's so many characters its hard to give each of them their time, but OUAT is managing. Not sure why you needed six dwarves and a giant to dig one hole to plant a little shard of beanstalk, but the imagery was nice.

    Was it really necessary to take a plane? I thought Storybrooke was in the boondocks of Maine, but apparently you can drive to Boston from there. Why not just fly out of Portland or Portsmouth. Anyhow. a normal Gold should provide means a magical showdown between Cora and Regina. But we'll see.

    What most excited me was the preview. Neal = Bael? they must be adding cornstarch because the plot thickens.
  • Tiny was a BIG episode!

    So much went on here- Rumple and Emma's quest to find Bae, complicated by Henry; a glimpse of King George's real "Prince James" (and his girlfriend Jaq; pity they killed her off!): even finding out David's real name was I loved that the "dwarf" giant gets adopted by the 7 dwarves.

    The partnership between Regina and Cora remains to be explored in future- with Henry off in the outside world, they have plenty of time to wreak havoc on Storybrooke before he finds out. And Hook is going to play both ends against the middle until Emma gets back (maybe longer!)

    Gregor Mendel (shout out to the first geneticist- oh yeah!) confesses to "Annie" that he's seen the magic in Storybrooke- if only Ruby had been smart enough to be completely honest, they wouldn't be setting up a partnership that's going to get them in real trouble. "Cuz where are they going to find more magic in Storybrooke, now that Rumplestiltskin's gone? The ladies who've gone underground!

    I can't wait for next week!
  • Awesome

    This awesome, fast-paced and story-moving ep makes up greatly for all the very disappointing eps recently.