Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2013 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Anton is in the hole, clinging to the pipe, the townspeople lower a rope so Charming can go down and rescue him. But there's a shot of Anton that shows the rope dangling behind him before the rope is tossed into the hole.

    • Trivia: Behind the opening title, Anton is seen pushing a tree into the ground.

  • Quotes

    • David: All right, Gold, you're going out there with my family. Just know if anything happens to 'em...
      Gold: Then you'll what? Cross the town line? And David Nolan will hunt me down in his animal rescue van?

    • Hook: You didn't even ask me about your recovery.
      Mary Margaret: How are you doing, Hook?
      Hook: Come closer and feel for yourself.

    • Leroy: No funny business. I'm watching you, pirate.
      Hook: Yes, dwarf. That should deter me from any malfeasance.

    • Jack: I'm not so sure about this family of yours, Anton. Doesn't sound like they appreciate you.
      Anton: They're not so bad. Except for the making fun of me. And the pushing me around. And the harsh words. Oh yeah, it's sort of bad.

    • Mary Margaret: Guess we found our giant. I just didn't think he would be so...
      David: Giant?
      Mary Margaret: My mistake.

    • David: Here's to not getting squashed by a giant.
      Mary Margaret: I'll drink to that.

    • Leroy: So let me get this straight. You got a twin brother?
      David: Yeah!
      Leroy:Whose name is James?
      David: Right!
      Leroy:I thought your name is James?
      David: No, actually it's not.
      Leroy:Charming, then?
      Mary Margaret: No, that's the nickname I gave him.
      Leroy:Wait, hold on, what the hell is your name?
      David: David.
      Leroy:Your curse name?
      David: My real name.
      Leroy:What, you're David, James, and Charming, and James is like a middle name?
      David: No, it's my name name.
      Leroy:You know, I'm going to call you whatever I damn well please! Is that okay?
      David: Sure, Leroy.

  • Notes

    • Injoke: Just prior to Emma and Mr Gold's plane taking off, the attendant announced they were flying Ajira Airways. This was a fictional airliner used in Lost for the group's return trip to the island.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: February 10, 2013 on CTV 2
      Slovakia: April 14, 2013 on JOJ
      Australia: June 13, 2013 on 7TWO
      Sweden: June 27, 2013 on Kanal 5
      UK: June 30, 2013 on Channel 5
      Ireland: August 17, 2013 on RTE TWO

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