Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 13

What Happened to Frederick

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2012 on ABC

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  • That night, on a repast of frog legs and wine, the princess thought: "I don't think so."

    I still can't put my finger on what both makes this series so great; and sometimes not so great.

    I think the "great" is from the premise that it is made up of fairy tales, and if we're truly honest, which of us has ever been exempt from being touched by one.

    The not-so-great, I think, is because there are sometimes awkward moments throughout the telling.

    For example,


    this week, the scene in which Abigail and Prince charming rescue Fredrick seemed forced, which made it hard to sit through. I don't think that it is the acting so much as maybe trying to fit each story into the allotted time for a segment. Maybe. As I said, I'm not sure where the 'awkwardness' comes from, only that its sometimes there, and makes some of the episodes a tad less enjoyable.

    While on the subject of detractors, I may as well go for broke and get the thumbs down over in one review.

    IMO, casting, in the case of the leads, is fantastic. In other cases, it leaves a little to be desired. Personally, I don't like the chemistry between Emma and the writer, August. While I understand that nothing will probably occur between them, their onscreen time does not 'flow'. Also, from the brief glimpses of the Gym Teacher / Fredrick, I think he looks a little young for the part (it was obvious he was to be more than an extra when he bumped into Katherine in the school hall, but even then I didn't think he would be her soulmate as he looked more like a student than a teacher).

    Oh and David .... C'mon! Where is his bravery? In FTL he can stand up to the king and, so far, two monsters, but can't tell Katherine the truth?

    That said, as a whole, the series is still great.

    That evil bwitch Regina really lives up to the part and works it well. The story flows at an even pace, as a whole, and I look forward each and every week to seeing how they work in all the favorite stories I grew up with.
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