Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 2

We Are Both

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2012 on ABC

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  • A clever title goes here!

    As much a I love this series I was a little confused. Mulan and Sleeping beauty accuse Mary Margaret and Emma for bringing the Raith back into their world. Then Mulan takes them prisoner and throws them both into a cave with Cora, Regina's evil mother. Doesn't Mulan know that Mary Margaret is really Snow White. I guess it all adds up to the suspense.
  • We Are Both was Phenomenal!

    We Are Both was such a phenomenal episode of Once Upon a Time because there was a lot of significant character and plot development. It was awesome to watch as Magic was being used by various party's for their own agendas. It was great watching Charming take the lead and protect Henry. I liked how Regina dealt with the situations at hand, and it was definitely nice to see what she did towards the end. Regina's past with her mother was revealed in more detail, and it was also great to learn more about Rumpelstiltskin who seems to have fingers in every thing! The 7 Dwarves discover something interesting about the boundary of Storybrooke. I loved how well Lana Parrilla plays the duality of Regina. It was awesome watching her let Henry be free so she would not become her mother in turn. The scene with everyone getting back to work in Storybrooke was awesome! It was interesting to see Snow and Emma in the Fairytale World and I couldn't believe what happened to them. When Emma and Snow are thrown in the pitt, Cora makes her entrance and it was awesome! It reminded me of the episode of V re-imagined when Anna's mother Diana makes her first appearance in the bowels of the ship. Both Barbara Hershey and Jane Badler are bad a$5 mothers! I liked how the story played out and certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Holy mother!!!

    That's what this episode should have been called. I want to live there...noone aged! I've been waiting on these flashbacks about Regina and her mother for months now and finally the writers admit it: David is weak!!!! To other episodes like this one ;)
  • Still strong

    This season is great so far, this episode was still very strong. We got some more backstory on Regina and Cora and how Regina got her magic.

    I wonder what's going to happen next now that nobody can leave Storybrooke and Regina has her magic back, especially how they're going to find Snow and Emma. I'm looking forward to new episodes!
  • Absolutely spectaculr!

    Wow, OUaT continues to deliver with a sublime episode again! I was surprised by the lack of scenes with Snow White and Emma, but I think in hindsight they executed it to perfection, bringing them in really late with a phenomenal cliffhanger to follow!

    Not to mention - there is a lot of interesting stuff going on for many characters, with Rumpelstiltskin contemplating something interesting... wonder if he will do it?

    I also have to defeintely feel sorry for Regina, as you can only blame her mother for what she has become. She was onec a great person...

    I'm really loving this show and can't wait to see how it continues!