Once Upon a Time

Season 7 Episode 14

The Girl in the Tower

Full Episode: The Girl in the Tower


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While Samdi makes a confession to Regina, Hook makes a deal with Tilly. In the past, Alice bonds with someone.

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May 01, 2018
This is an episode with the female Robin Hood whose father was the previous (male) Robin Hood.
Coincidentally I saw reruns of Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood which also has a (male) Robin Hood.
Robot of Sherwood is a Peter Capaldi episode and kinds of parallel to the fact that Capaldi would later be succeeded by a woman Jodie Whittaker.
Interesting flashback in which Robin meets Alice after the latter gets out of the tower.

Matthew See
Spocksoc Vice President
Apr 30, 2018
Regina talks about feelings.
I know about this subject as I a Chinese man has feelings for my wife the very white Karen Gillan.

Matthew See
Karen Gillan’s Chinese Husband

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