Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 13

What Happened to Frederick

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2012 on ABC

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  • great episode!

    Definitely a very good episode of Once Upon a Time! It had everything from a very interesting scene at the lake to some very interesting moments in both worlds!

    Funny how Mary Margaret Blanchard is like the pariah of the town! Couldn't have picked a more unlikely culprit! :P

    The storyline was extremely interesting, and it finished in phenomenal fashion! Can't wait to see the continuation!!! :)
  • very good and moving episode

    This appears to not be a favorite episode of some folks... but I liked it a lot. Anastasia Griffith really did a great job in both roles. Her performances were very touching, both upon losing David and on getting Frederick back. Considering how bitchy she was when we first met Abigail, it was a pleasant surprise to see her so vulnerable and also compassionate for Charming's plight. I enjoyed how she won me over.

    The siren bit was of course predictable , but fun nonetheless. I also really liked the August/Emma interaction. Of course finding the book after drinking from the well isn't going to be enough to make her believe, but it was a good first shot. I like this new character August.

    And I love how the writers never tell us anything straight out or right away. People have complained about this before, that the story is not progressing and that we are only seeing little histories of certain characters. But that is what I love about this show. It is unfolding slowly. If I want action and a fast told story, I will go to the movies and spend 2 hours. Here we have 22 episodes to go a certain distance. And then we can come back another season and have another 22 to keep building. I am in no rush to wrap it all up, it is perfect as is. Each episode does add something to the story, sometimes somethign small and other times it makes us say "OHHHHH!!!" (and then question our conclusions and start wondering what it all means. That's what makes a good show folks, not just having intro, conflict, resolution shoved down our throats as quickly as possible!

    In this episode, we see August doing something to the book. Adding? Rewriting parts? Rewriting all? A new bit of mystery which I love.
  • That night, on a repast of frog legs and wine, the princess thought: "I don't think so."

    I still can't put my finger on what both makes this series so great; and sometimes not so great.

    I think the "great" is from the premise that it is made up of fairy tales, and if we're truly honest, which of us has ever been exempt from being touched by one.

    The not-so-great, I think, is because there are sometimes awkward moments throughout the telling.

    For example,


    this week, the scene in which Abigail and Prince charming rescue Fredrick seemed forced, which made it hard to sit through. I don't think that it is the acting so much as maybe trying to fit each story into the allotted time for a segment. Maybe. As I said, I'm not sure where the 'awkwardness' comes from, only that its sometimes there, and makes some of the episodes a tad less enjoyable.

    While on the subject of detractors, I may as well go for broke and get the thumbs down over in one review.

    IMO, casting, in the case of the leads, is fantastic. In other cases, it leaves a little to be desired. Personally, I don't like the chemistry between Emma and the writer, August. While I understand that nothing will probably occur between them, their onscreen time does not 'flow'. Also, from the brief glimpses of the Gym Teacher / Fredrick, I think he looks a little young for the part (it was obvious he was to be more than an extra when he bumped into Katherine in the school hall, but even then I didn't think he would be her soulmate as he looked more like a student than a teacher).

    Oh and David .... C'mon! Where is his bravery? In FTL he can stand up to the king and, so far, two monsters, but can't tell Katherine the truth?

    That said, as a whole, the series is still great.

    That evil bwitch Regina really lives up to the part and works it well. The story flows at an even pace, as a whole, and I look forward each and every week to seeing how they work in all the favorite stories I grew up with.
  • coincidence

    I really like the show. The coincidence is, my maiden name was Margaret Blanchard and my dad who past away a few years ago, name is Henry. Kind of blew my mind when I saw the first episode.
  • Whatever happened to the charm of the show?

    I kind of hated the episode. While last episode wasn't great, at least it was entertaining.... this one was kind of boring and it almost felt like nothing happened. They have been dragging so much the whole MM and David storyline that by the time they finally did something about it, I was kind of annoyed. My second problem is that are we really supposed to care what happened to Abigail? I mean her character is not interesting enough.... It's like with Tyler, from Revenge, all over again!

    I really liked this show, but I really feel that the story is not moving forward. I mean, every now and then they throw some reveals to make us believe the story is moving forward but it`s not. The show is almost like a procedural, where the structure is the same in every episode and they have some "twists" or story lines to keep it interesting.

    They also have to really work on the main character, or the lack of one. Emma, is supposed to be the hero, yet she is so flat and boring.... give her something to do!

    Don't get me wrong, I really like the show but I feel like they have to step up they're game. Just look at Revenge, it had the same problem for like three episodes and now it's amazing! I really just want to be love this show like I use
  • Whatever Happened to Frederick

    Whatever Happened to Frederick was a great episode of Once Upon A Time and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a little more development with regards to the mysterious stranger who is a writer. The Storybook comes back to Emma in a most peculiar way and Regina takes matters into her own hands regarding decisions Kathryn has made for herself. Things seem to be changing in Storybrooke and I look forward to watching more episodes to see what will happen next!!!!!!!