Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 2

We Are Both

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

The seven dwarves approach the edge of Storybrooke to determine if they can leave the town now that magic has returned. They draw straws to see which one will cross over and Sneezy draws the short one. When he hesitates, Leroy shoves him over and Sneezy is covered in a glowing blue nimbus.

In town, the citizens clean up after the devastation caused by the wraith's attack. August, transformed back into wood, lies in his boarding room with no one any the wiser. In the streets, Ruby organizes search parties for the missing and directs people to Archie for counseling if they need it. The Mother Superior warns her that people are starting to panic.

David goes to Regina's home and shows her the hat she used to open the portal. She wonders why he hasn't posted guards and David reminds her that she can't leave the house for fear the townspeople will kill her. When Regina points out that she has her magic back, David doesn't believe it given her mixed performance against the wraith, and tells her that she's only alive because Henry made him promise. Returning to the hat, Regina claims that she doesn't remember where she got it. David asks how they can get his family back if the hat is useless and Regina points out that they were sent to the void where the Enchanted Forest once existed, and there they'll be dead. She's happy to get her magic back eventually, telling David that she'll have Henry back when she does, but David points out that if she needs magic then she doesn't really have her adopted son.


Regina tries to escape her family lands only for the trees to come alive and snatch her back. Cora arrives wielding her book of spells and explains that her barrier spell will only allow Cora to leave if she is with King Leopold once they marry. Regina tells her mother that she only wants to be free, but Cora tells her that the path to freedom is with power and assures her daughter that she will show her how.


As David finds Henry, everyone runs up to the Prince with questions, but he ignores them and finds the Mother Superior. She admits that even if there were a tree leading back to the Enchanted Forest like the tree that Emma came through, she has no fairy dust to activate it. The dwarves arrive and tell everyone that after trying to cross the barrier, Sneezy no longer has any memory of his life in the Enchanted Forest. As everyone starts to panic, David tells everyone to come back in two hours and he'll tell them his plan. As he walks off, Ruby asks what his plan is and he hopes that he'll have one in two hours.

At home, Regina tries to ignite a candle using magic but fails. When she goes out to her car, she finds Archie waiting for her. He suggests that she might want to talk about her pain to help herself but Regina tells him that she knows who she is and drives off.


Regina is attending to Snow in preparation for the wedding and imagines strangling the girl for betraying her lover Daniel to Cora. After getting ahold of herself, Regina tells Snow that she doesn't remember where she got Daniel's ring. She goes to see her father and warns him that Cora is making her crazy. He says that his wife just wants Regina to have what she never had. When Regina wonders how Cora obtained the book of spells, Henry explains that a man gave her to it and it's the book that made Cora what she is today. He doesn't know the man's name but Regina suspects that it is inscribed in the book.


Regina goes to the pawnshop and searches for the book, and Gold confronts her. He realizes what she wants and tells her that she should relax and let the magic come to her, but Regina insists that she needs it now. Gold tells her to leave, saying it isn't in his best interests to help her. When Regina threatens to reveal that the Enchanted Forest still exists and that Gold hid that knowledge, Gold relents and gives her the book. However, he warns her that trying to use that much magic can be dangerous. Unconcerned, Regina walks away but stops when Gold says that he can finally see her resemblance to her mother Cora.


Regina takes the book of spells from beneath Cora's pillow as her mother lies sleeping and goes back to the balcony. She finds Rumpelstiltskin's name in the book and tries to say it out loud. He's already waiting for her and introduces herself, saying that he knows all about her. Rumpelstiltskin tells Regina that he knew her long ago and has been waiting for the day when they would be back together.


Regina sits in her yard beneath the apple tree and looks at the book.

At the apartment, David tries to rehearse a speech but admits to Henry that he doesn't have anything. Henry goes through his storybook and confirms that the hat belongs to the Mad Hatter and that he used it to travel between worlds. When David wonders who in town is the Mad Hatter, Henry says that he doesn't know but suggests that his grandfather check at the crisis center after he gives his speech. David gets an idea and leaves with the hat, ignoring Henry's pleased to let him help.

Gold is packing his bags at the pawnshop when David storms in. He wants to buy a way to find someone like the ring that Rumpelstiltskin gave him in the Enchanted Forest. Gold asks for an object belonging to the person David wants found, but David knows better and asks for the tracking spell. The pawnbroker reluctantly hands it over but demands for David's promise not to interfere in his business. David agrees but only if Gold makes the same promise, and he does. As David starts to leave, Gold asks what happened to the magical border surrounding Storybrooke. David tells him that it wipes their memories of their real lives and leaves, and Gold smashes a case in frustration.


Rumpelstiltskin tells Regina that he has much history with her family, in the past and in the future. He wonders if she wants power to hurt others but Regina insists that she doesn't want to hurt anyone. Stroking her cheek, Rumpelstiltskin says that she has power and offers to show her how to create the magic to make a doorway and send Cora away. When Regina refuses, insisting that she doesn't want to become like her mother, Rumpelstiltskin agrees to do the magic. He creates a portal, wrapped in paper as a wedding gift, that leads to a world without magic, and tells Regina that all she has to do is push her mother through it.


