Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 17

Welcome to Storybrooke

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2013 on ABC

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  • You've got to be kidding

    After such a great season the last two episodes are just killing me. I wanted to punch every single character of this episode in the face. Especially Henry and Snow. Henry's character is being slowly destroyed right after the moment he met his father. He went from a really lovable child character to a complete idiot in 3 episodes. And Snow... Instead of being happy that she protected her family from a completely crazy b*tch, she now feels bad for simply have nothing else to say - the last two episodes have simply ruined the whole season.
  • Welcome to Storybrooke

    Welcome to Storybrooke was a phenomenal episode of Once Upon a Time. I really enjoyed watching because more of the past was revealed in correlation to the present. The story was intriguing and full of character growth and plot twists. There were a few interesting surprises. I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Spectacular back story!

    This was a phenomenal episode and I really loved it! With Regina being my favourite character, I was thrilled that this one was centered all around her, an d we explored some events about directly after the curse hit, which was nice because we haven't really seen that perido of time explored before.

    Some interesting events with Regina's character both in past and in present, culminating in a spectacular final scene! That last scene was done so brilliantly and I wonder if it will continue to play out that way! Will Snw really turn evil?

    Regina is just amazing! And in fact, so is everyone else! This episode was downright flawless and spectacular! I can't wait to see the next one!
  • Closed some holes

    I enjoyed watching this episode. Now we know why Regina wanted a child. She was lonely and was getting tired of the "Groundhog Day" activities. Prior to the end, I had a hunch that the stranger was Owen all grown up. So what did happen to his father? SInce time stopped for all of Storybrooke residents, did Owen's father not age?? Remember the episode that Snow gave up feeling and was ready to kill the Queen. Charming stopped her because he was told that one she started down the dark path it would prevent her from returning to her former self. Has this process begun??

    Keep those twists coming....

  • Blah!

    This was the most boring episode of the entire series.
  • what is this

    well its all to silly

    it is a strong show for a few episodes but than they go all cheap and stretching the season its bull liek this

    when you have a show and you end with a cliffhanger,you start the very next episode with that cliffhanger and not 3 episodes later damn

  • Regina's True Heart and A Trip Down Memory Lane

    This was possibly the most intriguing episode to date, and I'm really looking forward to what is in store. First, the bad, to get it out of the way.

    Since Colin is grown up and knows Regina, why is he waiting to talk to her about her father? She might have some information, yet he just records magic on his phone. Speaking of which, why is it taking people so long to enter Storybrooke and turn the place into some sort of spectacle? Colin sent video with his phone, and now he has recorded people ripping hearts out? There should be at the very least a few other people looking into Storybrooke by now, unless Colin has told the person he's talking to not to share the videos (which I doubt).

    Is Mary Margaret so dense that she cannot connect Regina showing her a complete stranger and her unusual behavior with Henry's story? After seeing Regina's bizarre behavior (from the residents' point of view), you would think that Mary would have at least given Henry's story some kind of plausibility (if she connected Regina's behavior with Henry's story), but Henry's story was always seen as "crazy" by everyone except Pinocchio and Rumple, despite Regina's unusual behavior.

    How does Snow White having a guilty conscience and the possibility of a black heart pose a threat to Henry not loving Emma? In order for Henry to love Regina the way she wants him to (authentic love, she being his only mother), Emma is still who Henry recognizes as a mother. Even if Snow White's heart would become as "black as coal" (Cora's plan), how would that still stop Henry and Emma from leaving Storybrooke together (worst case scenario) if they wanted? This episode treated Snow as Henry's mother, instead of grandmother. Emma is still the main person who stands in Regina's way of having Henry fully love him as his only mother. How is Regina going to get revenge on Snow when Snow is clearly remorseful about what she's done and doesn't want to become corrupt? How is Regina going to get Henry to fully love her as his mother when he clearly loves Emma as his mother, that bond being stronger now than ever before?

    Why does Regina have to be Henry's mother? Why can't the other characters work with Henry and Regina for Henry to recognize Regina as a family member, not necessarily mother, but perhaps an aunt? Henry has a grandmother, a mother (Emma), a father, and a grandfather. I think it's because Regina wants all of Henry's love, not just a fraction of it.

    This show is making psychiatrists and the like appear aloof, easily manipulated, and generally unhelpful. Why did Snow not seek counseling from Jiminy Cricket? Snow could have sought counsel from Jiminy, not seen her heart, and he may have helped her get through this rough time. Likewise, Regina never looked at Jiminy seriously, even though he is a psychiatrist, a conscience, and supposedly has an understanding of human behavior. Aren't psychologists, therapists and other mental health professionals people you can turn to when you have problems like the ones Snow, Regina, and even Henry are having? I still really enjoyed this episode, these were just the negative and confusing aspects of it.

    Here are the positive aspects of this episode and they outweigh the weaknesses:

    1. Complex characters with heart and brains, very unexpected ending

    2. Unexpected twists

    3. Amazing and revealing flashbacks showing us what Regina really wants, as well as Colin and his father

    4. Strong performances from the whole cast (no surprises there)

    4. Memorable mini-soliloquy from Henry about how magic (power) corrupts people (was that part of

    why Rumple brought magic to Storybrooke?)

    5. Lots of questions raised and unanswered

    Here are the questions I have after watching this episode*:

    1. Will Snow somehow become a villain, or find redemption?

    2. Who is the villain of the show? A character? The outside world? What is the largest threat?

    3 Where is Colin's father?

    4. Is Regina easing up on revenge?

    5. Will Regina try getting Gold to corrupt Snow?

    6. What will Regina do next?

    7. Will the outside world be the entire town's ultimate undoing?

    8. Who will enter Storybrooke next?

    9. What is the status of the characters leaving Storybrooke? Is that still the characters' main goal (except for Snow talking with Charming about staying and starting a new life)?

    10. What is the real reason that Rumple brought magic to Storybrooke?

    11. What will Snow White do next?

    *I have other questions, but they were not raised or answered by this particular episode. I can't wait to see next week's episode! This show has never been more engrossing, unpredictable or intense! There's so much happening within the characters, as well as in the plot!