Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2013 on ABC

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  • all in the family

    Glad to see Hugo and Tess getting some work.

    A good episode, but not a great one. When there's so many characters its hard to give each of them their time, but OUAT is managing. Not sure why you needed six dwarves and a giant to dig one hole to plant a little shard of beanstalk, but the imagery was nice.

    Was it really necessary to take a plane? I thought Storybrooke was in the boondocks of Maine, but apparently you can drive to Boston from there. Why not just fly out of Portland or Portsmouth. Anyhow. a normal Gold should provide means a magical showdown between Cora and Regina. But we'll see.

    What most excited me was the preview. Neal = Bael? they must be adding cornstarch because the plot thickens.