Regina opens the book and absorbs the magic. As she smiles at the sensation of power, the rotting apples on the tree above her spring back into life.

ON the street, David pours Gold's potion on the hat and it floats away toward its owner. David follows it and it stops at an overturned car. Jefferson is inside, among the debris of his child's doll and toy set, and David helps him out and says that they need to talk.

At the town hall, the people have gathered as Henry tries to call David without success. Regina smashes her way in, casting Archie and Leroy back when they try to stop her. Granny shoots a crossbow bolt at her but Regina catches it and turns it into a fireball. Ruby asks what Regina wants and Henry steps forward, saying that she wants him. He agrees to go with her as long as she doesn't harm anyone else and Regina takes her son away with her.

David asks Jefferson if he can do anything with the hat but Jefferson points out that they destroyed it. He admits that the Enchanted Forest still exists and that Emma and Mary Margaret may not have died instantly, but he has no way to get there. When David threatens to throw him back in jail if he doesn't cooperate, Jefferson invites him to do so, saying that then they will both suffer for their double lives. He runs off and David starts to go after him, but Ruby finds him and says that Regina has her magic back and has taken Henry. David is busy focusing on Emma and Mary Margaret, but Ruby says that the town will fall apart without him.

Regina takes Henry home and he tries to escape, but she enchants the tree to stop him. He has no choice but to give in and asks how long she's going to imprison him. Regina says that she rescued him but he reminds her that she ruins lives and made sure that no one would believe him when he said that the fairy tales were real. Regina promises that things will change now that she doesn't have to keep secrets and that she will teach him magic and let him bring friends over. Henry tells her that all of his friends are scared of her and won't come, and Regina offers him the power to make them love her. He tells Regina that he doesn't want to be her and leaves his room.


Cora comes to see her daughter as she prepares for her wedding and sees Rumplestiltskin's "gift." She removes the wrapping and discovers that it's a full-length mirror. Cora shows Regina her reflection and promises her that once Leopold dies, she can assume power and take over. When Regina advances on her, Cora immobilizes her arms with a spell and says that it isn't that easy to get rid of her. Rumpelstiltskin's image appears on the mirror and he motions to Regina to do it, and she shoves forward and pushes her mother into the mirror. Cora tries to hang on but is quickly sucked in. The glass shatters as Regina stares and realizes what she's done.


David drives to the edge of the town, stopping the panicked townspeople as they try to leave town. He warns them that they will lose themselves if they cross the line, and that he wouldn't give up his memories of his life as David, because they remind him of his strengths. David assures the townspeople that if they stay then every choice will be open to them, to do whatever they want. He promises that he won't let Regina hurt them and that they must all come together as they did in the Enchanted Forest. The townspeople consider what David has said and then nod in agreement and go back into Storybrooke.


As Regina prepares to ride out of the kingdom, Rumpelstiltskin meets her on the side of the road. She gives him the book back and he asks her how it felt to use magic. Regina says that it doesn't matter because she won't do it again, and admits that she loved it. Rumpelstiltskin smiles and says that she's discovered who she is, and that she can do so much more if she accepts his tutelage. When Regina wonders what he gets out of it, Rumpelstiltskin tells her that someday she will do something for him. As Regina contemplates the book, she asks Rumpelstiltskin if she will become like her mother and he tells her that the choice is up to her.


David goes to Regina's home, ready to fight, and demands to see Henry. She tells him that he won't need to fight and calls Henry down. Regina then tells her son that he can home with David and that she was wrong to bring Henry there. She doesn't remember much about loving well but she does remember that holding someone doesn't make them love their captor. After saying that she wants to redeem herself, Regina sends Henry to get his things. David asks her to prove her newfound desire for redemption by telling him if the Enchanted Forest still exists. She admits that it does but that she has no way to get anyone back there. When she realizes that David plans to find a way no matter what, Regina asks David to take care of her son and he assures her that he can do that.

The townspeople reopen their shops as Leroy and the other five remaining dwarves leave town. They run into Sneezy, who wonders what they're doing, and Leroy tells him that they're going to find fairy dust for the fairies.

Henry finds Marco and tells him what has happened to his son. The man goes to his son's boarding room and finds Pinocchio's hat on the table.

Gold stands on the edge of town, trapped despite all his plans.

Regina considers burning the book of spells she obtained from Gold. Finally she puts it in a cabinet and locks it.

At the diner, David tells Henry that Mary Margaret and Emma are still alive and that the Enchanted Forest still exists. When Henry wonders how he knows, David tells him that he can feel that they're alive.


Mulan and Aurora lead their prisoners, Mary Margaret and Emma, to the refugee community amid the ruins of the Enchanted Forest. When Mary Margaret tries to run, Mulan stuns her and has the guards take her and Emma to their prison. As Emma tends to her mother, Cora steps out of the shadows and offers to help, saying that she's a friend.