Once Upon a Time

Season 6 Episode 22

The Final Battle Part 2

Full Episode: The Final Battle Part 2


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Emma regains her memory but discovers that the Black Fairy has set the perfect trap for her. Meanwhile, the Evil Queen makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her former kingdom, and Gold is forced to choose between Good and Evil.

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Jun 06, 2017
Just watched this finale... Damn incredible way to wrap up a season and end with a happy ending. Holy smokes I totally cried. I honestly didn't think that Rumple was going to be so selfless and save everyone like that, but i am proud of the everyone. Bravo!!!
May 19, 2017
So this was the last episode for now. Does anybody have more infomation on the continuation of this series? I've enjoyed it, but an obese snow white is more than a little bit odd.

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